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GCSE PHOTOGRAPHY   Coursework  Controlled  Assessment   Tues  4th  Feb  and  Fri  7th  Feb  

•  As part of your Coursework, you need to produce FINAL OUTCOMES. These count for 25% of your final coursework grade •  Your final outcome need to link to a NEW artist •  Please decide which artist you would like to link your outcomes to, and add a link to the artists work to your blog.

Alun Crockford

Print out photographs and collage

Mattieu Deluc

Photograph in a photograph

Vincent Alvarez  

Brendan George

Combining text and photographs

Monica Menez

Experimenting with kaleidoscopes

Christian Marclay ‘Magnetic Fields’

Stitching into photographs

Richard Burbridge and Maurizio Anzeri

Ren Rox ‘Daisy’

Double exposed photographs

Ritty Tacsum

Eni Turkeshi

You have 4 hours to produce final outcomes. You will work in exam conditions Make sure you arrive early, as the assessment will start promptly at 11am on Tuesday 4th and Fri 7th Feb in M103 You are expected to produce between 2 and 4 final outcomes   

Gcse photo coursework final outcome  
Gcse photo coursework final outcome  

Presentation of artists