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Urban Spaces

Belle Avesta

Artist research Matrix in the city - Bozniac

Focal length: 12 mm ISO Speed: 100 Aperture; F/9,0 Shutter Speed: 1/128 second

Projection Photo’s

Evaluation When taking the projection photos my aim was to capture unique angles of the urban photo reflected on her face. My photographs are sharply in focus as I want the reflection to come out clear. After I edited them I believe it enhanced it to come out a lot stronger in terms of contrast.

Kaleidoscope photo

Meaning of Urban The word urban brings to mind things that are associated with towns and cities where an area is dominated by buildings and all shapes and sizes both for working in ;living in. The buildings can be tall, low, old, new, brick, glass, and can make interest in photographs.

Exposure of 1/200 at F10, The iso is 400 however the focal length is 18.

Evaluation My intention when taking this photograph was to capture the reflection of the sky on the building from a low view point. If I were to re-shoot this photo I would change the angle I took the photo from as its taken a lot off of the left side of the building where as I’d prefer it to be in center to capture more interesting reflections and it would then make the image bigger in proportion. My photo is in focus as I wanted the reflections of the clouds on the building to come out clear. My original photo before I edited was overly exposed so I dimmed the lighting with the hue and saturation tool on Photoshop. I believe my photo is correctly exposed as the reflection is clear. The subject in my photo is geometric, it has a lot of unique angles and shapes which I like as it almost seems like shapes overlapping each other. Therefor in conclusion I obtained the visual results I hoped for because I believe that I successfully captured the photo with all the elements that I had wished to consider.

Independent photography - Rural

Urban Spaces Project  

A presentation of photographs, artist research and final outcomes

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