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Body Wraps: Facts and Myths Revealed The ultimate body applicator popularly known as the body wrap has been buzzing around different media because of its effectiveness as a body contouring technique. A lot of consumers can attest to the benefits the wrap can provide to their skin and in their life, in general. However, there are also people who are unsatisfied of the body wrap. They felt deceived. They were frustrated about the product because it didn't give them what they have expected. On the other hand, dissatisfaction rooted from wrong expectations and wrong information. Before you buy a product, you have to understand what it can do for you. You have to know the features and limitations of the product. In the case of the body wrap, there are a lot of things you have to know about. There are a lot of misconceptions that should be cleared. The following are some of the truths that will help you set the right expectation. Body Wrap as a Weight Loss Technique The body wraps are not designed for weight loss. The main feature of the wrap is to tighten, tone and firm a sagging and slackening skin. Again, it was not for weight loss. You will look slender because the sagging and hanging skin that makes you look fat will be tightened. The wrap is used when you have lost weight abruptly. Abrupt losing of weight because of fad dieting will mean loss of nutrients. It will not allow your skin to get back to its shape immediately. Your skin can't conform to your body shape, hence, the body wrap is used. Body Wrap on your First Application The body wrap is promoted to provide immediate results in as little as 45 minutes. However, not everyone can experience the same thing. Some people may have thicker skin composition that will not allow the ingredients of the body wrap gets absorbed efficiently. Therefore, the "results on the first application" theme may not be applicable to everybody. In addition, you have to understand that it is not a permanent solution. It is used once within 72 hours until you get your desired results. Then, once in a month for maintenance. Body Wrap and your Lifestyle Some people are misinformed about the body wraps. It does not shrink fat cells. It does not replace exercise. When you are using the wrap, you have to eat a balanced diet because salty foods can intoxicate your body and counteract the effects of the wrap. Smoking and alcoholic beverages are the main culprits for getting a bulging tummy. Whenever you don't wear the wrap, you should find time to do physical activities. Exercise will regulate your blood flow. A stable blood circulation will allow every skin cell to receive the nutrition it needs. The body wraps never claimed to be a magic formula for weight loss. It simply wants to help you tighten, tone and firm your skin. It also helps in reducing the unsightly appearance of cellulites to ensure a better and youthful looking skin. You can find the right information at

Body Wraps: Facts and Myths Revealed  

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