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I was hanging out with my friends one day Making fun of taylor tots We all enjoyed the fresh cold breeze Then we all began to freeze All of us were really hungry We ran around the city looking for food So hungry we all almost fainted We finally found a place to eat But the restaurant was closed We had no more ideas until I thought of something All my friends came to my house and we called the pizza restaurant Everybody was so hungry we all ordered our own pizza at the biggest size

                                                                                               Once the pizza arrived We ran to take the pizza boxes Before the man gave it to us He ordered us to pay We looked at one another and took all our money out I counted the total amount and there wasn’t enough I was so hungry I broke the piggy bank Finally there was enough money We all scurried to open the cheesy smelling boxes Inside each of the boxes were the largest pizza of all We finished the pizza and we were all satisfied There we rested, from being so hungry, to eating the largest pizza in the world!



Sad House There was a happy family who lived in a beautiful house on a hill.  The family had lived in that house for more than 9 years.  The house felt so comfortable and loved until one day, a huge storm came upon them.  The family had to evacuate and leave the hill as fast as they could, but the house was still there and was abandoned.  There was warning and the parents left immediately.  The house was confused and nothing was said to him.  The last words he ever heard from the family was “Run!”.  He was desperate to run, too, he had no feet and no shelter.  He thought in the stormy rain for a second and said to himself, “Who will protect me?”  Until there was a sound of thunder.  A large cloudy king appeared in the distance and said, “I will.”  But it wasn’t helpful to the house, he still felt sad that the family who loved him left him.  The cloudy king came once again and said, “I will.”  Later, the house began to weep the stormy cloudy became a bright shiny cloudy and gleamed in the distance.  He floated back to the house and shined on him with the bright sun.  The family then returned back to the house a few seconds after the house disappeared far far away. With a large smile, the house happily opened the door and the safe family skipped into the house and lived there again without anymore disturbance. There they lived for many more years enjoying each and everyone’s company and never leaving one anothers side again. 13


I am Joanne

I am Joanne Daughter of Janet Who needs time, sleep, and food Who loves dogs, chores, and reading Who sees the sky, life, and family Who hates homework, medicine, and dancing Who fears war, guns, and drugs Who dreams of standing on clouds, becoming a veterinarian , and winning gold on every fencing competition!


Where Is My Jacket? There was a boy named Mat, his family was too poor to afford anything, but he could only afford his favorite jacket. His favorite jacket was the only thing that comforts him. One day, he was at the playground playing alone. The weather was hot so he took off his jacket and left it on the ground. A few seconds later, he was distracted by a sound in the woods, he went into the deep dark woods and came out wanting to go home. Since then, the sky darkened and the wind began to blow. Mat felt cold and he looked everywhere, but there was no sign of it. Without his jacket, he left for his way home deciding what to say to his parents. So he kept walking and he decided to say, “Mom,dad I lost my favorite jacket.� On the route home, he picked up some pebbles and spelled, J-A-C-K-E-T on the dirt ground.Sadly, he teared upand cried at the front of his crooked house. He took a deep breath and walked into the house. The house was cold and dark, but he went upstairs and told his parents. His parents were not surprised and Mat began to cry. Later, his parents told him some good news that they were going to get a job that gives them a lot of money. He was told that his parents could afford another of his favorite jackets. Soon, the money was earned and he got another jacket that he loved a lot. Even though he still missed his jacket, he was still happy that he got a new one.



Why Did This Happen To Me?

The famous ballerina leaped into the air and there she shined on stage in the spotlight. Leaping and leaping up high into the air, she made a final jump. Horrified, she fell on her leg and hurt

her neck and the audience gasped. With pain, she laid on the ground and cried until someone from the audience came to help her. That someone was her father, her father’s name was George. George held her daughter’s hand, Emily, and told her to continue. Without knowing what had happened, George kept telling Emily to continue dancing. Emily tried to get up but she couldn’t. The audience wondered where she went and the sound of voices filled the room. The nurses came to Emily’s side and helped her with the neck and her leg. Doctors, families, and friends surrounded Emily with wonder and sympathy. Emily was on a plastic bed and noticed that she was hurt. She was filled with so much medicine that she saw the world spinning. Then her father came to her side and said that her injury was severe. Emily’s mother broke into tears from hearing about what had happened. While the doctors help Emily, a narrator walked on stage with fright and told the audience that the show is over because of an accident. With louder voices than ever, the audience gasped and screamed and acted like there was an explosion. People began to leave the room and in just a couple minutes, the room became empty. Back in the room where Emily was lying, the doctors wrapped her neck with something that keeps her neck steady. An ambulance then arrived a couple minutes later, and then they laid Emily on the comfy bed. There she laid in pain and she was in the hospital for many days without knowing. A visitor came to Emily’s side and said that she was never able to dance again because of her severe injury. With wide eyes, Emily’s mumbled with sadness and fear. The visitor then calmed her down and left while Emily’s eyes filled up with tears. She learned that there were consequences in life and accidents that happen. So days went on and Emily still laid there with pain and never danced in the spotlight again.


Mother’s Choice Is Final

Why can’t I get what I want when my sister does? Once, I had to have lunch with my family, I wanted to have pizza that afternoon very badly. My sister disagreed on what I wanted. We had to make an agreement on what to eat for lunch, so I grew impatient and begged for pizza. My mom waited for us to agree on something, but we kept on arguing. So finally, my mother made the final decision. Sadly, my mother chose to eat at the noodle house. I hated that noodle place, so I screamed for my choice. Why don’t I ever get what? Act 2 (At home, sitting around doing nothing) Mother: “What’s for lunch,today?” Me: “I would like pizza today!” Sister: “No!” “I want to eat at the noodle house.” My sister and I argued over and over for a long time. We couldn’t make a decision so my mother made the final decision. Mother: “For today, we will eat at the noodle house.” “Let’s just make this quick!” Sister: “Yay, we haven’t eaten at this place for so long!” So I mimicked my sister and repeated her. Me: “Yay, we haven’t eaten at this place for so long!” I got so angry that I stomped off to the car and slammed the car door. My mom calmly drove the car to the restaurant and we got our table seats. Act 3 (At the restaurant eating food)

Me: “I hate this place!” “Why did we even eat here?” Mother: “Excuse me? Appreciate what you have!” Me: “ Fine, I just wanted pizza and she always gets her choice.” Mother: “Here let’s make a deal, you stay in a good attitude then we will have pizza for dinner.” Mother: “ How about that?” Me: “Ok, thanks mommy!”


(Back at home doing school work and waiting for dinner) So time flew by and it was time to have dinner. Mother: “Let’s go have pizza now.” Me: “Already to go, I’m so hungry!” Sister: “ No, mommy let’s have something else!” Mother: “You got your choice already for lunch, now it’s her turn to have pizza for dinner.” Sister: “Uh, why?” Me: “Come on, let’s eat?!?” Sister: “Mommy, I don’t eat pizza.” Me: “Yeah you do, stop lying.” “ You always get what you want so it’s my turn.” Sister: “Whatever, but I don’t want pizza!” Again we argued and argued, but finally I got what I wanted for a long time. Mother: “Be quiet and stop arguing!” Me: “ But you said that we could have pizza for dinner?” Mother: “Yes, I did and that is what we are having.” “No more complaining, this decision is final!” Sister: “Ok” Me: “Yes, I am so hungry and I want to have my own large pepperoni pizza!” My mom took my sister and I to the Round Table Pizza restaurant. We ordered a huge pepperoni pizza and that dinner turned out pretty good! Once we finished, I said a big thank you. Me: “ Thanks mom!”

So we went home and I was happy because I finally got my choice on something that I really wanted for a long time. :)






Stuck in a Wastebasket

I was playing marco polo with my friends at my house, I was marco and all the others were polo. I was calling out to all of them, but my friend pushed me and my foot got stuck in a wastebasket. The wastebasket was laying sideways without any trash in it. I felt that having my foot stuck in the wastebasket was very disgusting. I had a towel wrapped around my eyes so I couldn’t see how to get my foot out. I didn’t want my friends to think that I was a cheater so I tried to kick it off, but it didn’t work. All my friends were running around me while I was trying very hard to get my foot out of the wastebasket. It took me so long trying to get out of the wastebasket that I decided to call out to a friend. When I heard loud footsteps behind me, I called out T-O to my friend. So she stopped and asked me what was wrong, I then told her that I was stuck in a wastebasket. Finally, my friend pulled my foot out of the wastebasket and I tried to tag her, but she escaped. After that, we played for many more hours and had a great time.



Dear Teapoto, My name is Butter the Fly third and I am fourteen years old. When I was eight my parents sold me to a poor family and all they wanted was money. My poor parents tried their best to take care of me, but one day they never came back home. From there on, I started to take care of myself. I was starving for days after they disappeared, so I flew around the area looking for food in my wrecked clothes and saw that there were food

around. I stared at the food and drooled when I thought for a second that I could get some. The next morning I flew to the area again and I asked for some free food, but the unfriendly butterflies just kicked me out and said that I should die hungry. I fear that I would be killed or sent to jail for what I did. So I wanted to tell you that for the past twelve years, I have been beating others up all around my house to get their food because of that. I beat others up for food because I was starving.

I know that there are consequences to this, where I get arrested or get killed by the Butter Cops. Even though I do deserve to get punished and beaten like others, I was just trying to survive on my own without any food or a good home. All those mean words that were said to me just drove me to go get food the forceful way. Honestly, I do deserve a punishment because I hurt others to get what I want which is not respectful or appropriate to do. I don’t want to get arrested or die when I just wanted to eat some food. Everyone around me have such a great life with food and a comfy home, but I don’t have it. The reason I told you this is because I want a good home so I don’t need to keep stealing food and beating others up. I feel very guilty about what I had done and I want to stop. I’m feeling very guilty and upset about what I have done for the past twelve years. I’m afraid of getting arrested and beaten up the same way I did to the other fellows. This is why I wanted to tell you about what my secret is and I just want a good home and nice family.

Sincerely, 27

Butter The Fly 3rd




My Future On a gloomy day, I was walking in the woods exploring the wonderful wilderness. My life was very boring and I wanted to do some risky activities to brighten up my life.  I was wondering around the woods for a couple hours and thought that I could go deeper into the woods. Finally, I took a deep breath and walked quietly alone into the woods, all i could hear was the wind and nothing else.  I was wondering if i would die out here in the woods.  There a moment later, I stopped walking because I felt like someone was following me out to the woods.  As I walked deeper in, i heard more sounds than usual and the woods were darker than ever.  I walked about two miles in and on the dirty and dry ground, there was a graveyard filled with filthy, dead, old flowers that have been there for a few years. The souls lie there with their old and rotten heart, pumping slowly barely alive.  Again I heard a sound behind me and someone gave in a soft and evil laugh.  I thought someone would killed with a gun, but what jumped out was a surprise.  That evil laugh were two little kids following me with their destructive water bombs.  They told me there heard someone moaning under the dirty graveyard ground and wanted to protect themselves.  I took them back to the graveyard to see if there was any sound of moaning, but I noticed that from earlier, there was a flower under one specific grave stone.  IT WAS GONE! The two little kids said they heard the slow sound of moaning again and this time, I heard it, too! We ran as fast as we could and without another sound, we disappeared into the woods and hid away from the sound of moaning.  I really wanted to go home, but it was so late that it was too dark to see.  The two little kids followed me all the way and we huddled together to hide from the moaning sound.  After a while, we went back to the graveyard, but this time there was no sound. All there was now was silence. The stone yard was full of trash and what I saw scarred for life. There was a bloody man holding a knife and walking toward the three of us.  We all screamed and backed up and few steps, he kept walking and moaned a few times.  We were running in less than a few seconds, far far away from him.  He kept following us and guess what, he was so slow he kept falling and falling.  I didn’t care about the dying man, but I wanted to take the two little kids to safety.  The sky was getting brighter and brighter, I left the two little kids at the small shack and went to ask the dying man from the distance. He didn’t answer me and I just left him and went back to the shack and locked up the door to keep the moaning man out of the shack.  A few minutes later, there was a soft knock on the door.  I was so tired, for a second, I thought the shack glitched.  Later, I answered the door and then a man came and said,” You have been pranked!” I screamed and I started crying.  I laughed so hard and thought I was in a dream, and guess what, I was in a dream.  The next morning, I woke up and the sight was exactly what had happened in my dream. I knew exactly what was going to happen.













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