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China Mengniu Dairy Company Limited

2008 Annual Press Conference

Background and History • Founded in 1999

China National Brand

• Dairy products:

Milk, milk powder, ice-cream and other

• Market:

China / Overseas (America, Canada, Hong Kong, Macao and other southeast Asian countries)

• 2004:

Began trading on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange • 2007 Ranked as the largest dairy group in China by market share in

Annual Press Conference Business development review in 2008 Financial report Products development

Foresee the future development in 2009 New partnership Industry exchange New branding and marketing Quality control

Financial report  Revenue for 2008

increased by 11.9% (RMB 23,865 million)  Net loss caused for equity holders

 RMB 928.4 million  Basic loss per share

 RMB 0.639

We are a international enterprise.

Quality Assurance is at our top priority.

Quality milk source ď‚— Mengniu AustAsia International Ranch

High quality raw milk from castles enjoying non-polluted soil, clean water, fresh air and high grade pastures

Careful raw milk collection

Advanced production procedures • Completely sealed and sterilized condition • Advanced centralized operation system

Stringent inspection

ď‚— Authoritative approval

The Chinese Academy of Inspection and Quarantine

‘Product is Reputation, Quality is Life’,

Future plan  Mengniu’s 10th anniversary  New slogan : ‘Everyday for

tomorrow’  focus on the accumulation of quantity but also the dedication to quality.

Business Partnership COFCO Limited

• Opened in 1949 • The largest oil and food enterprise in china

Hopu Investment Management co., Ltd.

• A well-known private equity investment fund

•Enhance our shareholding structure •Allow greater strategic thinking inputs boost our presence in domestic and international markets in the future

Leading enterprises

• Banks, hotels, theatres, fast-food chains, airlines, gas stations and railways

•Expand distribution channels and distribution methods  Increase our popularity in the market

Industry Exchange Technical services Continuous support

Management support

24-hour equipment repair service, Mengniu Service Centre for Designated Collection Facilities

Free training for raising skill competencies Free mailbox service regarding breeding skills

Joint efforts ďƒ provide a better and healthy development of the industry

Branding and Marketing  “Every Day for Tomorrow”

Product marketing campaigns Advertising

Marketing campaigns

Focus on four aspects •Quality raw milk supply •Quality production •Quality control •Quality research and development

1. “Excellent Breakfast Health Campaign of Mengniu Breakfast Milk 2. “Mengniu NBA Ultimate Basketball Player” 3. “Drinking Milk Every Day and Doing Exercise Every Day”

Products  High-end functional dairy products  New cheese products

Enhance market penetration

Communication Mengniu 360째 Panoramic View Website

Aim: Increase our transparency

Conclusion Everyday is our Tomorrow

Press Conference for Mengniu  

Course: PR

Press Conference for Mengniu  

Course: PR