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How to Stay Engaged with People Interested in Online Tutoring with one of the Best Bots on Messenger February 12, 2018

Do you feel like no one sees the posts on your Facebook business page? Imagine having a simple way to connect with prospective clients on Facebook. Well, Facebook Messenger bots help you reach out and chat with your ideal clients. Bots let you share information better than posts on your Facebook business page. And one of the best bots on Messenger is Many Chat. In this post, I’ll show you how Facebook Messenger bots work and how they help you communicate with people interested in your services, and turn them into online students. You’ll also see why Many Chat is a great Messenger bot for your business.

What Are Bots? A bot is a type of software that automates chatting or conversation. Bots are triggered by a specific action which starts a sequence of messages. They are like robots: they perform an automated task. If you turn a robot vacuum on it cleans your carpet. Well, with bots the task is chatting. You see chatbots on websites and many other online places. Businesses use bots to build relationships. Facebook Messenger bots help you make online connections with people who go to your Facebook business page. They also have high open rates because people on Facebook check their messages frequently. So even if the posts on your business page don’t show up high in your followers’ newsfeed, you are still sharing information with them.

How Do They Work? Facebook Messenger bots start when someone messages you. This begins a series of automated messages with that person. The great thing is that it can be personalized to what someone needs the most. Here’s how it works: 1. When a person messages you, he or she receives your welcome message. 2. Next, you can have a message that asks a question such as, “What can I help you with?” Here you have a list of choices. For example, if you’re an ESL tutor you could have: 1/3

choice 1: English reading and writing skills, choice 2: Business English, choice 3: conversation skills. 3. The person selects one choice. Then he/she is sent a message related to what he/she needs. This will deliver a freebie connected to that choice. For example, if a person selected Business English, you could send a guide on how to write different types of business emails. The advantages to this are: first you are giving your ideal client something he or she needs or desires. Second, you gather information on the needs of the people visiting your Facebook business page. This helps you make decisions on what content to create and share with people. Another option for Messenger bots uses keywords. You can set a bot up so that whenever a person enters a specific word you’ll deliver a freebie. An ESL tutor could set it up so that when a person types the word, “business” the bot sends him/her a guide on how to write business emails.

What Types of Messages Can You Send? Messages on Facebook have high open rates. It’s easy for a person to read these messages quickly. So, you can connect with people on your list and use this to promote your tutoring business. There are 3 great types of messages online tutors can use to engage the people on their lists. Messages announcing Facebook Live videos, and reminding them when it starts etc. This is better than promoting a Facebook Live event on your business page because you’re notifying them personally. Messages about workshops, classes, promotions, giveaways, or special campaigns. You can give information about these opportunities. Checking–in messages where you ask how a person is doing. I could ask, “How is your online tutoring business going?” Then people can chat and ask their questions or share how things are going. You listen and help them. This is powerful because you show people how you care about them. These messages are all things where you show interest in your ideal client. You offer help to them through warm casual chats. This is essential to your online tutoring business because people hire who they know, like and trust.

What is One of the Best Bots on Messenger? One of the best bots on Messenger is Many Chat. Many Chat is simple to use and easy to set up. There are a lot of resources on how to use it on their website. Many Chat has a free account and pro account. I use the free account. 2/3

The free account lets you send an unlimited number of broadcasts. These are like email broadcasts. According to Many Chat, Facebook broadcast messages have a 2X-10X higher open rate than other broadcasts. In Many Chat you can have 2 broadcasts sequences. These are automated messages that get sent over time. You can also set up a Facebook Comments Tool. This means that when people comment on a specific post you can turn them into subscribers. And there is a growth tool that lets you track the interests of your Messenger list subscribers. You’ll understand what your ideal clients respond to, and what they like to see from you. I love these options in the free account. Visit Many Chat to learn more about the free and pro accounts there. Conclusion Many Chat is a great tool for an online tutoring business. If you want to see Many Chat in action visit my Become an Online Tutor Facebook page Press the message button and type in the word, “tutor.” You will get a message with a free copy of my book, Job Security in Teaching for Life: How to Become an Online Tutor. Try using a Messenger bot to engage with people interested in your online tutoring business. Message them and provide value to them. Let them know, like and trust you.


How to Use one of the Best Bots on Messenger  

With the recent changes to Facebook Business Pages, many people are turning to one of the best bots on messenger to stay in contact with the...

How to Use one of the Best Bots on Messenger  

With the recent changes to Facebook Business Pages, many people are turning to one of the best bots on messenger to stay in contact with the...