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Briddlesford Hop Kilns Gallery and Heritage Museum are proud to present The Farmerʼs Clock; an exhibition of works by resident artist Joanne Hummel-Newell supported by the Arts Council of England. Focused on farming rhythms governed by nature, The Farmerʼs Clock combines a fibre and suspended paper installation with animation. Joanne Hummel-Newell’s body of work investigates the farmer’s ongoing relationship with nature and their daily/yearly work routine which has been passed down through generations. Taking familiar elements from the working farm, Joanne creates an installation which is symbolic in representing the hazardous and unpredictable nature of farming, as well as the devotion and constant work required of the farmer in order to ensure success. The exhibition is made up of three parts; ‘Hay’, ‘Bales’, and ‘The Farmer’s Clock’. Hay is a detailed suspended installation made from paper and thread, a nod towards the often chaotic behaviour of the natural world. Bales is a series of tightly woven bundles made from coloured wool. The time-intensive process in making Bales was recorded in stop-frame animation to create The Farmerʼs Clock, a moving image representation of the repetitive labour required of the farming family, each bale representing a year, each coloured layer a month, and each wrap, a day. The newly restored Hop Kilns Gallery and Heritage Centre at Briddlesford Lodge Farm on the Isle of Wight was supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund. Designed by architect, Lincoln Miles, the new gallery aims to showcase contemporary artworks which generate discussion and debate on issues which surround farming today, such as our relationship with food production, sustainability, ethical farming and farming methods and materials.

The Farmer’s Clock Letty Clarke Hummel- Newell’s work couples a strong aesthetic sensibility with wellcommunicated philosophy, thus forming the foundations for a strong practice in which the artist works in response to the fundamentals of every day life - relating the personal to a wider audience. Hummel- Newell’s residency on Briddlesford Farm is a wonderful example of how closely she observes life on the farm and how honestly the lives and attitudes of those that work there are reflected in her work, something that is evident in ‘The Farmer’s Clock’ the residency’s outcome exhibition. The most imposing element is quite aptly ‘Hay’ – an impressive and commanding structure in the centre of the space that goes a long way to communicate the controlling whims of nature and its impact on the farmer’s lives. It is spectacular and awe-inspiring in its uncontrollability; HummelNewell translates this with the inherent randomness of colour and spacing in the work, the subtle rippling of the paper echoing the impulses in nature.

In contract to this we see the human presence portrayed in the animation ‘The Farmer’s Clock’. The gentle care taken in wrapping, speaks of HummelNewell’s attention to life on the farm. The passage of time and the handing down of an age-old skill symbolised poignantly by the changing colours and rhythmic movement of wrapping, capturing the fundamental building blocks that dictates life on the farm - hands and grass. This work, twinned with ‘Bales’ the sculptural outcome of Hummel-Newell’s animation welcomes the viewer in, celebrating and reflecting the welcoming nature and intentions behind the residency, to speak of rural life. The caring and championing inherent on this farm are reflected in the outcomes of Hummel-Newell’s residency beautifully. How it has passed through generations but also how they are sharing this knowledge and way of life with the public. Hummel-Newell’s work is an extension of those aims and works well to reflect the attitudes of the people and the space.

Artist’s Studio View

List of Works HAY Paper and Thread 2m x 2m x 2m 2015 BALES Fabric and dyed wool 2m x 1m x 50cm 2015 THE FARMER’S CLOCK Stopmotion animation Running time: 06:42 2015

The Farmer’s Clock Published by Joanne Hummel-Newell On the occasion of the exhibition ‘The Farmer’s Clock’ 6th June - 14 September 2015. The restoration of the Hop Kilns Gallery at Briddlesford Lodge Farm was funded by Heritage Lottery Fund. Designed by Howard Hardiman Printed by Inky Little Fingers Images copyright to Joanne Hummel-Newell With thanks to Georgia Newman and Letty Clarke for their essays. Special thanks to the Griffin Family at Briddlesford Farm. The Farmer’s Clock was funded by Arts Council England © Joanne Hummel-Newell All rights reserved.

Image © Julian Winslow

Heritage Centre and Gallery opening times: 10am - 5pm daily (Free Entry) Briddlesford Lodge Farm, Briddlesford Road, Wooton, Isle of Wight, PO33 4RY 01983 882239

Joanne Hummel-Newell THE FARMER'S CLOCK  

Catalogue of works with foreward by Georgia Newman, essay by Letty Clarke and photography by Syeve Thearl and Julian Winslow. Made for the o...