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Letter from the Editor 2013 Color of the Year Prepping to Sell Naples Interior Stagers, Inc.

Whew! Another holiday season has been laid to rest…the traditions, the joy, the chaos, the food, and the gifts are a memory now. The beauty of January is the unwritten permission to move a bit more slowly while we speculate about the opportunities a new year brings. Here is a great post-holiday guide for your new year. #1 - Put your house on a diet...pack up those holiday decorations. #2 - Time to start kicking in those New Year’s Resolutions. #3 - Plan your year’s bucket list. Studies show the best way to make sure a decorating project or vacation happen…is plan it! By now as you move into the end of the month, your home may look a bit bland and boring. Enjoy this month’s issue of our mini-mag, filled with quick ideas and changes for your home that don’t break the bank or require too much energy. If you want to make it even easier, call our office and schedule a consultation. Let us help you create a decorating plan that will take your home to a new level and make staying home fabulous.

JoAnne Gaylord

ach year the color gurus gather in offices, board rooms, and private meeting rooms to discuss what colors they will promote as the biggest, baddest and most amazing color for the year. Not everyone agrees on one color, in fact, the confusion often comes due to competing colors of the year from various color camps. These selections will dictate what we will be seeing on the runway, in home décor and even automobiles may be influenced by the latest color trends.

Lively. Radiant. Lush… A color of elegance and beauty that enhances our sense of well-being, balance and harmony.

Now this doesn’t mean you need to redo your home each year.

Add color in the personality elements such as side chairs, pillows, art, area rug, etc. Let’s take a look at three options for the 2013 Color of the Year. One thing I will guarantee even if you don’t like them, you will find these colors sneaking into your life and you might even decide these are exactly what your room needs.

An ideal transition color as we move from the more vibrant spectrum and mid-to-deep tone hues that we’ve been experiencing in home furnishings and fashions.

Indigo is a visual band-aid to our hectic lives. A striking statement colour associated with wisdom and honesty which enhances your environment.

Selling a home used to be easy, call a Realtor, research the competition, and put a sign in the yard. There was very little thought to “prepping” a house for sale but time has shown today’s buyer is more demanding. The art of prepping simply translates to make something ready. You may have heard of it as staging but bottom line, you can’t sell a house without prepping for maximum appeal.

Here are five things every seller should do before placing the sign in the yard.

The day to day of life is messy and when we live in it, we quit seeing it. Cleaning to sell goes beyond surface cleaning but means all of those places that are no longer hidden. Prospective Buyers have carte blanche when touring a home and can look anywhere.

Dripping faucets, cracked tile, floor scratches, all send a message that says, “This house has been neglected.” In today’s tough market, eliminate any possibilities of a potential buyer being turned off by maintenance issues.

Every buyer wants maximum square footage and the illusion of size. Eliminate about 50% of the non-essentials in your home. Paper, mementos, tchotchkes, toys, all take over a space. Eliminate personal mementos as well. Walk through your home with an eye for stay, go or throw! In addition to de-cluttering, add light by removing privacy window treatments and put full spectrum bulbs in all light fixtures to maximize the illusion of space.

If you are headed for a dinner date, you “prep” yourself with makeup, your best dress and shoes. In other words, you amp up the visual appeal. Take the same approach with your home by adding visual interest that will appeal to your target market and is on trend. Keep in mind; this isn’t about expressing your personal style. People buy a new home with more emotion than practicality. Arrange vignettes and send subtle messages that will encourage people to fall in love with your house. Get inspired by visiting model homes and apply some of their details to your home; or better yet, find a decorating professional who offers staging services.

The nose is a powerful friend or foe of your property. Cooking, pets, smoking, all may send negative messages to a potential buyer that can impact their decision to make an offer. Ask someone else to give your house the “sniff” test.

Prepping to Sell