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==== ==== Secrets To Aquaponics~an Evolution In Hydroponics ==== ====

Aquaponics makes Organic gardening super easy! A guide on how to become part of the aquaponics revolution and how you can start benefiting from this amazingly simple technique of growing and rearing 100% percent organic tasty vegetables and fish in a most economical manner with no water waste and no fertilizers. Aquaponics will show you a new way of organic gardening that is both fun and highly productive without the hard work associated with a traditional vegetable plot. Thousands upon thousands of people are now taking advantage of the benefits of this system in their back yards and saving themselves a real fortune on their shopping on to find out more What is Aquaponics? Aquaponics is a centuries old technique of growing fruit and vegetables alongside fish and other aquatic animals to be used as a food source. The relationship between the plants and the fish is termed "symbiosis" meaning that when combined they mutually benefit each other and create perfect conditions for growth. The technique combines 2 well established forms of growing food stuffs, hydroponics and Aquaculture. The term Aquaculture is used to describe the rearing of fish in tanks to produce food and hydroponics is a way of growing plants without the use of soil. The Aquaponics system relies on the fish naturally fertilizing the water with waste products, this water is then pumped into the growing beds where the plants extract what they need for food and the water is naturally purified and sent back to the fish who are happy to have clean non toxic water to live in. Growing in this way means that no filters are needed to clean the water for the fish and the plants never need to be fertilized by anything other than the effluent water from the fish tank making it 100% organic and economically viable. What are the advantages over traditional gardening methods? As the plants and fish in an a aquaponics system use an ever circulating system of water there is virtually no loss of liquids except through slight evaporation and whatever the plants need to absorb to grow. On average these systems use about one to two percent of the water needed to sustain a traditional vegetable plot. Never water your plants again!

There is never any need to use fertilizers as the fish and the bacteria in the tank do all this naturally, this is why your produce will always be 100% organic. The added bonus of being able to produce fish and other aquatic animals either as food or for resale is something you certainly won't be doing on your vegetable plot. No digging or weeding is required as there is no soil involved, this will save your back for sure and has many advantages for the disabled and elderly gardener who would like to grow plants but is unable to do the hard graft. Many more plants can be grown in a much smaller area as there is no competition for food and water and also you could expect your plants to be maturing weeks or months before traditionally grown fruit and vegetables. As an example it would usually take 60 days for a lettuce to grow to eating size if growing in the soil but thanks to the perfect growing conditions created by these system you could expect your lettuce to be ready in as little as 30 days!. Finally one last bonus.....soil born pests and diseases are eliminated.....thanks god! So what can we grow in our Aquaponics system? The food producing capabilities of an aquaponics system is endless and we have had success with almost all types of fruit and veg, the obvious choices for the newbie would be leafy greens like lettuce, spinach and herbs. You can experiment with different types of plants like peppers tomatoes and chilli's etc but remember that fruit producing plants will need support so this will need to be incorporated into your design. Good aquaponic fish species to get started with are Tilapia as they are extremely hardy and have a fast growth rate, also they have firm white flesh and taste great but if you do not intend to eat any of the fish you produce then consider growing fancy varieties of gold fish or koi to sell on. Another great addition to your aquaponics system would be Crawfish and freshwater prawns, these species do well and can live alongside your other fish in the rearing tanks. How to get started There is a lot of information on the web today providing instructions and build plans for aquaponic systems but here is one source you might want to consider for concise, accurate and easy to understand information

For full information on fish species, plants and system build plans then please take a look at total aquaponics website, the information here will guide you through every step required to start growing this method.

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==== ==== Secrets To Aquaponics~an Evolution In Hydroponics ==== ====

A How to Aquaponics Guide  

Aquaponics ~an Evolution In Hydroponics What You're About To Read Is Life Changing Information, DO NOT Read This If You Don't Want To Discov...

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