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Polish Food & Culture Festival

Polish Society of Chefs & Pastry Chefs in UK

Celebrating Polish Food & Culture It is the pleasure of the Polish Cultural Festival Association to invite you to a festival of culinary and cultural events. It is our aim to initiate a multicultural dialogue, by introducing everyone to a selection of the exciting flavours of Poland, while giving you an opportunity to learn more about Polish culture. So come and taste some great food; learn about Polish traditions, catch a movie, see an exhibition, dance, enjoy the music and have fun making new friends. The Polish Cultural Festival Association is keen to support Polish-Scottish integration. We hope to promote equality and social diversity, through cultural activities such as; concerts, exhibitions, films, lectures, dance & social events.

’Food to Snack'

An event for children aged 0-4 and parents

30th November / 10:30am-12:00 midday Venue: McDonald Library, 2-4 McDonald Road, EH7 4LU

Celebrate Andrzejki (St Andrew’s Day) by having family friendly brunch with us. Feast on various healthy Polish snacks and have fun learning about the Polish traditions of Andrzejki, in an event complete with food, games and fortune-telling!


'Food to Party' 1st December 6pm-10pm Venue: Arts Complex, St Margaret’s House, 151 London Road, EH7 6AE

To celebrate Andrzejki (St Andrew’s Day) you are invited to an evening full of food and culture. Taste the best of Polish party food. Also learn how to prepare vodka shots with a twist, then listen, dance or jig to the Polish party music. Visuals and music by Pest & Gallery 1 (on the 3rd floor) features an exhibition by KOLEKTYW; a collective of artists and culture animators from different cultural and social backgrounds. Through their work, the group make a stand against the prejudices and stereotypes related to places of origin. KOLEKTYW Exhibition runs: 16th Nov (6pm- 9pm), until 2nd Dec, Mon-Fri 11am-9pm, Sat–Sun 11am-7pm.


'Food to Impress' 2nd December 7pm-9pm Venue: Mackenzie Bar Restaurant, 78-80 Main Street, Davidson Mains, EH4 5AB

Come along to this tasting event and treat yourself to the amazing flavours of Polish food. Feast on home made Polish dishes, try healthy new interpretations of popular classic dishes and learn about traditional Polish cookery. Chat to top chefs from the Polish Society of Chefs and Pastry Chefs in the UK & get some great seasonal cooking tips. To round off the evening, we invite you to a screening the short documentary ‘Bon Appetit 31' (dir. Kuba Maciejko 2010) (courtesy of Wajda Studio). A portrait of a small Polish catering company run by a couple, Grażyna and Misiek. He is a hardworking optimist, satisfied with life which finds the pair burrowed away in the centre of Warsaw. Whilst Grażyna is harder to please, scheming of a scratch lottery bonanza. An excellent depiction of the contemporary reality seen from the perspective of a small business, whilst containing a universal message.


’Food to Celebrate'

A family event in cooperation with Scottish Polish Cultural Association

9th December 2pm-3pm Children’s Christmas Decoration Workshop 3pm-8pm Food to Celebrate (with an artistic programme by the pupils of the 'No Boundaries School’) Venue: Edinburgh Society of Musicians, 3 Belford Road, EH4 3BL

Christmas celebrations in Poland are clearly identified with serious merry-making and extreme feasting. This fantastic family event will introduce you to a grand array of traditional Polish yuletide dishes. You can learn about the unique Polish Christmas traditions. Create your own Christmas decorations, decorate your gingerbread man, listen to, learn or sing Polish Christmas carols (piano accompaniment from Dr Colin Kingsley). Chat, eat, drink and enjoy this great family day out. or find Polish Cultural Festival Association on Facebook Event funded by


Polish Food and Culture Festival  

Celebrating Polish Food & Culture It is the pleasure of the Polish Cultural Festival Association to invite you to a festival of culinary and...

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