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Who are they? Corporate Traveller business travel expert is highly experienced, commercially driven and has exceptional product knowledge to deliver airfare and accommodation options. Corporate Traveller was originally established in the UK in 1999 as the founding corporate brand of Flight Centre Limited. Corporate Traveller was created to focus solely on the needs of small to medium enterprises. Flight Centre Limited rebranded its stable of corporate brands, including Corporate Traveller, to FCm Travel Solutions. Together with their global network of businesses in the Flight Centre Group, FCm Travel Solutions became one of the worlds largest corporate travel and expense management companies in the world.

Global distribution system The system that corporate traveller use is Galileo

Promotional scheme  CT Loyalty  CT Loyalty is an innovative business rewards programme designed specifically for our clients. Its focus is to enhance our relationship with our customers by providing unbeatable rewards and recognition for their ongoing loyalty and support.  Reward points are earned for every booking made with Corporate Traveller whether it’s flights, accommodation, car hire or transfers. Every £100 spent earns 3 reward points.        

Rewards include: Gift Cards for leisure travel Entertainment items Lifestyle experiences Lifestyle accessories Electrical goods Luxury personal products Homeware items

Service level agreements  A service-level agreement is a negotiated agreement between two parties, where one is the customer and the other is the service provider  Corporate travel provide customers with emergency assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year from anywhere in the world, to assist them with any last minute or unexpected changes to there travel plans.  Outside of the core operating hours, Corporate Traveller provides round-the-clock personal support through Corporate Traveller's 24/7 Emergency Assist.  All team members are multi-skilled to book both domestic and international travel

and cater for telephone enquiries and bookings.

Procedures and selling documentation contact assigned, personal assistant Relationship:  Consistently creating value  Understanding your business  Identifying measurable travel savings  Ensuring 'best practice'

 Proactively monitoring expenditure and policy  Designing tailored travel programmes  Providing global consistency balanced with local market requirements

The contract shall be governed by the laws of England. Corporate Traveller is part of Flight Centre Limited

 Where Corporate Traveller has quoted a price for travel, the price quoted shall be valid for 24 hours only or such lesser time as Corporate Traveller may specify.

6. Terms of Payment  (a) Subject to any special terms agreed in writing between the client and Corporate Traveller, Corporate Traveller shall invoice the client for the price of the travel a weekly/daily basis as requested. Payment of all invoice must be made by the 12th of every month. A statement is issued at the end of an invoice month, highlighting all travel spend for that 30 day period.  (b) Corporate Traveller is not obliged to accept travel requisitions from the client; if at any time Corporate Traveller is not satisfied as to the creditworthiness of the client, it may give notice in writing to the client that no further credit will be allowed to the client in which event no further travel arrangement will be accepted other than against cash payment or credit card payment

Cost saving technique  1.Provide you extraordinary personal service with the greatest range of product choice through your Personal Travel Manager.  2.Be available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  3.Offer you the lowest fares and rates available. We will match any available fare.  4.Answer your phone call within 3 rings and acknowledge your email within 15 minutes and turnaround standard quote requests within a 2 hour timeframe

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