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the perks of being an orga by Ilinca Bogaciov and Patris Pustina You may not see them too much during the session – it’s because they are making it happen: right here, right now! Between putting up coffee break tables and endless phone calls concerning serious matters, they managed to make time and answer our questions, just so you can get to know them better:

1. If you could be anyone else for a day, who would it be? 2. What do you like about yourself the most? 3. What superpower would you like to have?

Ijon, 18, high school, HO 1. Ted Kamba 2. My brand new moustache 3. Immortality Meni, 19, civil engineering, deputy HO 1. I’m fine with who I am. 2. I like it that I’m a trouble shooter. 3. Freezing time.

Edlira, 20, business informatics 1. Angela Merkel 2. I am decisive 3. Reading thoughts

Kristina, 16, high school 1. Vin Diesel 2. The fact that I’m outgoing 3. Be invisible

Krist, 19, physiotherapy 1. Jim Carrey 2. My charisma and humour 3. Telekinesis

Alba, 18, urban planning and architecture 1. Jennifer Aniston 2. My birthmarks 3. Being persuasive Enxhi, 20, finance 1. Mayfly, because I would like to know what it feels like to live only 24 hours 2. Kindness 3. Super strength

Ted, 18, high school Enid, 21, informatics engineering 1. Mandi of Nishtulla Alket, 18, high school 1. A sexier Enid Krist, 19, physiotherapy aka my friend from 1. Nobody 2. My pleasantness 1. Jim Carrey 2. Eyes 3. Ability to turn back time 2. My charisma and Romanati 2. My tolerance 3. Time stopping humour 3. Reading minds 3. Telekinesis


much more than a committee

Once upon a time a group of amazing, willing people met in Tirana in order to find the solution for the complex problem of discriminating same-sex marriages. At the very beginning they were just a group of strangers. A few days later they turned into a real team. They came through rough ways to eventually understand the value of cooperation. LIBE I was constantly struggling with health problems. Now LIBE I is something much more than just a committee. Different perspectives, backgrounds, package of experience, mix of personalities. Full of energy and eagerness to act. One common aim. Firstly, everything was going smoothly, as Teambuilding created real bonds between delegates. However, when encountering the first challenge as a team, some organisational problems occurred. Fortunately, they passed as quickly as they came and the team dealt perfectly with the following issue. Similar thing took place during Committee Work. Despite problems with understanding complex EU institutions structures and their

DROI II It is true. DROI II has proved to be one of the most impressive committees. Different people from diverse countries who managed to shape such a united team that cooperated well and produced work of high quality. During Teambuilding the members got to know each other and created a team spirit like no other. They bonded right from the beginning. They were amused by the games that their chairpersons indicated them. By the end of the day they had created a very strong bond. Throughout Committee Work delegates got rid of the chains and gave vent to their creativity. Every single one of them actively participated in the discussion on human trafficking, which was very interesting. Their concentration and commitment were never lost. One by one, the clauses were written and in the end all the committee was enthusiastic and satisfied with the result. DROI II was very active when it came to challenges by the media team. They succeeded

impact on citizens’ minds, they managed to reach a common agreement and thus creating the final resolution. It was possible due not only to fierce defence of human rights but also by strong attempts to deeply penetrate every SPERM aspect (Social, Political, Economic, Religious, and Moral). Thanks to it they managed to overcome most of encountered obstacles, including performing “Wrecking ball” featuring twerking, creating a video in which they advertised adult dippers or even spending a National Albanian Party wearing underwear on their pants, which only tightened their bonds.

one soul in doing all their challenges and they also won at the initiation ritual competition by offering us an inspired and impressive performance. These have been 6 very intensive days. Days during which the members of this committee have tried their best and have fascinated us with the outcome of their effort. DROI II, we hope you have enjoyed the session as much as we have enjoyed being around you and watching you taking so many steps forward. It has been a real pleasure!

city trip! Once resolutions were completed and all the committees were waiting for their booklets, organisers revealed their project for the afternoon: they had planned a fantastic trip to Tirana. The sun was shining and the conditions for a memorable day were all there. In the morning the committees concluded their preparation for the next-day General Assembly by watching the performance of the Media Team, whose members debated on the Mock Resolution.

by Edoardo Zaniboni

conquerors but they were also a proof of the still existing relations. There were indeed many Italian buildings built in the 30s. Organisers firstly took the committees to Skanderbeg Square. It is a very big place where once stood the symbols of Albania’s communist past. The name Skanderbeg derives from the biggest national hero who bravely fought against Turkish for several decades. From west part of the square it was easily accessible the National History Museum, a very interesting place to visit. Inside, there was much information about the entire Albanian history from the Illyrian period until the fall of communism, passing through WWII. Once we left the museum, daytime was ending but there were other places to see. The Clock Tower, which is close to the mosque due to its relation to the Islamic religion, was introduced during the Turkish domination. The mosque on its turn is one the most ancient constructions of the city and has beautiful external decorations. We concluded the tour passing by the huge and quite impressive opera house.

EYPers then took the bus and started their adventurous and reckless journey across the streets leading to the centre of Tirana. The quality of the journey improved with a very good guitar session performed by the editors. Once the destination was reached, delegates spent their first moments taking some pictures. The first destination for the committees was the restaurant where delegates had the possibility to have lunch with their officials. Sightseeing then started and organisers began the city centre tour. The delegates discovered a very interesting city. The buildings told not only the story of its

Delegates really enjoyed the sightseeing. They had a beautiful relaxing day after their hard Committee Work and the opportunity to strengthen relationships and profoundly get to know their chairpersons and journalists. They also had the chance to discern history more deeply, alongside with Tirana’s monuments and Albania as a whole, now taking very beautiful memories of their Albanian journey.

What do you think about your fellow delegates? Any special feature you noticed during the session? Konstanca is not a drug dealer But she may be a serial killer. He is my friend, he is Kent, If you mess up with him you are going to have a bad end. Lorina is one of my new friends. She stays with me until the party ends. Ejona is so cute That when she starts speaking everyone’s got to mute! If you don’t want trouble, don’t mess with Dei. He’s a virus and will infect you till the end of the day.



Fabio, Fabio, Can you turn on the radio? Chris, I know you came a bit late… But don’t worry, you’re doing well mate. Even though Olga wants to be a movie director, She is a specialist in the economy sector. Amos is really cool. I’ve always wanted to push him into the pool. Ilir is a women killer: He invites them for the “prretty” dinner. Anna looks like Hannah Montana And she smokes Marijuana.

I always wanted to ask you, Jakob: Can you please give me makeup? Sibora is cute and fun and sweet; She makes snowflakes look like weed. Tesa is so wise. Therefore, she always gives me advice.


and the quest for a resolution

Gather close so that you might harken, the story of ENVI and their journey. It was a rainy morning when I met our heroes all in a quest to find the much-coveted Resolution. Under the care of Marta the Kind, they came together. After each adventurer’s Flame of Initiation was lit, I watched her prepare them for the dangers of the road and guide them through numerous trials that brought them together. For only united could they complete their blessed quest. United they would journey through the Quicksand of Discord, face the Labyrinth of Brainstorming, fall and recover from the much dreaded Pits of Economy. Amongst arguing, switching to the Mother Tongue, and pining over the Coffee Break, I saw these young adventurers break bread and toast cups of that sweet brownish stuff together. And, though the expedition was tiring and draining for all, none fell to fear or fatigue. On they went, and as they did, knowledge was earned and friendships were forged. And in time, the Resolution was earned as well.

It was so that Rei the Economist, Yll the Loquacious, Glen the Lethargic, Reonaldo the Indifferent, Bonita the Beautiful, Uendi the Brutal, Orkida the Fair, Samuel the Frenchman, Eva the Spirited, Tea the Scribe and Denisa the Serene came together and transformed into much more than a simple adventuring party, but into a committee.

stats for nerds

by Patris Pustina

123 people, 89 delegates, 34 officials, 8 committees, 7 venues, 1 amazing session.

interrogating the media team by Giorgina Giani and Ilinca Bogaciov All these days you have been chased by crazy journalists who have been recording your every step and reporting on you. This time they are going to be the interrogated ones. We asked them the following questions: 1. 2. 3. 4.

If you could be anyone else for a day, who would you be? What is the craziest thing you have ever done in your life? What superpower would you like to have? What is the worst pick up line you have ever heard?

Alex, 22, Greece, Sociology

Bruno, 21, Portugal, Law

1. George Clooney 2. Tour Europe to see girls he fancies 3. Teleporting 4. You have really big boobs. Can I have your number?

1. A delegate 2. Making a 2000 km hitchhiking trip from Nice to Lisbon in 2 days and a half 3. Teleporting 4. I would like to be your gynecologist!

Anna P., 18, Italy, Scientific studies

Emy, 20, Greece, International and European Economic Studies

1. Cleopatra 2. A cart speed race in the middle of the street 1. 3. Mind controlling 2. 4. I look good on you! 3. 4.

Mike Rosenberg a.k.a. Passenger Sleeping on a beach in the middle of nowhere Read minds Have we met before? No? We should meet

Sardi, 17, Albania, High School

Giorgina, 19, Greece, Law

1. A famous singer such as Justin Timberlake 2. Reading peoples’ minds 3. Staying up all night long with officials 2 days ago 4. That dress would look even better accelerating towards my bedroom floor at 9,82 m/s

1. A Hawaiian native 2. Flying 3. Jumping over hotel balconies so that she parties at her friends’ rooms during a school excursion 4. Are you tired? Because you have been running all night long in my dreams!

Anna M., 18, Germany, Business Administration

Edoardo, 19, Italy, Law

1. A child again 2. To attend this session, she had to lie to her parents that she was in Amsterdam 3. Time travelling 4. Did it hurt when you fell from heaven? Because you look like an angel!

1. A singer 2. Bungee jumping 3. Shaping people 4. I lost my phone number. Can I have yours?

Ilinca, 18, Romania, High School

Patris, 18, Albania, High School

1. Carey Mulligan 2. Jumping out of the window because she got locked in the accommodation venue of a session 3. Being in more than one place at the same time 4. Do you know what would look good on you? Me!

1. Batman 2. She stayed at home for a week straight playing Skyrim 3. Reading minds 4.You smell great, I bet you taste even better!

Joanna, 17, Poland, High School 1. A person from the Caribbean 2. Travelling in the Netherlands just wearing underwear 3. Making the day last more than 24 hours 4. You are just as awesome as a hyper geometric distribution function!

Hommage aux mots

by Edoardo Zaniboni

We are drifting, we’re losing structural integrity, we are heading towards something unknown; In the meantime Here it is, not ready it’s taken, wailt caught, cooked by the sun, nothing else Who gets in his mouth, oh hear that music, which walops, and feel the Big surf, a deep breath of wind … The back will be scraped by the rocks, I want and I’ll want this parched skin, All the cracks of your elbows and heels, With the setting sun you resurface, syncopated and dripping, slipping with exhausted pleasure on a pink stone, pink and pale, like halite you are, from the spans of sponge Shadows describe your contours, heretical willing of counting the grains of the sand, one by one, on that slight up and down, trade wind warms me, the smell of sandalwood, fresh dew that lies on the petals of peach flowers and every drop I reborn, a new firstborn feeling these Ivy surrounds the rock; ivy halls around, chasing the blanks, slow and cold creeps, I, I, I, you, you, you, we break the waves, chase the sun rising, and ... And under the pine trees, above the prickly softness of the needles, she staggers of ecstatic breeze, in the clear cotton forced, and just hold me, enjoy this, this calm sea, these waves already dark, white and boiling foam, sunset trimmed of blood, beautiful beyond measure, wretched thing is a word, better to remain silent ...? She sings, bucolic head, curly hairs of poppy and crocus, and crackle arise from distant fires, lapillus of time in the burning summer, over.

the euroconcert: unfolding cultures by Sardi Hyska It’s 19.00 and we’re all chatting at Radio Bar in Tirana waiting for the Euroconcert to start. The lights are dim and the light shades of yellow, green and red that cover the room fit perfectly with the gentle warmth coming from the woodstove. It’s about time and there comes Ilir and Georgina, the adorable hosts of the evening… In truth I couldn’t realize how fast the time was passing, as the atmosphere was very cushy. Kein and Antha were the first to get the party started with their splendid performance, the soft sounds of the guitar fondling our mood. Brandon added more flavor and for a while completely changed the flow of the concert with his witty remarks at the stand-up comedy. Then, we merged again into the cushions of our sofas while listening to Pamela and João singing their hits quite nicely. Panos, a very romantic boy, touched our hearts with his writing on the topic of love. A very smooth Johnny Cash ‘Hurt’ cover also featured this event, followed by Konstantina and Marina, who recited the poem ‘Monogramma’. I truly praise their amazing thought of conveying it both in Greek and English, something really exceptional. And last but not the least, our two lovely editors Alex and Bruno along with João, really heated up the whole deal with their marvelous performances. Of their songs, ‘Não sou o único’ was just what this evening needed for it to be very special and contending.



DROI I was one of the surprises of the forum. They were able to take advantage of all the available resources they had and finally succeeded in their tasks. It was a solid group from which many friendships were born and each of its delegates helped the others in solving problems to get to results. As delegates met one another, they initially observed themselves and the ‘ready-to-flowideas-tank’ inside their heads, slowly revealed by the initial oozing of their thoughts. When Teambuilding started they quickly began to interact with each other and to know themselves more deeply. Committee challenges showed the power and integrity of the group: they succeeded in all the tasks launched by other committees. All the games, jokes and laughs definitively contributed to form a very cool group. When the committee started to think about the resolution during Committee Work, dams blew up and a flooder river filled the conversation. It brought a long lasting very fizzy and energetic


discussion on water ownership. Waterfalls of words flowed out on their own. The rainstorm reigned over the circle created by delegates, the rocking spirit came up and ideas gushed from all, flooding the papers soaked in ink. After the storm, peace came: clauses dribbled slowly and neatly through the meanders of the Committee Work discussion, spurting along the canal that led to the drawing up of the resolution. When delegates ended up, everybody was enthusiastic and happy for the results. They were very feverish and they were passionately ready for GA!


From the very beginning ITRE II showed that it would be a very strong committee. Its members, who came from all around Europe such as Albania, France, Kosovo, Germany and Switzerland, raised the bar high from the moment they met each other. It was obvious that their interesting personalities and amazing spirits had set high expectations. And they did not let us down. Joni, Dren, Misha, Kein, Dea, Mateo, Selma, Jona, Daphne and Adis were a group that consisted of very different but at the same time complementary personalities. It was very impressive how these youngsters, who at first were strangers to each other, managed to form such a united and bonded team. They appreciated and trusted each other. They cooperated and they pushed themselves into reaching their maximum potential. They were not afraid to speak their mind and share their opinions. Their discussions were so fruitful that the work they produced, their resolution, was one of a high level and most importantly a result of teamwork

and mutual respect. As far it comes to the challenges, ITRE II did great a job by participating in almost all of them and by succeeding in the ones it took part. It also took the 2nd prize at the initiation ritual contest by providing us with a wonderful performance. ITRE II, you should be proud of all the goals you have achieved throughout this week. You are to be admired for how much you have evolved during your participation at the session on an academic but mainly on personal level. Thank you for assisting in making this session a one in a lifetime experience!

Multiculturalism among us

by Joanna Stachera

As we all know, EYP sessions are great opportunities to meet people of different nationalities, coming from completely diverse backgrounds and contributing with unlikely opinions and perspectives. Every single participant has a package of their own experiences, memories, wisdom. Throughout the event we even have a chance to encounter youngsters representing a mix of cultures which not many of us would expect to. If you still haven’t meet them yet, here are some interesting characters of the session with multicultural backgrounds. One of such examples may be delegate Lorenzo (25, Italian) born in Caracas. His father is a diplomat and that’s the reason why he has kept on travelling throughout all his life. Their first destination was Argentina, followed by Uruguay, Belgium, and now he permanently lives in Italy. He has friends spread all over the world. Since he attended an international school he considers himself bilingual, since he can speak fluently both Italian and French. Even though he’s currently not changing his place of living the passion for travels maintained. Lately, Lorenzo had a lonely trip to Iran, when he discovered the nation absolutely different from the one shown in the mass media, as it is full of friendly, romantic people. He encourages others to get to know closer the culture of visited countries, which helps to reduce racism all around the world. He also claims that thanks to this we’ll be soon able to create an integrated, open-minded society consisting of only one race – humans. Sunandhaa (known also as Danny, 16, Swiss) has also quite complex family situation. Her both parents come from India though her mother is originally from the northern part, while her father is from the south. She lived also in Australia and New Zealand. When asked about differences between those countries mentalities she underlines the importance of family, great hospitality and conservatism in India, organization, keeping distance and seriousness in Switzerland, falseness, shallowness and

loads of compliments being made by Australian, as well as she stresses the harshness, huge family values and patriotism of New Zealand nationals. Another example may be Pedro (17, Swiss) whose parents are from Brazil and Germany. Pedro emphasizes the fact that, in Brazil, people are much more chaotic but open, friendly, joyful and generally happier than European citizens. Similar posture holds Selma (17, German), whose mother is Turkish. She agrees that this nation emanates hospitality, warmness and open-minded approach while at the same time they are louder, lively, chaotic, relaxed. A pretty complex situation is presented by Dea (17, Albanian), who until now has lived in Italy, Germany, the USA and Albania. She points out that every place has some positive aspects, although she enjoyed living in Germany and the USA the most. She’s not really into living in Albania because of its small size, tendency to judging, conservatism and biased society. On the other hand, this is the place where most of her friends live. Anna (18, Italian) who’s also mixedblooded (mother Italian, father Swedish), would consider Italians as cheerful foodies/fashioners, while Swedish more schematic minimalistic people who know how to enjoy life. Those stories are just the top of the iceberg consisting of the Forum’s participants. Just use the remaining moments the best you can and don’t waste the unique opportunity to meet such amazing people. Last but not least – enjoy yourself!


a fantastic extraordinary team

We all start as strangers, and the delegates of the Committee on Foreign Affairs were no exception. Most of them had not met before, which made Teambuilding a very fulfilling and constructive experience that shaped their group into a real team. What they liked the most were the games that offered the chance of directly interacting with each other, learning about everyone’s backgrounds - from travels and culture to studies - and of course discovering mutual interests. However, it was not all ‘fun and games’ and the strength of the ties created during Teambuilding was seriously tested in the two days of Committee Work that followed: the issues discussed, all of crucial importance for the future of the ‘Mediterranean Neighbourhood’, raised at times intense debates between delegates. Nevertheless, they ‘kept calm and carried on’ simply because they are AFET – A Fantastic Extraordinary Team. The atmosphere was generally warm and cosy as someone confessed and “the work was


done effectively and precisely, without wasting any time”. Things were occasionally spiced up by breaking beds in the committee room, but apart from that no major problems occurred. The fact that most of the delegates were very interested in the topic has also been an advantage for AFET as a team, as they claimed to be familiar with the subject and willing to get to the heart of the matter. In the end everyone declared themselves contented with the resolution and confident that they are going to do a great job during GA but most importantly happy to have spent a week surrounded by so many interesting people.

a pretty pretty committee

“With an enthusiastic team you can achieve almost anything.” ― Tahir Shah Allow me to introduce the coolest committee the 3rd International Forum of EYP Albania has to offer. Yeah, just skip the part where they cheated (just a little bit) when playing the human knot game, traded their journo life for a water filter and performed “The Wrecking Ball” on stage. At first, Teambuilding flowed astoundingly under the lead of Isa, the most incredible chair ever, and the delegates became peers instantly. With the pop of the last balloon everybody seemed to be chilled and positive. Beyond all games and energizers, Alyssa, Fabio, Athina, Christian, Tea, Tim, Aleksandër, Vesa, Tedi, Elvis and Corentin (Coco) were amazing in building a great and devoted team that would successfully compile a constructive resolution and, moreover, they would enjoy this special journey. During Committee Work their debates were intense: the heated arguments that they presented went back and forth the

roundtable, and just like a snowball rolling down the side of a mountain they slowly took form to become a bigger idea, one of those that focus on improving our future. Even though their thoughts are different, only with a little touch of guidance these diverse views could be bonded together creating a unique perception. What astonished me the most was their spirited nature and cooperating skills. Always eager to take up any challenge, these guys managed to overcome the initial problems that showed up and then confidently walk next to each other throughout the whole session. As they say: life’s a journey, not a destination…

treaty of lisbon: impressive improvement or dazzling disappointment?

by Max van der Stelt

Has the European Union’s 2007 adoption of the Treaty of Lisbon turned out to be Europe’s white or black smoke coming from its chimney? On 13 December 2007, the EU member states convened in Portugal and signed the Treaty of Lisbon, which was ratified by 2009. It unofficially serves as a Constitution and it was officially designed to ‘enhance the efficiency and democratic legitimacy of the Union and to improve the coherence of its actions’, taken directly from the Treaty’s explanation. Now what does the treaty actually imply? It implies that whatever the European Union undertakes is efficient, democratic and makes sense. When reading through the lines of the Treaty, The European Union gives itself the ability to literally decide over any future decision by itself. All of the pompous big-bellied Members of the Parliament shook hands and congratulated each other on, once again, such a tremendous improvement of the EU. But was this really the Treaty we were all waiting for?

Events leading up to the implication of the Lisbon Treaty have made ratification a dubious decision. In 2005 Spain, Luxembourg, France and the Netherlands held referendums to question its citizens whether or not they wanted a Constitution for Europe. Both French and Dutch peoples refused to allow the European Union

to have its own Constitution. Two years later, the European Parliament wanted to increase the EU’s power again by means of the Lisbon Treaty. Theoretically, it is perfectly acceptable for someone to ask for more power, they just need permission from others. For a government to legitimately rule it needs support. That is how democracy works. Obviously, with the proposal of the Lisbon Treaty as an unofficial European Constitution, another series of referendums would follow. The Independence Party of the United Kingdom (UKIP) asked for referendums in all member states. Surely if the European Parliament wanted to justify their actions there would have been no problem holding this solely democratic referendum. What was their answer? “No, those of you who object to this project are opening the door to fascism”, said by Mr Schulz, chairman of the European Parliament since 2012. UKIP responded by wearing chicken suits and stated that the Parliament was ‘too chicken for a referendum’.

Now you should ask yourself, how democratic is the European Union? By rejecting the most direct form of democracy – the referendum – they created a hesitant atmosphere around themselves. Are the 28 Member States led by an undemocratic supranational Union? You should give that some thought and spread the word. I have come to the conclusion that it is black smoke that comes from the chimney. What smoke are you seeing?

#Occupy Durres

tirana Forum is over

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