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Minecraft Changes

When it comes to video games, most people assume that the major production studios are in control, but there are some games that transcend what the mainstream makes. This is exactly what has happened with the independent game Minecraft. This independent game was developed by a Swedish Programmer, and was originally released for the PC and after a lot of fanfare it was ported for a variety of consoles and even phones. All of the versions get updated on a regular basis, which is quite interesting. This award winning game has sold roughly 20 million copies across all platforms and original release. It is currently one of the best selling independent games in history.

The gameplay comes in 4 different styles. The main game is survival, with creative, adventure, and multiplayer options ensuing as different modes. The game allows a player to freely roam an environment, with no major goals. A player can decide what type of game they are playing, and whether or not they are even rewarded for what they do. The environment allows you to build and break blocks. There is a grid that is utilized and a player must freely work within that grid in order to place cubes, otherwise it will not work. In survival mode, a limited amount of blocks are given, where as creative mode allows a player to have as many blocks to utilize throughout their game.

The game can be played in any major way, especially in creative mode, where gathering, hunting, and crafting different tools becomes the norm. However, on the console versions there are added elements that cause a player to form a more linear pathway through the game. Visit minecraft server for more info. The game turns into a survival, puzzler, more than anything else, but still maintains that creative free roaming style of gameplay.

Since it's launch the game has received incredibly positive reviews from all major video game critics, and has been received as a great option for gamers that have been wanting a change of pace. The game has created a life of its own, with merchandise, popular culture references, parodies, and even a convention of dedicated fans that has been well attended in recent years. In fact, Minecon 2011 sold out completely, getting 4,500 tickets sold within a rapid time. One of the main reasons that this game has garnered such success is that many developers can work on the game and add to it, change levels, and create customized gameplay that many people don't get from other games.

For those that are new to Minecraft, the game can be a bit daunting as there are no major pressures that are presented in the traditional sense. The game really does float left of center in many ways, which is why it's been embraced as such a unique piece of gaming history. It continues to grow in terms of popularity, especially with many looking to set the game to hardest settings to try and accomplish greatness, or else face completely blowing up their world in death. The game changes things for anyone that might be jaded by the current video game market.

Minecraft changes  
Minecraft changes