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Innovation Day 09NOV.2006BRUSSELS

Empowering Europe through innovation


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Empowering Europe through innovation


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Academic & Research Partnerships


European PhD Scholarship Programme

16 Research Partnership Programme 17 P2P Phone Pairing

01 Fabien Corblin 02 Jamie Shotton 03 Brian Amberg


UK’s Grid Computing Now! Competition 04 Gokop Goteng

Technical Computing Initiative (TCI)

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Digital Postcard Grab and Share On-Demand Video Search for the Couch Potato 3D Intelligent display solutions

School Technology Innovation Center (STIC)


Cancer and cardiac imaging project 06 Top-down Chip Multiprocessor Design 07 Spitfire 08 Interactive Simulation, VR 1 AR

22 Dolphin 23 Browsealoud

European Microsoft Innovation Center (EMIC) 09 Mapping & Location Framework 10 wearIT@work 11 VESUV Project

Microsoft Development Center Serbia (MDCS) 12 Language Handwriting Recognizer “Factory” 13 Handwriting Recognizers for Special 2D Domains

Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen (MDCC) 14 Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen (MDCC)

Fraunhofer Institute, FOKUS 15 eGovernment-Lab for Interoperability


In the classroom 24 25 26 27

Use of Vista/Office 07 to help children with special needs Mobility in education Assistive technology in Vista SharePoint Learning Kit (SLK)

The Brussels Microsoft Executive Briefing Center (EBC) for European Innovation Located at the heart of the European Institutions in Brussels, the Microsoft Executive Briefing Center for European Innovation offers a platform to engage with European Government Officials, Public Sector & Education customers and industry partners. Center of Excellence for Public Services and eGovernment Solutions, which demonstrates strategies and solutions and shares best practices to help governments develop strong, sustainable information technology infrastructures that deliver ease of use, value through innovative technology and a clear roadmap for future developments School Technology Innovation Center, which provides a hands-on demonstration and learning laboratory for educators where innovative teaching practices can be shared and where information, training and equipment is provided to enhance the use of information and communications technologies in classrooms and curricula. All the exhibits on the Ground floor are located inside the Brussels EBC.


Academic & Research Partnerships European PhD Scholarship Programme The Microsoft Research European PhD Scholarship Programme recognises and supports exceptional students who show the potential to make an outstanding contribution to science. 01 Fabien Corblin

Université Joseph Fourier, Laboratoire LSR-IMAG, France Modelling, inference and simulation of biological networks using constraint logic programming (CLP) Computer tools are needed in systems biology to analyse qualitatively the dynamics of interaction networks and to discover the organisation of the cell’s molecular components. In this context, our objective is to develop a general tool based on a unique specification allowing the exploration of the model’s parameters’ and behaviours’ properties, by a mix of inference and simulation. 02 Jamie Shotton

Machine Intelligence Laboratory Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge, UK Computer Vision and Graphics , image retrieval, machine learning Composite images are synthesized from existing photographs by artists who make concept art. This project has been set forward to explore the possibilities of fusing advances in computer vision, graphics, and user interfaces into innovative tools for image manipulation. It incorporates cutting edge research and provides a forum in which to explore new ways of presenting data to the user allowing him/her to specify constraints in this new generation of intelligent tools.


03 Brian Amberg

Universität Basel, Switzerland Real time editing of face expressions in video streams Our software estimates the 3D appearance of a photographed face and generates, from it, the creation of new images with a different pose (e.g. a profile view from a frontal photo), different lighting conditions and different expressions. It can also automatically generate caricatures and transfer of the face seamlessly and automatically into movie sequences.

UK’s Grid Computing Now! Competition 04 Gokop Goteng

Cranfield University, UK Combating global terrorism with the world wide grid This project was awarded the first prize for making full use of many aspects of grid computing. For example, by utilising processing power to crunch real-time data in terms of CCTV footage and biometric data to identify potential high-risk incidents. His solution provides an environment in which different information sources and multidisciplinary teams - for example police, custom offices and transport industry - can link together and collaborate as one central mechanism to help combat terrorism.

Technical Computing Initiative (TCI) Microsoft has hired a number of senior scientists in the last several months. This is part of the company’s strategy to extend its collaboration with the science community around the world and also in Europe. Professor Tony Hey, former head of the UK e-Science programme, is leading the programme which in Europe leverages and complements these partnerships with the European science and research communities. Fabrizio Gagliardi, a scientist with a long career at CERN (the European Laboratory for Particle Physics in Geneva), has also recently joined Microsoft and is responsible for the TCI programme in Europe. 7

05 e-Research Center, Oxford University, UK This programme distributes a state-of-the-art MetOffice climate model to hundreds of thousands of participants around the world. It is able to generate an unprecedented number of model runs and forecast future climate scenarios. Cancer and cardiac imaging project Medical imaging is challenging. To build systems that work, you need to mobilise knowledge about image formation, anatomy, physiology, disease processes, etc. The aim of this project is to develop an architecture and prototype example systems to realise dynamically configurable personalised computational research environments. 06 Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC), Spain

Top-down Chip Multiprocessor Design Traditional computer architecture design is developed in the best possible way to give great performance leaving the compiler, OS, programming language communities worry about how to program it. The Microsoft-Barcelona Supercomputing Center project aims to solve the above issue by utilising a simple mechanism instead of the complicated and deadlock prone locking mechanism for writing parallel code. 07 Microsoft Institute for High Performance Computing (HPC), University of Southampton, UK

Spitfire The ‘Spitfire’ computer cluster allows various industrial and academic users to work on their problems and codes in collaboration with academics at Southampton on an HPC platform enabled by Windows Computer Cluster Server. 08 HLRS - HĂśchstleistungsrechenzentrum Stuttgart, Germany

Interactive Simulation, VR 1 AR This is an innovative interactive rapid prototyping platform using online simulations, augmented reality, tangible interfaces and supporting collaborative working. Augmented reality techniques can be used to compare simulation results with experiments. The steering and visualising of high performance of simulations uses direct interaction with virtual reality. 8

European Microsoft Innovation Center (EMIC) Since April 2003, more than 40 scientists and engineers from ten countries have pursued collaborative applied research at the Center‘s Aachen facility, in concert with 100 partners representing the business and scientific communities. The focus of the center’s activities is primarily on security, mobile technologies and web services, and seeking to apply Microsoft’s technologies into areas such as eBusiness, eHealth, eLearning and eHome. 09 Mapping & Location Framework (EMIC)

This framework is a technology that enables application developers to integrate mapping and location information into their applications for mobile devices. EMIC envisions mobile devices ranging from portable PC like Tablet PC or normal notebook computers down to Windows Mobile powered Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) and Smartphones. We see upcoming applications integrating mapping and location technologies in the near future. GPS devices become integrated into every device from now on. 10 wearIT@work (EMIC)

Empowering the Mobile Worker through Wearable IT This FP6 IP, led by TZI Bremen, a research Institute of the University of Bremen, is aiming at the development of a pan-European software and hardware platform for wearable computing in which professionals can be mobile and at the same time fully integrated into the surrounding IT infrastructure. 11 VESUV Project (EMIC)

This is a personalized tourism application that you can carry around on your mobile device, and which gives you rich audio-visual hints of tourist hotspots. The development of such a dynamic mobile assisted tour guide (DTG) is the key goal of VESUV, which is a German research project supported by the BMWi (German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology).


Microsoft Development Center Serbia (MDCS) 12 Language Handwriting Recognizer “Factory”

The development of handwriting recognizers is an expensive and lengthy process. Currently handwriting recognizers for Tablet PC exist only for major world languages. In order to bring the full benefit of Tablet PC computing to a much larger end-user base, we are working on streamlining the handwriting recognizer development process and applying it to development of recognizers for a large number of European languages. 13 Handwriting Recognizers for Special 2D Domains

In addition to recognizing traditional handwritten text in various languages, we are also developing handwriting recognizers for various other special 2D domains. The examples of such domains are handwritten math equations, chemical diagrams or architectural drawings. The recognizer for mathematical equations is currently under development. A Tablet PC user could input typeset math equations leveraging such a recognizer in a more efficient and natural way than by using traditional methods.

Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen (MDCC) 14 Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen is Microsoft’s largest development center in Europe.

It was established in 2002, following the acquisition of the Danish company Navision. The aim of the development center is to become the world’s leading software development center for business solutions. We focus on securing a continuous innovative and focused development and product management of the ERP-solutions; Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft C5.


Fraunhofer Institute, FOKUS 15 eGovernment-Lab for Interoperability

The Fraunhofer FOKUS eGovernment Lab develops model methods for the integration of different technologies and administration applications in a range of administrative scenarios. This self-running demo showcases specific demo scenarios for birth certification and company registration, demonstrating how heterogeneous technologies can work together using open standards and interfaces.


Study 16 Research Partnership Programme

Natasa Milic-Frayling (MSR Cambridge) The Research Partnership Programme (RPP) was established in October 2004 to facilitate the exchange of knowledge between Microsoft Research and industry leading customers. Working closely with the Microsoft teams across EMEA, the Programme informs customers how to reach beyond the current state-of-the-art. The RPP is currently involved in the EU sponsored PLANETS project. This is a project that is working on technologies and strategies for long term preservation of digital content. Lead by Geoff Hughes, our partnership with the British Library has taken a new dimension and instigated discussions across the Company on the MS Search strategy, involving researchers, product groups, and top management. Microsoft MSN division has contributed $5 million toward the digitization of 100,000 books from the Library holdings. 17 P2P Phone Pairing

Sean Blagsvedt & Ganesh Ananthanarayanan (MSR India) P2P Phone Sharing enables phones to simply, invisibly and securely connect to the nearby mobile phones of people we trust, allowing them to browse files and share the network connection without that other person ever needing to take their phone out of their pocket.


e-Home 18 Digital Postcard

Richard Harper, Abigail Sellen, Richard Banks, Gavin Smyth (MSR Cambridge) This device allows people to send MMS messages from outside the home to be displayed in the home, and allows people in the home to return messages back through the device. This project explores the notion that similar technologies must be designed differently for different places in the home. 19 Grab and Share

Tim Regan, Richard Harper, Richard Banks (MSR Cambridge) This is a mobile TV application whereby individuals watching TV at home can download short (i.e.2 minute) segments of the TV show to their mobile phones within seconds of it being broadcast. This content can then be showed to and exchanged with their friends. 20 On-Demand Video Search for the Couch Potato

Frank Seide (MSR Beijing) Using a combination of speech recognition and information retrieval technologies, we show a search engine for internet video, and its application to the home/couch potato scenario of the future, creating a whole new experience of TV on demand. 21 3D Intelligent display solutions, Philips

Philips 3D displays, based on WOWvx™ technology, are the latest in the company’s long history of display innovation and deliver stunning out-of-screen 3D effects without the need for special glasses or filters. Initial distribution will be for the professional market, with such applications as out-of-home advertising, digital signage, the medical industry, and others. 13

School Technology Innovation Center (STIC) 22 Dolphin (Dolphin Computer Access Ltd)

Access software solutions for blind and visually impaired computer users with the option to create and listen to digital talking books. From servers based systems to mobile telephones, Dolphin's award winning access software offers a combination of magnification, speech and Braille support for blind and low vision computer users for Windows and mobile platforms. Dolphin also has a complete range of educational software to aid reading and writing, as well as Digital Talking Book (DTB) creation and playback tools for DAISY books. 23 Browsealoud (Texthelp Systems Ltd)

Texthelp Systems Ltd is the worldwide leader in literacy software solutions with locations in Antrim, Northern Ireland and the U.S. and an extensive reseller network covering over 20 countries. Texthelp is comprised of three core business divisions: Education, Speech Services and Publishing. Read&Write GOLD is used as a tool throughout educational and workplace settings to assist people in improving their reading and writing skills. Browsealoud provides speech output for websites, thereby broadening access to online information to an additional 20% of the population. Lexiflow allows education publishers to deliver feature-rich electronic books and assessments via accessible Flash. Web-based eBooks can also be speech enabled.


In the classroom 24 Use of Vista/Office 07 to help children with special needs

Microsoft basic software (Vista + Office 07) can improve in a spectacular way the opportunities to participate in a normal education process for students with different kinds of special needs. The STIC will showcase how children with dyslexia and/or dyscalculia problems can surmount their learning difficulties using the latest technologies. 25 Mobility in education

This video shows how students of three different schools use Tablet PC’s, UMPC’s or PDA’s while learning. The added value of mobility, handwriting and taking notes that these devices offer create a lot of possibilities in education. Students, teachers, IT coordinators and headmasters share their enthusiastic experiences. 26 Assistive technology in Vista

This overview of how to activate and use the facilities of Assistive Technology in Vista’s Ease of Access Center demonstrates how computers are accessible to people with special needs. Many users who experience great difficulties in taking part in the learning and working processes can now do so at a normal rhythm. 27 SharePoint Learning Kit (SLK)

The SharePoint learning kit looks at how students, parents and teachers communicate in a modern way. At any given time, everyone involved in education can access the SharePoint site using an individual login and an appropriate role, that grants the permission to look at or edit the current, dedicated data. This interactive demo illustrates how these different roles stimulate increased communication in the education of the student.


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Molecular Gastronomy Glance Phone Time-Mill Bubbleboard Object Class Recognition Network Map The Microsoft Home Kitchen New Consumer Experiences Consumer Healthcare Made Better

45 Modo Bruxellae

Own, H체sniye Kardas, GIRLS FROM OMSk , L-A M채thger, Louise Assomo 46 Pebblestone


Academic & Research Partnerships 37 S2B Program 38 BT 39 Imagine Cup

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Industry Innovations Group (IIG) Wincor Nixdorf Aura (The Advanced User Research Annotation System) Delhaize Attentional Topographies Bizerba CE system scales Wanzl Living Tomorrow



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40 Robosoft

Fitness 41 MPTrain 42 Step UI

Industry Innovations Group (IIG) ING Living Tomorrow NCR

Manufacturing ( automotive ) 59 60 61 62 63

Pharma Lab 43 Axatech

Crime Scene 44a Imasoft ApS 44b Microsoft Windows Vista


Industry Innovations Group (IIG) Autolog Seemage Smart Surfaces Microvision

Kitchen 28 Molecular Gastronomy

Lieven Lootens Scientific principles applied to gastronomy have given shape to a new concept of cuisine at its finest. 29 Glance Phone Tim Regan, Richard Harper, Richard Banks (MSR Cambridge)

This project is currently investigating new forms of communication and presence awareness through the novel use of software and hardware, built around existing mobile phone technologies. The GlancePhone aims to provide mobile phone users with a visual presence of trusted friends, family and co-workers etc, via a simple one-touch interaction. 30 Time-Mill Abigail Sellen, Lucia Terrenghi, Richard Banks (MSR Cambridge)

Time-mill is an interactive multimodal mirror, which dynamically reflects in real time the scenes taking place in front of it but unlike a traditional mirror it can also capture and retrieve snippets of those scenes. When users rotate the wheel one way they see a flying leaves animation showing snippets of themselves. When they turn the wheel the other way, the animation shows snippets of previous users. The goal here is not to investigate memory from an efficiency point of view, but rather to explore the potential of physical-digital multimodal artifacts to evocate memories in an unpredicted fashion and to stimulate people’s reflection about time, space and its inhabitants.


31 Bubbleboard Richard Harper, Abigail Sellen, Richard Banks, Gavin Smyth (MSR Cambridge)

“BubbleBoard” is a visual answer machine for the home. Designed to explore the idea of messaging a place, rather then a person, it is readable “at a glance”, and allows family members to manage their messages through touch. 32 Object Class Recognition John Winn, Carsten Rother and Antonio Criminisi (MSR Cambridge)

Object Class Recognition is a system that allows computers to locate and recognise a variety of everyday objects, despite their visual differences, in as little as 50 milliseconds. The system is able to learn as it goes along, so its performance improves with time, and it is robust to changes in lighting conditions and to movement of the camera. 33 Network Map

Richard Black (MSR Cambridge) When people have multiple computers and devices on a network, with a combination of wireless and wired connections, it can be difficult to understand how everything is connected. Windows Vista provides a new feature called Network Map which shows you an easy-to-understand, graphical view of everything on the network, and how everything is connected. This helps you optimize your network for the best performance and easily locate any problems.


The Microsoft Home: Designing Home Technology for the Future Located on Microsoft Corp.'s Redmond, Wash. campus, the Microsoft Home is a concept facility that models technology that might enhance life at home five to ten years from now. 34 The Microsoft Home Kitchen

Contextual experiences appropriate for a kitchen space. A lovely screen saver of our favorite photos leads way to a home page for a kitchen setting. On the Home page are links to a new kind of extended family Blog and a scenario for hiring a babysitter. 35 New Consumer Experiences

A future scenario that revolves around planning and preparing for a party. We use online commerce, combined with sophisticated software and services to help us. These services seamlessly share content with our smart connected devices in a personal and customized way. 36 Consumer Healthcare Made Better

We explore several scenarios where software, services and technologies improve healthcare delivery and personal well-being.


Academic & Research Partnerships Academic & Research Partnerships 37 S2B Program


The S2B program is a Microsoft Community Initiative, connecting Microsoft partners with universities to provide students real world experience and establish the skills and competencies needed to fuel innovation, broaden the recruiting process and aid employability of the next generation of students. The objective of the S2B program is to inspire local businesses to communicate the competency requirements for new talent, leveraging Microsoft and universities to provide the needed skills, and create opportunities for local students to work on real projects. 38 BT

BT’s IT strategy is based on transformation, innovation and speed. BT and Microsoft have a history of working together, from simple licensing agreements to a Global Alliance Partnership. Championing innovation and research is a legacy that BT celebrates - it’s this that makes the Microsoft Imagine Cup such a valuable opportunity for both BT and the participants. Students are given support to generate innovative and commercially viable solutions set to become technology “must-haves” of the future. At the same time, it enables BT to nurture some of the brightest talent in IT today whilst continuing to develop BT Microsoft partnership activities.


39 Imagine Cup

The Imagine Cup is a Microsoft-sponsored competition consisting of a number of different challenges to encourage creative and technological innovations among university students worldwide. It challenges students to imagine a better world enabled by their own genius, creativity and energy, and provides opportunities for participation in the future of technology, software and computing. Teams develop innovative projects that offer practical applicability and present real-world solutions to real-world problems. More than 65,000 students from over 100 countries competed in the 2006 competition, culminating in the worldwide finals in India in August 2006. Students were tasked with using their creative passion, technological knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit to help solve one of the planet’s toughest challenges namely to “Imagin a world where technology enables us to live healthier lives”. SmartEyes Dimitrios Bisias, Eleni G. Korkontzila, Styliani A. Taplidou, Nikolaos K. Trichakis Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece (Imagine Cup 2004 Software Design third place winners) Hello World Massimo Paternoster, Giorgio Sardo, Andrea Sossich, Silvia Perrone, aka Team, Polytechnic of Turin, University of Turin, Italy (Imagine Cup 2006, First prize in the Software Design competition) Project Hoshimi Flavien Charlon and Manon Gaucher, Team Atomnium, Ecole Centrale de Lyon and ENSERG, France (Imagine Cup 2006, First prize in the Project Hoshimi Programming Battle competition) Sign2Talk Anastastios Valsamidis, Fani Tzima, Vasiliki Kosmidou, Aikaterini Dikaiouhave, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece (Imagine Cup 2005, second place winners)


Robotics 40 Robotics Robosoft, France

ROBOSOFT develops and supplies since 1985 advanced mobile robotic solutions for Transport, Cleanliness, Security, Health and Research applications based on its core technology, the robuBOX. Its clients are operators of large buildings and sites open to the public (hospitals, airports, museums, shopping centres, train/bus stations, campuses, amusement and other parks), service providers (urban transportation entities, cleaning companies, security services) and public and private research laboratories. ROBOSOFT is sponsored by MICROSOFT France within the framework of the IDEES programme, an initiative aimed at helping high potential start-up French software companies to develop and grow.


Fitness 41 MPTrain Roland Fernandez, Nuria Oliver, Fernando Flores-Mangas (MSR Redmond)

MPTrain is a Personal Trainer on your mobile phone. It constantly monitors the user's physiology (heart-rate, ECG, and pace) and selects and plays music with specific features that will encourage the user to be on track with his/her workout profile. 42 Step UI Roland Fernandez , Brian Meyers, A.J. Bernheim Brush, Steven Drucker, Marc A. Smith, Mary Czerwinski (MSR Redmond)

While applications are typically optimized for traditional desktop interfaces using a keyboard and mouse, consider alternative input mechanisms that that encourage more physical and fun interaction. This project explores physical interfaces based on foot motion. These applications support working with email and photos using the dance pad made popular by the Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) game.


Pharma Lab 43 Pharma & life sciences Axatech, Denmark

GMP Business Suite™ for Microsoft Dynamics AX® for Life Sciences gives life sciences companies the most efficient and cost-effective way to establish a fully EMEA/FDA-compliant business solution. It ensures quality control at every stage of the production process. GMP Business Suite™ is developed according to GAMP4 guidelines from ISPE. Please ensure that the ™ is put after the name GMP Business Suite.


Crime Scene 44a CrimeSceneNet (Windows Vista-based product) Imasoft ApS, Denmark

This company specialises in software and systems for police and intelligence agencies, and other customers within the field of law enforcement. CrimeSceneNet is a Windows Vista-based product which will enable police and law enforcement agencies to create panoramic, three dimensional, digital representations of real crime scenes, enabling forensic and other evidence to be plotted accurately and investigation scenarios to be analysed. 44b Microsoft Windows Vista

Windows Vista, the most innovative version of Windows today, brings the benefits of innovation to customers, the IT industry, and local economies. By: • Putting users in charge of their PCs; • Increasing security, usability, and interoperability; • Creating economic opportunities for other companies and local economies.


Fashion 45 Modo Bruxellae Hüsniye Kardas

Hüsniye Kardas was born in 1974 in a village on the edge of the Black Sea in Turkey. She joined her parents in Belgium while she was still a child. Aged 18, it took strong will and force of character to avoid a pre-determined future and start her Style and Design studies at the Chateau Massart in Liège. Own

Based in Brussels, since 1998 Own (Thierry Rondenet & Hervé Yvrenogeau) has offered a selection of men’s clothes conceived for everyday use. Their models are basic clothes with a twist of fantasy. Influenced by the real world, their creations give a false sense of “déjà vu“. GIRLS FROM OMSk

GIRLS FROM OMSk is a label created in October 2005 by the Belgian designer of Russian descent, Valéria Siniouchkina. Valeria is a former la Cambre fashion student and a winner of the Henri Bendel Prize at the Hyeres Festival. L-A Mäthger

L-A Mäthger is a Brussels based fashion design duo created by the German twins Lucas and Aaron. In their menswear line they combine “chic utilitaire” with their vision of sport-traditionalism.


Louise Assomo

Louise Assomo creates a highly wearable and feminine collection. Designed to fit perfectly, her clothes are tools for the modern self-conscious woman to express her uniqueness. Most of Louise Assomo’s inspiration comes from the 1930’s and 1940’s, with a hint of the 1980’s. 46 Fashion software Pebblestone , The Netherlands

Behind what you are wearing today, hides the global and very dynamic fashion industry. Whether you are looking to have production done efficiently, optimize wholesale or get items to market faster, this can easily be done with the support of the newest technologies in Microsoft Business Solutions. The extensive functionality that Microsoft offers, is enriched by Pebblestone Fashion. The result is a unique solution, fully focused on the requirements of the fashion industry.


Retail 47 Industry Innovations Group (IIG)

Microsoft’s Retail Future Vision demonstrates how technology innovations will be helping to coordinate and simplify the experience of shopping and the business of retailing. End-to-end connectivity, location-based services, predictive analytics, and other current and future technologies will be enhancing the consumer’s instore experience and extending the opportunities for retailers. A broader number of solutions will emerge to meet customer needs and capitalize on sales opportunites in the right way and at the right time. 48 Wincor Nixdorf

Wincor Nixdorf is one of the world’s leading providers of IT solutions to retailers and retail banking. The Company’s extensive portfolio, which consists of hardware, software, consulting services, system maintenance and other services, is centered around the business processes at work within banks and retail chains which operate extensive branch networks, and is aimed at optimizing costs, reducing complexity and improving service to the end customer. Wincor Nixdorf uses the expertise in its core business with banks and retailers to diversify into other sectors. These include lottery companies, service station operators, hospitality and corporate restaurant businesses and large industrial companies. 49 Aura (The Advanced User Research Annotation System) Danyel Fisher, Fisher, Marc Smith (MSR Redmond)

The Advanced User Resource Annotation system (A.U.R.A.) is designed to access and author annotations on objects and places using machine readable tags. Users may make the items they have scanned public to other AURA users resulting in a collectively authored database.


50 Delhaize

Innovation is one of the high priorities of Delhaize Group. A company with a 140-year-old history can only survive through a strong vision for the future and through permanent innovation. Delhaize has proven its innovation capacity on several occasions. In 1957, for instance, Delhaize was the first to set up a fully self-service supermarket on the European continent. Moreover, Delhaize was also a pioneer in many other fields, such as organic products, self-scanning, the introduction of the loyalty card, etc. We want to remain a pioneer in the distribution field through developing and expanding a wide and well-balanced assortment, offering solutions to facilitate our customers’ lives and in our search for environmentally friendly alternatives. 51 Attentional Topographies Danyel Fisher (MSR Redmond)

A map that shows where people are looking at using Microsoft’s online mapping tools: what places do people find important? The results it generates can help travelers learn about a new place, or can assist small-business owners to target advertisements to people who are looking nearby. 52 Bizerba CE system scales, Germany

With the new Bizerba CE system scales you take the first step into the virtual world of PCs. Your Office system and scale communicate with a uniform standard due to the Windows based CE operating system and proven Bizerba software solutions. The scales provide a scale of multimedia applications. You can show effective advertisements on the display: text, pictures or animations. A convenient and effective method to direct customers to the latest special offers. 53 Wanzl

Since its foundation in 1947, Wanzl has grown from a small metal goods factory into a leading global partner of the retail trade. Today, 2,500 staff at four production plants in Germany and one each in France, the Czech Republic and China manufacture more than 2000 Wanzl products sold in more than 40 countries.


54 Living Tomorrow, Brussels, Amsterdam and San Jose

Living Tomorrow is a meeting place for innovative companies where they can integrate their products, services and technologies in a real-life and visionary way. Living Tomorrow Research, existing of an integration- and synergy lab stimulates and coordinates synergies between the partners in an open innovation model. Globally over 100 leading edge companies collaborate with Living Tomorrow. Some of the partners are Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, Delhaize Group, ING Bank, DuPont de Nemours, Volvo Car Corporations, Suez, Virgin Express / SN Brussels Airlines, Unilever, LogicaCMG, Siemens, Bosch, 3M, etc. On the 22 January 2007, Living Tomorrow Brussels will open its third project; the House and the Office are expanded by Creative Industries (Car, Airplane, Healthcare, Bank- and Store of the Future).


Bank 55 Industry Innovations Group (IIG)

Imagine a banking experience of the future where you’re always connected to your finances, employees are empowered to anticipate your needs and banking is made seamless through predictive technologies - whether you’re in the branch or on the go. Microsoft’s Banking Future Vision provides a glimpse at how financial institutions will be empowered to capitalize on technology innovation in the retail banking space, differentiating the customer experience and improving business operations.

56 ING

At ING, both customer centricity and satisfaction are key. Therefore, we constantly adapt our office concept, as well as our electronic channels, to the needs and wishes of our customers. We save no cost or energy and always use the newest technologies in order to make banking as pleasant as possible for our customers. Before we integrate new technologies in our applications, we make sure they are convenient and user friendly. They must attract our customers and stimulate them to discover the possibilities resulting from these new applications, in other words: which advantages they can get out of it. In the ING branch office of the future, we combine a warm welcome with more interactivity with the customer. Indeed, the modern customer wants to be more in control, he is more demanding and is better informed. And rightly: after all it is about his money.


57 Living Tomorrow, Brussels, Amsterdam and San Jose

Living Tomorrow is a meeting place for innovative companies where they can integrate their products, services and technologies in a real-life and visionary way. Living Tomorrow Research, existing of an integration- and synergy lab stimulates and coordinates synergies between the partners in an open innovation model. Globally over 100 leading edge companies collaborate with Living Tomorrow. Some of the partners are Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, Delhaize Group, ING Bank, DuPont de Nemours, Volvo Car Corporations, Suez, Virgin Express / SN Brussels Airlines, Unilever, LogicaCMG, Siemens, Bosch, 3M, etc. On the 22 January 2007, Living Tomorrow Brussels will open its third project; the House and the Office are expanded by Creative Industries (Car, Airplane, Healthcare, Bank- and Store of the Future).

58 NCR, US

NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR) is a leading global technology company helping businesses build stronger relationships with their customers. NCR’s Teradata® data warehouses, ATMs, retail systems, self-service solutions and IT services provide Relationship Technology™ that maximizes the value of customer interactions and helps organizations create a stronger competitive position. Based in Dayton, Ohio, NCR employs approximately 28,200 people worldwide.


Manufacturing 59 Industry Innovations Group (IIG)

In the coming years, business in the manufacturing space will be transformed by a broad range of intuitive, end-to-end technology solutions that will integrate with the natural workflow and rhythm of the industry. Imagine collaborating seamlessly across time-zones, where predictive technologies are automating process eficiencies, and sense-and-respond systems are connecting operations – across organizations and throughout the value chain. Microsoft’s Manufacturing Future Vision initiative showcases concepts for a complete product development lifecycle enabled by a range of Microsoft’s current and future technologies. 60 Autolog, Denmark

Autolog logs GPS coordinates, and transfers these to the software which interprets the data. The software identifies routes, distances and start and stop addresses. In addition the software enables the driver to print a tax reimbursement report, based on the local government’s tax rates. This report can then be handed directly to his/her employer or tax authorities for cashing the reimbursement. 61 Seemage, France (Windows Vista-based product)

Seemage products enable access, manipulation, reasoning and publishing of product information. products are delivered faster, with higher quality and at lower cost. Seemage enables sharing of models and ideas throughout the product lifecycle and across all functional departments.


62 Smart Surfaces Andy Wilson (MSR Redmond)

This project explores the use of sensing technologies to change the way you relate to computing. In this demonstration, we use computer vision to transform an ordinary tabletop into an interactive display which combines touch sensing capabilities and the ability to sense real objects. A number of new interactive scenarios are enabled: at work, imagine meeting with a colleague over a conference table, editing and exchanging documents with ease. In the home, imagine playing games on the living room coffee table or browsing recipes on the kitchen counter 63 Wearable Displays Microvision Inc. , US

Headquartered in Redmond, Wash., Microvision Inc. is the world leader in the development of highresolution displays and imaging systems based on the company's proprietary silicon micro-mirror technology. The company's technology has applications in a broad range of consumer, medical, industrial, professional and military products.


Microsoft would like to thank Samsung Electronics for supporting this event with its technology Expression monitors The models from the Expression Series attract great attention because of the design as well as the technical specifications; the enormous viewing angle, the remarkable high contrast, the ergonomics and their fine appearance. Ideal for jointly enjoying movies, games and computer usage. Widescreen monitors Monitors that offer just something more. Widescreen in 16:10 size. Diagonals from 19” up and including 22”. Techniques and functions for lifelike view and wonderful sound. Wrapped in beautiful design. Breathtaking when you look at it, even when they are stand-by. Business monitors All models from this Series are geared to professional usage. Still each monitor has features for specific purposes. Representative display or optimized for office applications and with great attention for ergonomics. Large Format Displays Samsung's Large Format Displays have been developed with communications professionals in mind. Ideal for CAD/CAM design, video editing and video conferencing, Samsung’s audio/video displays put all components of multimedia at your fingertips. They can be used stand alone as well as for professional measures like public display (airports,…) or integrated in a video wall.


Printing The Samsung printers bring each desire into a crystal-clear vision. The Printing line-up consists of personal, network, multifunctional and color printers. Personal printers are “whispering� printers that are ideal for each desk because of the ergonomic design and their small size. Hybrid HDD Samsung has developed the first Hybrid Hard Disk prototype which focuses on fast reproduction of 3d-applications. The HDD is a hard drive for future notebook- and PC generations, whereby a flash memory is being connected to a rotating magnetic storage capacity. Blu-Ray The demand for high-definition and huge storage capacity is taking off and Blue laser is the core factor that enables the next generation optical disc format to be in either BD (Blu-ray disc) or HD DVD format.








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