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•  You have to go on a date but you have no idea in choosing the location? •  Looking to impress the girl of your dreams •  Then, if you’re somewhere around Tokyo, you shouldn’t miss the Vampire Cafe in Ginza.

•  Blood isn’t on the menu but it’s splattered all over the glowing red floors. •  The snug rooms are piped with Baroque music and peppered with crucifixes, spiders, skulls, candelabras, and Dracula’s coffin. (Sounds like home to any Gothic Lolita.) •  Thick, beaded drapes ensure that any naughty behavior in the booths won’t make the rounds on the Internet.

•  The waitresses dress in Gothic French maid outfits and the waiters wear tuxedos (do they ask you to “vokkk dizzz vayyy?”). •  Like at the Alice in Wonderland café, each table comes with a bell, which you can ring for a “Vampire’s blood cocktail” or a cigarette.

•  All of the menu items have vampiric names, which you won’t be able to decipher if you can’t read kanji. The cuisine is best described as an Italian/French/ Japanese mix. •  Vampire Café’s morbid motifs extend to the food presentation; an order marinated octopus suckers and smoked salmon comes in a little burial casket; “raw” spring rolls filed with tuna are arranged in a cross on a bed of thinly-sliced tomatoes.

Infos Address: 7F La Paix Building, 6-7-6 Ginza, Chuo-Ku. Tel: 03-3289-5360 Open: 6pm-4am Mon-Sat, 5pm-11pm holidays, closed Sun. Menu English/Japanese. Reservations necessary.

Vampire Café  
Vampire Café  

A goth restaurant in Ginza, Tokyo