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Our Purpose The Holistic Mentorship Network supports the Holistic Professional, as well as the Community by providing the space to network, build a referral base, mentor and support each other in business development and growth, promote community awareness and education of alternative services and products, and meet potential clients.

What is MARCI®? MARCI® is a holistic magazine that provokes awareness to how we show up in our practices and our daily lives. In a time when there is a lot of chaos and stress, MARCI® reminds us of being present through “Mindful” actions and thoughts; to take responsibility for our choices and to change patterns that no longer fit. In the Holistic Field we busily take care of others, but how do we show up for ourselves? Are we taking care of ourselves and loving who we are? Trusting our own intuition and natural instinct, how often do we listen to that small voice within? MARCI® is not only a Seasonal E-zine, but a metaphor for the garden we live in as we go through the human experience. The Holistic Field is a rapidly growing industry. These inspirational stories are written by Professional Providers in the Holistic Field and our Clients that will inspire and empower you!

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PhD candidate in Natural Health

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Winter 2008

Self Discovery It is amazing

practitioners, and to create space for personal growth... To raise our awareness by inspiring and facilitating a creative and substantive dialogue among our community of fellow Holistic Practitioners and our clients to nourish their needs. Together we commit to sustain the unity in our values, our truth and our compassion to help others, while providing a meaningful environment to support this profession... quite a Vision and Mission but, due to my own insecurities, MARCI® sat on the shelf for a very long


Linda Mitchell-Dominguez HMN Founder

MARCI® on the other hand stayed on the shelf, until one day the Holistic Mentorship Network’s Board Secretary, Donna Price, asked about it. Donna had been my personal and business Coach for over a year and had gotten to know my dream and the importance that MARCI® played in the Holistic Mentorship Network. Eventually everyone needs to claim their legacy, and MARCI ® was mine and the foundation of the Holistic Mentorship Network. And there is the beginning of a legacy that MARCI® provides for the Holistic Mentorship Network ----a foundation from which to grow and foster a healthy and dynamic organization that will create many opportunities to share, learn, teach, grow and lead.

what a difference a year makes in where you’ve been, where you are now and where you are going. Where you are going, unless you spend a lot of time looking into the future, is so unknown. I have carried a vision for such a long time; it has changed and matured as I have gotten older and perhaps wiser. Many of the seeds that are planted today are seeds that are implemented by the people I have met through our organization, the Holistic Mentorship Network. But what about the seeds that were planted in the beginning of the history of the Holistic Mentorship Network? Those seeds that were first a thought came from a workshop I had done for a few years with another therapist-----MARCI®. In the upcoming editions of Yes, the name of our Holtime, but not before kicking off ®, I will share with you how MARCI istic Magazine, MARCI®, an acrothe Holistic Mentorship Network she continues to leave her imprint in nym for Mindfulness, Awareness, in April of 2005. my heart and in the garden I am Responsibility, Compassion and creating in my life and the life of the Intuition, was born from a vision to magazine, and within the Holistic assist students in unearthing qualWithin the first month we Mentorship Network. ities they may have never known, had the name of our network, a To accompany our new logo or embraced about themselves and website and my Vision to strengthen and format of our Winter Edition of relate them to their clients by and support the community of MARCI®, I am pleased to announce recognizing the subtleties of the holistic professionals and a cothe addition of two regular Spotlight human condition. created Mission to create a unifContributors: Jack Canfield, a Our Mission was to develop ied community of compassionate Coach and co-founder of Chicken and present educational programs, holistic practitioners that will Soup for the Soul, and Bill Harris, which sought to transcend the contribute to enhancing our Author and Director of Centerpointe Holistic Profession, by exploring profession and ourselves by proResearch Institute and creator o f and expanding the direction, viding a supportive space to share, Holosync meditation technology. A knowledge and the intention of learn, teach, grow and lead. special thank you to you both! practitioners and create the space continued on next page for personal growth. HMN - MARCI Winter 2008



Self Discovery

A Different Perspective by


Sarah M. Collins

We have also opened up a Book Review section that will be submitted by Members of our Network. We encourage you to submit “Letters to the Editors” regarding the articles within the pages of MARCI® and if you have a question you would like to ask one of our Holistic Providers, you can submit all submissions to:

How many people today truly heal from what ails them? The number is probably quite a bit fewer than most realize. Some forms of healing appear to work better than others and one's cultural upbringing plays a huge role in the kind of treatment an individual seeks. Someone born in China would turn to TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) based on the energetic pathways of the body, whereas an American would typically seek out the physically based allopathic route to healing. For many years now, a shift has been occurring in America in the field of health. This shift in perception acknowledges the importance of the mind as well as the body in healing. It enables people to see there is more to life than the physical, that the vastness of the mind has a reality all its own as well. Yet, mental/emotional health still comes in a distant second place (unless of course you count the vast array of pharmaceutical 'healing'.) And what about spiritual needs? Way down the list, and not even viewed as a legitimate health concern by the medical establishment, much less society. Spiritual health is just as real as the health of the body and mind. And infinitely more important. Yet, the spiritual aspect of life is relegated to a couple of hours each week or simply viewed as an afterthought. The spiritual component needs to be nourished and nurtured on a continual basis. Time needs to be devoted to working on developing spiritual qualities that move each of us along our path. Qualities like patience, helpfulness, kindness, openness, flexibility, consideration, inspiration, determination-----these qualities or lack thereof determine the state of our spiritual health. All healing should take into account the spiritual component. Without considering this aspect of a person, you will not be taking the entire being into account. If you don’t treat the whole person, if you only treat the physical, it’s like putting a bandaid on a hemorrhage. It doesn't do too much.

We have added more space for advertising for both Members and Non-members within the Holistic Field; as well as running a special for advertising one time; get the next ad for free. For more information visit our web site at: or call us: 973-300-1184.

I look forward to hearing from you and hope your holiday season is filled with much love, joy and peace. In love & light,


continued on p 7



Winter 2008

HEALING: A Different Perspective There are many ways to heal – some are subtle, some are obvious. Healing is a decidedly individual state. It is based on so many factors, all in unique combination. No two people will heal in exactly the same way since no two lives are the same. Each individual has their own thoughts and emotions, physical and spiritual strengths and weaknesses, plus their own karma. No two healings are ever the same. What does an individual need to heal at this particular moment? What is their spirit calling forth? True healing is about growth and the transformation of consciousness. This concept is paramount to understanding the nature of healing. Contained within each method of healing is the prize of transformation, often so subtle as to go unnoticed. Sometimes, a healing is attempted, yet the correct method was not applied; a person’s symptoms return. Simply put, the cause was not addressed. What about when a method is used and there is only temporary relief? Again, the cause was not addressed, only the symptom. This is often the case in allopathic 'cures'. Occasionally, you come across a disease or affliction that is karmic in nature. Sometimes it presents itself as ready for transformation; other times it must be left alone – the spirit is not ready to heal. How can we know this?-----Through the art of asking good questions and kinesiology.


There is one healing modality that encompasses the spiritual factor as well as the art of kinesiology. And it is not a symptomatic process; it addresses the cause(s) of disruption physically, mentally/emotionally, and spiritually. It is called Natural Force Healing®. It isn't based on any ancient or modern techniques. It is an energetic and vibrational therapy-----quite unique-----and it is an amazingly complete system within itself. It addresses the causes of a person's imbalance, layer by layer, as in the peeling of an onion. It maintains that all discord is a result of distortions within the Triune of Wellbeing: the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of an individual. Natural Force Healing® uncovers the cause of disease, then uses energetic methods unique to Natural Force Healing® to clear out and change the discordant vibrations to harmonious ones. The result? True healing, personal growth and blossoming of awareness. Natural Force Healing® leads us down a path of self-discovery. It is a tool for spiritual awakening; a vehicle for transforming your life. It aids us in our growth process by changing patterns of discord found within and without, whether addressed from a physical, mental or spiritual framework. Profound healings are not uncommon. Every time there is a healing, no matter how subtle, an awareness opens

up...moving our consciousness forward on the path of spiritual evolution. The goal is the attainment of the awakening of the Self – becoming self-realized. Healing and spiritual growth stand side-by-side. They are intertwined; you cannot have one without the other. All healing is based on transformation: transforming the body from sickness to health, transforming the emotions from agitation to calmness, transforming the thoughts from negative to positive, transforming the spirit from selfishness to unselfishness. Energy is One. No matter if you practice Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Natural Force Healing® or some other energetic therapy, they all spring forth from the same source. They are just different stages of energy work. The difference lies in the execution which is based on knowledge. The volume of research and knowledge that form the basis of Natural Force Healing® is truly astounding, and it continues to grow and evolve. We are truly blessed to have reached the point in our collective growth where this revolutionary work can be received. For the ultimate in healing your body, mind and spirit, nothing else comes close to Natural Force Healing®. Copyright © 2008 by Sarah M. Collins, excerpted from The Way of Balance: Journey of Transformation, to be published by New Pathways Press, 2009

Sarah M. Collins, HMN Member, is a prolific writer, poet, healer and now publisher! Her healing work focuses on Natural Force Healing® but includes other modalities as well. She is working on her Ph.D in Natural Health. Visit her website for more information Sarah also has several books slated for publication in 2008/2009 by New Pathways Press. The first one to be published, The Little Guide to Big Changes will be available in late 2008. Email Sarah for more information at HMN - MARCI


Winter 2008

Halloween is a day that has gained in popularity significantly over the past handful of years.


Ghosts, goblins, dressing up like someone or some thing other than ourselves-----an escape?

We expect to be scared on Halloween; many people like to be scared with such things as amusement park rides, or horror movies. What's the difference between being scared and fearing something?

What makes things real down the road are our chosen actions in the here and now this very moment in time.

I believe those behaviors top the irresponsibility scale, which might sound harsh, but I believe the media has a responsibility to objectively report the news, and I believe we have the responsibility to educate ourselves about the issues:

Educate fully. Email Responsibly. Speak Respectfully. Vote Informedly. And use circles and spheres to bust your fears-----huh? Metaphorically, circles can mean many things: never-ending, connection, perfection, commitment and inclusion. Spheres are three-dimensional circles. Have you read The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

Is there a difference?

FEARBusters b y


Is it expecting to be afraid versus not expecting it? I typically lump fear into two major categories: either your intuition is telling you something that your mind is trying to override or, you lack information about that which you are about to do. As a result, I use-----F.E.A.R. as an acronym for Future Events Aren't Real (or False Evidence Appearing Real). There's a strong feeling of fear in our world today. Our nation, and perhaps our world, seems to be a bit off kilter these days. Financial ruin, Political smear. Health risks. There's a ton of information coming at us from a ll different directions and from many different sources.


I choose not to allow information to come at me willy nilly because I want to bring in information from credible sources, not sensational ones. And, I want to bring in my own information, not that which is decided for me, as most important. Many people do allow sensational stuff to come in their lives and they often transfer it to a bazillion friends and acquaintances. They're becoming conduits for the sensationalists who choose to spin information in a way that elicits a reaction. And, they're becoming sensationalists themselves, imposing what they hear or see on others, in what can be a dangerous game of telephone a n d perhaps spreading the fear.



by Stephen Covey? Within Habit 1: Be Proactive, he talks about the interplay of our Circle of Concern and Circle of Influence. I'm greatly paraphrasing here, but, in short, Mr. Covey says that if we allow our Circle of Influence to be our driver, it will grow and, as a result, we will have the power to reduce our Circle of Concern. Since hearing his concept, I've adapted it into my own saying: Sphere of Influence. But why tweak Mr. Covey's great concept? Because our influence is three dimensional-----it involves us, that whic h w e include and that of which we exclude. continued on p. 11

Winter 2008



Winter 2008

FEARBusters Financial Ruin!

My sphere of influence is small. My 401k value dropped 30% - what can I do? Nothing. My savings is pretty safe. I can reel in some want spending for sure. I can be sure I have some cash on hand. Can I influence the government's decision to bail out these financial institutions? No. Can I research how my governmental representatives are representing me and voice my support or displeasure? Can I help my friends and family understand my current financial parameters? I sure can! I can use my sphere to both include - that which I can influence - and exclude that which I can't.

What? Oh, you're too busy?

You don't have time to dash off a call or a letter to your representatives? Then what can you do? Can you talk to your family and engage in discussion over dinner about what's going on in the world? In your country? In your state? In your town? In your lives? And if you can, then will you? Do it! What will you do today to influence your family to make good financial, political and healthcare choices? What will you do today for yourself? Do it!


And stay within your sphere of influence. If you get to the boiling point - pause! Are you within your sphere of influence? If not, get there. Hey, even "Think Globally, Act Locally" came from that same concept! When you do, you will find yourself feeling that things are more manageable - AND there's a really good chance your actions will reduce or eliminate your fears and, as a result, your stress. Do not misunderstand me. I'm not saying to put our heads in the sand like the ostrich. By thinking and acting informedly and responsibly, we can choose what to include and what to exclude. When the world gets all topsy-turvey ...and heaven knows it doesn't seem like it will end any time soon, turn into your sphere. Since creating my sphere, my life is more calm and stress-free. Some might say my world is smaller. I say my sphere of influence is growing! Do I know what Brittany is up to today? No. Instead, I now have the time and the focus to engage in the relationships that will fulfill me and those around me both personally and professionally. How do YOU manage your fears? Email me and let me know: I want to leave you with a poem I heard last weekend (thanks, Angi!) that helps show the power of circles (spheres). It bridges from the philosophies presented here today and shows me how focusing on my sphere of influence reduces my circle of concern:

He drew a circle that shut me out Heretic, rebel, a thing to flout. But Love and I had the wit to win: We drew a circle that took him in. from "Outwitted" by Edward Markham Christine Clifton is an HMN Member and Wholistic Life Coach...Break Out of the Ordinary! 201-738-7463 HMN - MARCI


Winter 2008


Two Secrets To A by Better YOU JACK CANFIELD

Pop quiz:

When was the last time you acknowledged and appreciated yourself? That’s right: YOU. Not your spouse, not your children, or not your boss, coworkers or friends.

Just YOU. Seriously, think about it. And if it’s been so long since you last pat yourself on the back, then I want you to take the time right now to acknowledge and appreciate yourself for everything you've accomplished today, throughout the year, and in life. Ask yourself: How many times have you succeeded in the past month? The past year? The past 10 years? Are you able to recall your successes as easily as your failures and missteps? This is not a selfish and egotistical act in the least. By taking the time to stop and appreciate who you are and what you’ve achieved—a n d p e r h a p s even learned through a few mistakes, stumbles and losses—you actually can enhance everything about you. Self- acknowledgment and self-appreciation are what give you the insights and awareness to move forward toward higher goals and accomplishments. In working with top leaders and thought philosophers of our time, I will tell you that among their secrets of success is a regular practice of acknowledging and appreciating what they have. It can offer an oracle into the future because it not only tells you where you are but it also helps clarify where you want to go in life. Whatever that might be. The road then becomes easier to navigate— easier to see from the distance and walk confidently step by step. HMN - MARCI

Don’t forget to think about big and little accomplishments. Many people underappreciate the minor things they do successfully every day, and yet they can recall in detail all the times they have failed or made mistakes. That is because the brain remembers events more easily when they are accompanied by strong emotions. For example, you might vividly recall a graduation, losing ten pounds, having a child, winning an award, or landing a highly sought after position. But see if you can identify just as many minor, more subtle successes, such as your intimate conversation with your spouse last night, the re-connection you established with an estranged friend last month, the quality time you were able to spend with your children today, how you checked off all your list of To Do’s for the weekend, how you learned a new task at work, or got your kid to school on time. These may seem like minor acts in the grand scheme of life, but they are what make us feel whole, happy, and accomplished along the journey toward those larger and much more deeply satisfying moments. Acknowledging your mistakes also has it pluses, but we often don’t have trouble recalling or mulling over those. The point is, if you don't acknowledge your successes the same way you acknowledge your mistakes, you're sure to have a memory full of blunders. And a mind stuffed with negative chatter about the gaffes of life won’t fuel your energy, nor your confidence, creativity, and motivation to keep going. Consider this, too: if you only remember the mistakes and failures, you won't be as ready to take risks that will lead to your successes. Build your self-esteem by recalling all the ways you have succeeded and your brain will be filled with images of you making your


Winter 2008

continued on p. 14

Divine Beauty by SARAH M. COLLINS Perfection. Turn the prism to reflect off the stars. Nature radiates such exquisite beauty, if you could see its true essence you would weep at its magnificence. Toss aside ugliness, ego has no place in heavenly realms of divine beauty. Grayness is too dense for true devotion. Open the heart to receive the joyous colors of love. Strike down the muted shades of fog-infested denials.

Face truth and watch divine beauty expose itself. Copyright Š 2008 Sarah M. Collins

Sarah M. Collins, HMN Member, is a prolific writer, poet and healer. Her first book, The Little Guide to Big Changes will be available in early winter 2008/2009. Email for more info. Photo by DIANE BOSE, HMN Member



Winter 2008

Two Secrets To A BETTER YOU continued

achievements happen again and again. Give yourself permission to toot your own horn and don’t wait for anyone to praise you. Two suggestions: 1) Record Your Personal History. Take time to write your achievements down. Start when you were very young and think of all your achievements since then. Don't just pick the major milestones; write down all the things you take for granted. For example, if you list your college degree, write your appreciation for having the opportunity to go to college and forge friendships that will last a lifetime. You can also create a log of success every day and review it when you are faced with a new challenge. By writing it all down daily, you're securing it in your long-term memory and it will become a part of what makes you tick. It can even become a source of positive reminders and affirmations for when you’re feeling down, as well as a personal record of you that becomes your legacy.

2) Celebrate Yourself with Mementos. Surround yourself with reminders of your successes. Put up pictures, articles, trophies, awards and other pieces that bring your attention to your success. Make your environment speak to you about your achievements. Be proud of them! By the way, showing appreciation for yourself and accomplishments has many rewards that go far beyond boosting your own self-confidence. It’s like a cascade—your heightened confidence will spill over into other aspects of your life. Watch what happens when you gain that special trust in yourself. You’ll attract opportunities, experience more fulfilling relationships, and have no trouble reaching loftier goals. Remember, people like to be around those who have a healthy self-esteem and who are achieving their goals. Commit to acknowledging your achievements and your brain will begin to tell you the truth: that you can do anything! Jack Canfield is America's #1 Success Coach, co-founder of the billion-dollar Chicken Soup for the Soul brand, and a leading authority on Peak Performance. If you're ready to be more accomplished and have more fun in all that you do, get your FREE success tips from Jack Canfield now at -----


According to wisdom our normal human condition is to be healthy. So, why are so many people today sick, unhappy or old before their time? How did we forget and get derailed from our nature? How does living in modern society age us and create disease? We require new awareness, action and change in order to return to health and wellness.

Clearing of our bodies and making wise choices are major tools to promote and create health and wellness. So how do we begin? You are the creator of your life. What are your words, actions and thoughts creating? How are you taking or not taking action to create health? When are you allowing or not allowing yourself to experience happiness? Are you enjoying life and appreciating the beauty? Do you know and act on truth? How can I clear the heaviness from my life and be the magnificent light that I am? Go into a quiet space daily. Breathe slowly and deeply in through your nose and out through your nose. Begin with five minutes and build up to ten to twenty minutes. From this quiet space ask for help to be aware and make positive healing changes in your life. Listen to the wisdom that comes to you. It is your inner teacher and healer. W e k n o w everything we need to know about ourselves we just need to remember and do it. At the end of the day, before you go to sleep, review your day and let go of the thoughts of words or actions that occurred

with some gentle relinquishing breaths. Breathing in through your nose and blowing out worry, or negative things you or others said or did that day will clear them. Continue to remember and breathe these out until you are relaxed. Now do some reclaiming breaths and breathe in through your nose gathering back peace, contentment and love and then gently blow that energy out down towards your chest. You will enjoy a good nights sleep and better day tomorrow. When you take action for your benefit, the universe supports you two hundred percent. You are moving back into the natural flow, our bodies are self healing organisms and work better when we work with them.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life. What kind of life will it be from now on? It is up to you. Enjoy! Create! You are worth it.



Janet StraightArrow, HMN Member, is a Medical Intuitive Energy Healer, who assists many in conquering pain, disease, depression and returning to their youth and beauty. Janet’s new program Be the Medicine incorporates forty-one years of study and practices from around the world. Focus on enjoying your life and abundant health, easily and simply while discovering your life’s purpose and being who you are. Life is the greatest adventure! You can discover how Janet can assist you on your journey Call today to see how you can live your most magnificent life 973-647-2500.

Through circulating MARCI® our goal is to showcase the existence and the importance of Holistic Medicine. Making people understand that there are alternative methods to curing and comforting IS our business!

Contact us for advertising rates and info! Winter 2008

What To Do About

TOUGH TIME S Is all the financial turmoil — not to mention the already-existing political/election and terrorist / war stress — getting to you? We're all connected to the financial system and, though many people have become complacent again after the bailouts, and because no huge institutions have failed in the last couple of weeks, many experts say the worst is yet to come. So what can you do? Are we facing a depression like the 1930s? How bad will it get? The real question is though, how can you prepare yourself, financially and emotionally, for what might happen?


This has resulted in many people ending up in debt, which means you spent tomorrow's money yesterday. When tomorrow comes, you either have to live on less money, or add more debt, which just forestalls the inevitable payback. To keep the game going, credit markets become more and more leveraged. The bankers did just what they always do, and what the public wanted them to do — they figured out better and better ways to allow people, corporations, and other institutions to buy things before they actually had the money to pay for them.

I'd like to offer my advice, for whatever it's worth. The criteria for who actually had the ability to repay became less and less realistic. Anyone in the financial industry who did not provide this sort of easy credit to people was at a disadvantage----- so the game continued until people who had no money were buying houses they couldn't afford to pay for. No one though, can live on credit forever, and the chickens are now coming home to roost.

Though I think things could get very bad, the world isn't going to come to an end. As things get worse, some people will say that it's coming to an end, but when and if you begin to hear that, it will be a signal that things are about to get better. Such comments invariably come when things have gotten as bad as they're going to get. And, although it's tempting to do so, I would avoid finger-pointing and trying to figure out who to blame. Though there are some people who are to blame, in other ways this debacle is a universal cultural event, and not something caused by mean and greedy people in some smoke- filled back room. For the entire lifetimes of most people reading this, buying whatever you want, before you have the money, has been the accepted thing to do. Everyone else seemed to be doing it, and the idea that it might not be the smart thing to do (spend money before you actually have it) just hasn’t occurred to a lot of people. HMN - MARCI

I don't have a crystal ball, but I think we're facing a massive and fundamental change in the way money works in this society, and it's going to involve a period of tough times.

So, what can you do? First, I would suggest focusing on what you can do to improve your own situation, rather than finding someone to blame, as tempting as it might be. People who feel helpless blame others. Don't be helpless. If you focus on what you can do, you'll save yourself a lot of frustration and aggravation. continued on next page


Winter 2008



If you like to feel angry and frustrated, then by all means blame everyone in sight. Next, realize that as things become more uncertain—financially, politically, and in other ways, people will begin to feel helpless. They will feel more isolated and separate. When this happens, it's easier to become more self- involved. Instead of thinking only of yourself, become more aware of other people and their needs. Yes, look for your own opportunities, and then help other people see their opportunities—the positives in their own lives. Become a source of inspiration to others. Crisis feeds on fear. Help others to look for the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit that exists even in the worst situations. If you do this, others will look to you for leadership, and your own fortunes will improve in ways you can't even imagine. In terms of your finances, search for solutions for your customers or your employer. See the other person's point of view and figure out a way to solve the problems they face. If you do this, your business will thrive while others are failing. If you are an employee, you'll have a job when others are being laid off. My next suggestion is to let go of your attachments to things. Instead, emphasize the value of your relationships. Material things are nice, but life is really about love and friendship. If you have these things, and cultivate them, your life will be more meaningful, no matter what the economic conditions. From a business perspective, focusing on your relationships will strengthen your ability to survive no matter how bad things get. Sincerely think of the other person and his or her needs. HMN - MARCI

In good times it's easy to succeed and even the worst-run business can at least make some money. In tough times, those who really care about their customers or their employer, and do their best to discover and meet their needs, succeed while others are failing. If you've lost money, or customers, or a job, instead of focusing on what you've lost, focus on potential opportunities and what you can do now. Leave the past in the past, whatever it was, and look to what's next. And, be willing to be flexible enough to change, to do something different. Who knows? Perhaps your losses are the doorway to some amazing new endeavor or adventure that will

change your life for the better — and which might never have happened if those losses you've experienced hadn't happened. Forget about who you were and begin to dream about who you can be. I'd also encourage you to get rid of what-if thinking. Focus on what you want, and what you can do to get it. There's no value or benefit in worrying about the future. Yes, think of the potential challenges, but only to help you generate plans and solutions that you can take action on now. If there's something you can't do anything about, surrender to it, and then move on. When some-thing dreadful happens — and it might — move immediately to, "Okay, that has happened... what are my options?” continued on next page

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Winter 2008



Or, “What can I do now?" Focusing on what has gone wrong has no value. Focusing on what to do next has great value. You say you don't have the tools, resources, or help you need to move ahead? Resolve to do the best with whatever is available. Take action anyway. This will give you confidence, and this additional confidence will allow you to find and utilize additional resources —even when it initially seemed like there are none. Spend time every day—before falling asleep and when you first wake up is an excellent time— thinking about what you have to be grateful for. Gratitude can make you happy, and happy people seem to attract what they need. Look for ways to help others, especially those who don't seem to be able to help themselves. Do it without expecting anything in return. Do it just because we're all in this together. Go the extra mile for your friends, your customers, your employer, and even for total strangers. People so want someone to really care about them. If you do this, you'll never be alone — and your



life will be fulfilling no matter what is happening. Finally, use your Holosync every day. If you've stopped, start again. If you haven't started yet, get the initial level and get started (you can get a free demo CD and a free Special Report by going to With a one- year moneyback guarantee, you’ll have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Holosync is one of the most powerful antidotes for stress I've ever seen. My years of meditating with Holosync seem to have made me almost completely immune to stress, and it can do the same for you as it has for nearly one million people in 173 countries. Those who can more easily handle stressful times move through them more easily, and end up finding the hidden opportunities in them and germinating them into successes. And...though we may have never met face to face, I do care about you and what happens to you. Bill Harris is Director of Centerpointe Research Institute and creator of Holosync meditation technology, used to create the brain wave patterns of deep meditation and dramatically accelerate the meditation process. He is the author of two books and nearly 300 articles about person- al and spiritual growth; he is a sought-after speaker

by A.N. MOSS, HMN Community Member No matter what your giants are-----debt, addictions, bad habits, people who you just can’t seem to please, memories of failures fear of the future, this book will show you that there is a triumphant David living inside of you.

n his book, Facing Your Giants, author Max Lucado uses the life of David, the Old Testament’s shepherd, poet and king to illustrate how we can face our own giants today. Not only did David have the giant Goliath, leader of the Philistines, he also faced other giants such as fear, murder, adultery, and revenge. These giants were not physically real, like Goliath, but they were giants to David just the same. They appear throughout his life due to the consequences of David’s poor decision making. David does not escape them–---he faces them. Through faith and focus on God, he is able to live; his spirit joyful, not broken. HMN - MARCI

This book will not change your life and fix your problems all in one reading. I have reread it when I come upon a new giant, or struggle with an old one.

May David’s life story inspire you just at it has inspired me!


Winter 2008

Self-discovery is one of the most necessary and challenging processes that we can undertake in our lifetime. Having been on a conscious path of growth and self-discovery now for some time, I have come to greatly appreciate the power of our egos, the voice of separateness in us, to work hard to deceive us on our journey within. It wants nothing more to preserve its identity and to convince us to believe the lie that we are bodies, bound by its limitations, prey to its cravings and needs, and victim to the world’s unstable nature. Its greatest fear is that we will discover who we really are, and recognize our Spiritual Identity. From this space, we will bask in Self- Love and clearly recognize the futility of the ego and all its guidance. We will know we are unconditionally loved by God and laugh at the ego’s lies, see its smallness and it will be forced to come out behind the curtainmuch as the over-roaring Wizard of Oz did in the 1939 classic movie. Because of the ego’s shrewdness in being a very powerful imposter within us, it is important that we are increasingly spiritually grounded in Truth on our journey of self-discovery. In this article, I will therefore give you two key principles and tips to keep in mind as you journey to God, Light, and, Love.

SELF-DISCOVERY: Wisdom and Tips For Your Path

Keep these practical suggestions handy and refer to them often, especially when you are going through a spiritual crisis or “dark night of the soul.”

TIP#1: APPRECIATE YOUR CAPACITY FOR DENIAL One of the most common techniques that we all use to keep the unpleasant out of our conscious awareness is denial. Denial is a defense mechanism employed to not have to deal with problems or painful, hurtful, guilty, fearful, or otherwise unpleasant emotions. An example is yawning and conveniently getting tired when you have a task at hand that you would rather not do. Another example would be when someone who loses a lot of money gambling and subsequently says, “it’s just money ...I’ll make more,” or “money is not important anyway.” These statements, for most people, would serve as a way to defend themselves from having to deal with the usually unconscious pain and reality of having just lost a lot of money that they wish they hadn’t. The problem with defense mechanisms such as denial, is not that they should be judged to be bad, but as bad for us. I often explain to my coaching clients the analogy of an uncontrollable slingshot -----the more we deny something and push it below our conscious awareness, the more the slingshot of denial gets cocked backed and can grow and release unexpectedly, reap havoc in our lives, and be a root cause of selfdestructive patterns and behavior.


JUSTIN BUFFER This is why it is important not to deny any and all of our feelings when we are on a path of selfdiscovery, even the ones that we judge as supposedly “unspiritual.” If we want to be increasingly free and joyous, we must deal with all of our thoughts head on, as we are ready to, and bring them to the Light within to be released. This would include our fears, our guilt, our critical judgments, our selfhatred, our regrets, our insecurities, our competitive thoughts, our self-doubts, our jealousy, our envy, etc. We must also ask God to show us the unconscious thoughts that we often deny, which are keeping us stuck and in circular self-destructive patterns. There is a lot of talk these days about “changing your thoughts to change your life.” I think this is good, especially for spiritual beginners to begin to appreciate the power of their minds, but the truth is, that to permanently change ourselves, we have to continued on p. 22



Winter 2008



Winter 2008

GUIDELINES For Your Submissions to MARCI® Magazine: Submissions include ARTICLES, ARTWORK, and POETRY Your Name and Contact information (email, phone number, mailing address). Word length of finished article should be between 500-1200 words. Submissions should reflect the “Theme or Topic” of each edition. We welcome diversity. Send us your thoughts and ideas to: Include a brief bio with your submission (a photo of yourself is optional) Any photos must be in JPG format with resolution of 300 dpi or higher

If we decide to use your submission, we will contact you. Please remember that ANY submission may be subject to editing or alteration, due to size or space constraints, with the exception of paid advertising.

SELF-DISCOVERY: Wisdom and Tips For Your Path change the thoughts and thinking patterns that we are not conscious of. This takes work, and as we get in touch with the thoughts that really motivate us, including shabby self- images, we will begin to discover who we really are, which is buried beneath them. The sun is always shining. It may be blocked at any time by clouds, by rain, or by the particular place that we are living on the earth as it rotates. Think of the Light within you as the sun, and the thoughts, problems, and emotions that you deny as clouds that block it. As we have them removed, and our clouds “part,” our Light will brightly shine through for ourselves and others to see.


work to pierce their psyche enough to see what really lies beneath. Any serious spiritual seeker knows that the true path within to joy is a path into and through the illusory, yet powerful, darkness that we have created, and is anything but easy. The result and reward though of self-discovery is definitely more overall emotional sturdiness, ease, simplicity, clarity, wisdom, joy, strength, and a greater sense of Spirit, love, kindness, forgiveness, and abundance in ourselves and our lives, and this is what makes the often painful process very well-worth it.

Doubt along the way of self-discovery is bound to come and go and then go to come again. Remember often that this is a process and that increased joy, TIP#2: REMEMBER THAT THIS IS A SLOW freedom, and wisdom await you at the end of every AND OFTEN PAINFUL PROCESS hurdle. In the past couple of years, every time I have worked through a difficult period on my path, I have Anyone that tells you that spirituality and growth is come away with pieces of gentle wisdom and insights quick, easy, all sunshine and rainbows, and will to add to my forthcoming book Any Day Inspiration, make you happy all the time, either is in super den- that I otherwise would not have gained and been able to share. ial themselves, or has probably not yet done the continued on next page HMN - MARCI


Winter 2008

Here is a visualization exercise that I do to motivate myself when I need inspiration to keep going on my journey, that you can try and may be of help to you: I envision an imaginary pep squad cheering me on to keep going on my path, urging me to please keep growing. The people rooting for me are all the people that I will be able to help more as I grow, and all the people that will be helped and blessed by my growth. Remember then that this is a process and that you are taking the road less traveled when you take the courageous plunge into self-discovery. To reframe a point I made earlier: Self-discovery is not all sunshine and rainbows, but it will increasingly deliver us to more sunshine and rainbows. To end, I would like to pass on a true story that I heard last year that has stayed with me, and speaks volumes about the path of Self-discovery. A mother of a 5 year-old boy had recently had a new baby and was nervous about how he would act

around her newborn son, John. One day her fiveyear old Michael walked to the crib of her newborn and whispered something to him that she would never forget. As she listened surreptitiously outside of the room, her son Michael whispered to her newborn John: “Hey John, it’s your big brother Mike ----What does God look like? I’m beginning to forget.” Like Michael, we all have forgotten who we are and what God looks like. Like Michael, our entry into this world of competition, differences, and egotism, has caused us to forget who we are and the glorious place from which we came.

Let us dedicate our lives to remembering them and rediscovering Who we really are and from Whom we really came.

Justin Buffer, HMN Member, is a Certified Life Coach, writer, workshop leader, the owner of Pure Truth Life Coaching, and the co-owner of the Life Improvement Center of New Jersey in Raritan, NJ, where he sees coaching clients and teaches classes. He is the author of the upcoming book, "Any Day Inspiration", and works with clients of all ages on reaching their inner and outer goals and moving towards truth in all aspects of their lives. His specialized focus on examining and healing false and destructive beliefs, personal and spiritual growth, forgiveness, and on looking deep within helps inspire clients to see themselves and their problems- large and small- from more expansive and healed perspectives. His own deep spiritual journey into truth and healing has led him to a life dedicated to helping others heal, grow, and better their lives from the inside-out, and connect with the wholeness that abides deep within themselves. He has a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Montclair State University and is currently completing his Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology, and will also soon be a licensed psychotherapist. He worked as a public school and adult school educator for 7 years, teaching American History, Psychology, and Sociology, which has given him keen insight into people’s different learning styles. His approach with clients is a motivational, inspirational, healing, intelligent, and clear one that provides excellent and perceptive insights to meet goals and helps solve many life dilemmas. His host of inner healing techniques and “life action strategies” are tailored for each client and their individual situation. Justin can be reached directly at his office at (908) 203-0037 or at You can also visit his website at

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Winter 2008

Is Bio-Resonance Energy Coaching st a 21 Century “Magic Bullet?”

What Are People Saying About MARCI® ?:

by Cecelia H. Inwentarz What’s a Magic Bullet, you say? Accord i n g t o Wikipedia, in one definition, it is something that has a direct, immediate and powerful effect or influence on behavioral change. Biochemists who specialized in metabolic research always laughed at dieters who believed that one little pill, that “Magic Bullet,” could ever permanently end all of their problems. Impossible! Today, given this definition of a direct, immediate and powerful effect, B i o -Resonance Energy Coaching is truly a 21st Century Magic Bullet for behavioral change! The Bio-Resonance Energy Coaching is a rapid release therapy for anger, fear, negative emotions and problematic conditioning. It is easy and completely natural. In ju s t a two- hour session, you can eliminate many of your negative beliefs holding you back from just being the best you can be. Traditional Coaching and Psychotherapy, while helpful, require multiple sessions at a minimum, and often years to get to the root cause. While these disciplines are effective approaches to slowly convincing your mind to accept new approaches to life, unless you experience a Miracle or BornAgain Epiphany, nothing can so rapidly release your fears…until now. And these therapies almost never eliminate our vast, underlying unconscious cultural

or childhood abusive conditioning that has contributed so greatly to human distress. Why choose The Wavem a k e r B i o -Resonance Energy Coaching? The sessions are customized to your expressed needs relative to the 12 Common Dynamics of Emotional Conditioning and include the special Workshops options to help you create Extraordinary Prosperity and Positive Relationships. The Coaching Sessions use The Wavemaker Brand, calibrated to Human Emotions of BioResonance Technology, developed in Germany and widely used by Medical Professionals throughout Europe for over 35 years. T h e Wavemaker scans for your body’s low frequency energy when skilled coaching quickly brings it to your attention. It inverts your unwanted energy to create the opposing energy and immediately and effectively cancels out negative energy waves that hold all conditioned responses in place. While unique, this natural electromagnetic technology safely operates using battery power, similar to Bio-Feedback Devices or the Bose Headsets used on airlines, which allow you to hear beautiful music while canceling out the rumbling low frequency surrounding engine noise. As a key part of your customized Energy Coaching Session, you also learn to use the Core Release Technique to rapidly release fear and pain stored within your continued on next page



“MARCI is a great tool in looking at an industry that needs to be tended to by looking within our own gardens and within an industry that needs to come together rather than segregate, which we have seen happen within families, communities, and within a world that is so diverse.”

Winter 2008

HMN Member


body from past traumatic experiences. This technique frees you from automatically flying into rage over life's circumstances out of pure habit, which keeps you from living your best life. Eliminating your automatic angry reaction gives you back your Energetic Power to make a better choice to react differently and improve your closest relationships. We are blessed to have Ancient wisdoms whispered to apprentices survive over the centuries to teach us Universal Truths and to show us how to recapture our Personal Power. But the Ancients never envisioned the Over-Stimulation of the Modern Mind.

It’s going to take a 21st Century Magic Bullet to clear away the clutter collected in our lifetimes. And it’s right here, right now in Morris Plains, New Jersey. Cecelia Inwentarz, HMN Member and a Member of the Association of BioResonance and Bio-Feedback Practitioners (ABBA). She has studied the Core Dynamics System, with Tom Stone, Founder, and is trained to utilize The WaveMaker Bio-Resonance Scanner to facilitate rapid Release of Emotions and Conditioning. As a Usui Shiko Ryoho Reiki Master/Teacher and a Bio-Genesis Crystal Energy Practitioner, Cecelia employs these Positive Energies to her Coaching Practice. Additionally, Cecelia is a Medical Marketing Consultant and works with Holistic and Traditional Health Professionals to provide Prevention and Optimal Health to their clients. This profitable, turnkey business solution works in harmony with an established Practice and consists of Customized Websites and Client Referral Programs and includes Isotonic nutraMetrix Nutraceuticals, GeneSNP DNA Analysis, and Transitions Lifestyle Dietary Programs. In 2003, she launched Zone Cuisine, a NYC delivery system of The Zone Diet by New York Times Best-selling author, Dr. Barry Sears. Prior, she consulted to Fortune 100 companies as an IBM Business Intelligence Consultant. She has a 25+ year track record of marketing success creating and executing Business Plans for Fortune 50 Corporations (Unileaver/Best Foods, Domino Sugar) and Start-Up Businesses. She received a BS, Summa Cum Laude in Marketing and an MBA, Cum Laude in Finance from Fairleigh Dickinson University, Madison, NJ. Cecelia is married to Sy, CIO, Bowker Digital Publishing. They have one son, Brian Charles. www.EnergyCoach.Us 973.879.2402 HMN - MARCI


THE TALE OF THE LONE GARBAGE CAN by Christine Clifton I live in a townhome community in NJ. When I first moved here, I was hopeful to find a built- in community full of activities. I was amazed to find that, because of my work, school and social schedule, I hardly even knew my next door neighbor's names. I saw that they were really busy, too. From time to time we crossed paths, gave a friendly wave, and kept on our respective ways. Then, there was the garbage can. My garbage can. The ONLY garbage can left at the curb when I got home from whatever I was doing. For some reason, it really irked me that no one pulled my garbage can back to my house. Why was someone bringing back the cans for everyone else but not me? Wait a minute....Why is it that I thought I was being treated differently? A victim mentality; a sure sign that I was feeling isolated. So, after getting over feeling slighted, I decided that I wanted to be the person who brought back my neighbors' cans from the curb. So now, whenever possible, I gleefully pull back garbage cans from the curb for my neighbors. It feels really fun to think of them coming into their driveways and seeing the can already at their garage door. One less thing to do, drag the can back to the house. Who did this for me? I imagine them looking around, seeing other cans still on the curb, and theirs not. Why did they do this for me? You know those insurance commercials that show people witnessing random acts of kindness, then paying it forward by doing a good deed for someone else? I tell you, I'm a sap, and those commercials do to me what the Hallmark commercials used to-----bring up great emotion because of the meaningful interaction between people. continued on next page

Winter 2008

It speaks to the 'E' in my CARE mission · statement: Engagement. [Visit my website ·, and look at the top right to see my full mission.] In this day and age of technology, we are becoming more and more isolated. At work, we often are the only ones who do · exactly what we do. We telecommute. We're elderly. We're solopreneurs. We marathon- · commute. We're stay at home parents. We're latch-key kids. We're screen-and-wire bound (TV, cell phone, PDA, computer, iPod®). We can get anything we want without leaving the house-----delivered to our door, and sometimes with free shipping! What we can't get delivered to us is 'community'. It won't fall through our roof, we have to go out, find it or create it, and participate in it. Perhaps my weekly garbage can escapades don't mean a lot, but they do to me. It's one small way I can do something for others that just might make them feel special. My next idea? A monthly afternoon tea at my house for those in my townhome community who are living or working at home during the day. What do you do to build community? It doesn't have to take much time. What is within your sphere of influence? It doesn't have to be big. It's the little things that can mean the most. Start at home, with yourself and your family, and community will sprout from there.

Here are a few ideas from me: Choose someone you would have emailed and call them on the phone instead Have dinner together as a family at least once per week Start a Meetup group Eat your lunch with your colleagues Practice random acts of kindness

Here are a few ideas from a bookmark published by the Syracuse Cultural Workers (SCW): · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·

Turn off your TV Leave your house Know your neighbors Look up when you are walking Greet people Sit on your stoop Plant flowers Use your library Play together Buy from local merchants Pick up litter Have pot lucks Help carry something heavy Bake extra and share Ask for help

Visit the SCW, a peace and justice publisher and distributor, for more 'building community' products and resources at:

The Photography of DIANE BOSE

Electromagnetic Pollution…


Are you at Risk? by INGRID WERNER

o you use a cell phone, cordless phone, or computer? Do your children use Game Boy/PlayStation? Do you use a microwave oven? If your answer is yes, there are several things you need to know:

Talking 500 minutes per month on a cell phone increases the probability of brain cancer by 140%. | Men who regularly carry their mobiles near the groin, on a belt or in a pocket could potentially have their sperm count reduced by as much as 30 percent. | There are 30,000 to 50,000 new cases of brain and eye cancer each year worldwide attributed to Cell Phone usage. | Teenagers talk on cell phones an average of 2,600 minutes per month. | Since 2005, there have been 7 state class action lawsuits, and 2 workman’s compensation lawsuits brought against various wireless equipment manufacturers and employers. | In new Verizon contracts ----in fine print – upon signing the contract, the customer is asked to agree not to sue the Cell Phone Maker or participate in a Class Action Lawsuit. | Lloyd’s of London, one of the world’s largest insurance companies, refuses insurance coverage to cell phone and power generating companies against damage to workers’ and consumers’ health.

At BioPro Technology, we care about you and your health and understand the health risks of living in the modern world. We have committed ourselves to providing the most advanced, scientifically substantiated technologies and products to deal with the problem of Electropollution. What you need to protect yourself is a Cell Chip for your cell phones, PDAs or Bluetooth, and a Universal Chip for your computer, TVs and other electronic equipment. Our state-ofthe-art products are powered with two highly innovative and scientifically substantiated technologies: a patented noise field technology called Molecular Resonance Effect Technology (MRET) and a proprietary subtle energy technology called Energy Resonance Technology (ERT). Many medical experts are calling Electropollution the greatest health risk of the 21st Century! They believe the stress caused to our bodies from it has the potential to impact all aspects of life at the molecular, cellular, biochemical, and physiological levels and suggest finding viable products to reduce our exposure and our body’s response to this toxin. For further information contact Ingrid Werner, HMN Member, at 201-871-3811 or See ad on back cover of this edition of MARCI®


Therapeutic Salt Crystal Lights from the Himalayas These magnificent natural rock salt lamps are 250 – 500 million years old. The rock salt is mined at the foothills of the Himalayas in Pakistan and Kashmir and hand-hewn into various shapes and sizes. The electrical unit at the bottom houses a 15 Watt bulb which lights and warms the salt light. When they are lit they release a constant stream of lifeenhancing negative ions, you may call “The Vitamins of the Air,” which clean the air of electromagnetic smog. They lower the electromagnetic fields radiated by most appliances, e.g. a computer radiates 2-5 milligauss 36 inches away. The EPA proposes a safe level of electromagnetic frequency exposure of one milligauss. Dr. Andrew Weil said, “Electromagnetic pollution may be the most significant form of pollution human activity has produced in this century, all the more dangerous because it is invisible and insensible”. continued on next page


Winter 2008

Computers and TV’s emit electromagnetic frequencies of 100160 Hz. Our brain waves however, vibrate at only 8 Hz. The result is a lack of concentration, nervousness, and insomnia. Furthermore, the body produces additional free radicals which, among other things, can cause cancer. We spend 80% of our lives in closed environments with 200 negative ions per cubic centimeter. At the beach, in the mountains, near a waterfall, or after a thunderstorm you find an abundance of negative ions, as many as 10,000 per cubic centimeter. Even when you take a shower, you feel the invigorating effect of the water. A salt crystal light is a calming night light for children and adults, especially people with respiratory problems or sleep disorders, as you can see in the testimonials on our website. Various colors, ranging from apricot to orange to red, have a positive therapeutic effect on our moods and emotions. Surprisingly, the tea lights emit more negative ions than one might suspect. That is because the little candle produces a column of warm air which is immediately dispersed into the room where you are sitting. Salt Crystal Lights are hygroscopic, i.e. they attract humidity from the air. They should be turned on most of the time especially during high humidity days to prevent “sweating.” That way they will stay dry. You can clean them easily with the vacuum cleaner brush or a dry dust cloth. Call 201-658-2448 or visit:

Announcements New to the Board is Vivian Sartoretto representing Membership; Michelle Zanoni representing our Chapter Facilitators; Justin Buffer representing MARCI® and our Members, and Chuck Davis who brings his Business and Marketing skills to the Board. Pam Capaci has served on the Board for the past year, showing her expertise in running a non-profit organization. We are sad to see her leave the Board, but are happy that she is following her calling. Diane Bose served as Manager of Operations & Support. She basically did everything imaginable that was needed-----without ever complaining. She will missed, but we are glad to know that she is pursuing her own career as a massage therapist. Vilasi Venkatachalam has served the Holistic Mentorship Network as previous Board Member and Morristown Chapter Facilitator. Although, she needed to leave those roles to pursue her career in nutrition, Ancient Wisdom, Modern Solutions, Vilasi continues to support the organization in her role as Creative Events Director. The Holistic Mentorship Network had three events in 2008 that were all successful in many ways, with thanks to Vilasi for sharing her ideas that are constantly flowing and freely given.

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Donna Price for her continued role as Board Secretary. Donna had been my Coach and Mentor in the very beginning when I was working on a workshop called MARCI; before the Holistic Mentorship Network was even a thought. She has been a dedicated Board Member for the last 2 years and has served as Co- facilitator for the Northwest NJ Chapter for 2 years. George Degan for serving on the Board and bringing his strong background in Business and Marketing. Gregg Taylor, the Editor of MARCI, for creating the new format and logo design.

...You have all been a blessing in the life of the Holistic Mentorship Network and MARCI. Share your milestones with our readers! Send them to:

The Holistic Mentorship Network’s Board of Trustees has defined a holistic practitioner as Any practitioner who offers a therapeutic approach intended to treat health issues or conditions through a process that views the physical, emotional, energetic, and spiritual aspects of existence as co-equal in addressing health and illness‌Any practitioner who seeks to address health conditions in terms of the "whole person" rather than that of disorders affecting or confined to only specific functional parts, systems, components, or organs-----could be considered a candidate to become a member in our Holistic Mentorship Network.

Holistic Mentorship Network 956 Ridge Road Newton, NJ 07860

MARCI Winter 08  

MARCI Winter 08

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