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Income and Rent: A look at a NYC decade by:Joanna Chisolm

Who remembers this guy?!

Project Scope:

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To review Income and Rent levels in a ten year span. 2000-2010. to look for a single possible indicator of a changing neighborhood , in one borough; Brooklyn.

Where am I going?!?!?

Indicator: Commercial Area

• Here comes the neighborhood???! • I chose to look at the commercial area in •

Brooklyn.(all the new hot spots are there) Comparing the commercial area from 2000 and 2011 to see if there was significant growth and if it runs parallel to an increase in rent.

Final Thoughts: -Only checked one borough a wider look may net different results. -What are some other indicators that may tell us why neighborhoods change?

Income and Rent: A look at NYC over a decade  

Looking at 2000 and 2010 income levels and rent rates, to see how much they have changed, or not.

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