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missions for the rest of us

first edition 2010

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Decisions, decisions… transforming > lives and communities

consider yourself invited for this summer’s action!

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2 • • transforming lives and communities •

We also recruit…vehicles! missions for the rest of us first edition 2010 © 2010 by OM Canada Publication Mail Agreement No. 40009991 Publisher: OM Canada 84 West Street, Port Colborne, ON L3K 4C8 Tel. (905) 835-2546 Fax (905) 835-2533 Canadian Director: Harvey Thiessen Board Chair: David Healey Editor & Designer: Greg Kernaghan Our Purpose OM’s role in the body of Christ is to motivate, develop and equip people for world evangelization, and to strengthen and help plant churches, especially among the unreached. Our Vision • Focusing on the unreached • Partnering with churches • Caring for our members • Training & equipping world Christians • Mobilizing the next generation • Globalizing our ministry • Strengthening our organization Our Core Values • Knowing & glorifying God • Living in submission to God’s Word • Being people of grace & integrity • Serving sacrificially • Loving & valuing people • Evangelizing the world • Reflecting the diversity of the body of Christ • Global intercession • Esteeming the church Stewardship Policy The spending of funds is confined to agencyapproved programs and purchases. Each gift designated toward an approved program will be used for that program with the understanding that, when any given need has been met, designated gifts will be used where needed most. Gifts are acknowledged and, where appropriate, an official receipt for tax purposes is issued.

OM Canada needs a small fleet of dependable, useful vehicles for our ministry and for workers on furlough to operate efficiently and cost-effectively. We maintain our vehicles carefully for maximum lifespan. Right now, we need one or two (preferably) late-model vans or other vehicles for transporting goods and people, airport shuttles and more. If you’d like to commission your vehicle in this way, contact Harold Coles (; 1–877–487–7777). Tax receipts are available.

Catering & Hospitality • Communications • IT • Evangelism • Finance • Leadership Literature • Marine • Medical • Office/Admin • Personnel • Relief & Development Teaching • Publishing • Technical…and more!

As you consider partnering with OM Canada to see people come to know Jesus and bring transformation to their communities, our development department has recently added exciting options through a partnership with another charitable organization, Link Charity. This charity has been set up solely to facilitate giving in forms other than using a chequing account or credit card. Some of the areas we can assist you in are the following: • Gifts of securities • Charitable Gift Annuities • RRSP/RRIF gifting • Wills (using Link Charity as the distributor) By using Link Charity as a conduit for these types of gifts, you receive one receipt, enabling you to give strategically to charities of your choice with a single gift. We would like to send you further information regarding this opportunity. We invite you to partner with us to expand the work of God around the world through the OM family of ministries. Please call us at 1-877-487-7777 and ask for the development department, or email us at To find out more about Link Charity, go to or call 1-800-387-8146. You will find OM Canada under the sponsoring charities. Douglas Braaten

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Mission is Life, and Life is complicated he world of mission is an increasingly complex mosaic of strategy, people, agencies, denominations, opportunities and challenges—even within OM. How does one meld together more than 6000 people from all walks of life (rich, middle class and poor) and nationalities (112)—never mind different ethnicities within nations and denominational heritages? It’s not just ‘who’ but also ‘how’: integrating strategies such as Business as Mission, relief and development, proclamation evangelism, justice advocacy, education, literature, media and even ships adds more colour (and complexity by a magnitude). A large proportion of OMers originate in the Global South1. Even in Canada, 40% of our OMers were born in traditional ‘receiving nations’. A new picture of “who’s who” in missions is rapidly evolving as clear, geographical distinctions of the past fade into a blurred Rorschach inkblot. While geography still describes mission objectives (‘here’ and ‘there’), it is becoming less distinct. Massive people migration, the rapid advance of of new ways of message delivery (i.e. downloading entire Arabic Bibles onto cell phones),

and the explosive growth of the Church in new places means that, like it or not, missions is changing. But we like it!

To the ends of Earth …or how about Winnipeg? Adding to the complexity, why are we, as an overseas mission, involved in Toronto and Winnipeg this year? It’s not complicated: all of the above means that networks in Canada directly affect Pakistan, Yemen, India and the world. When we share the Good News with a South Asian in any large Canadian city, that translates directly into the Gospel affecting villages in Pakistan. Many Canadian Christians I meet are afraid of the Muslim migration to Canada; I see it as an opportunity to spread the Good News to countries where it is still difficult to preach openly. To stir the pot, this past year OM merged with an indigenous African mission, Pro Christo. While OM has long promoted the emergence of new sending nations and indigenous workers, we need to go further in a new era of collaboration that recognizes the strength and gifts of every participant in the Kingdom of God. Working together doesn’t merely mean that one sends the money

1. The North-South Divide (or Rich-Poor Divide) is a socio-economic and political division that exists between wealthy developed countries, known collectively as ‘the North’, and poorer least-developed countries, or ‘the South’. The divide is not wholly defined by geography. The North is home to four out of five permanent members of the UN Security Council and all members of the G8. As nations become economically developed, they may become part of the ‘North’, regardless of location, while other nations which do not qualify for ‘developed’ status are in effect deemed to be part of the ‘South’.

Harvey Thiessen Who knows what the Lord wants to do through us —all of us—in 2010? while the other preaches. True collaboration is much more rich and wonderful, a symbiotic relationship that celebrates one another’s abilities and insight. Who knows what the Lord wants to do through us—all of us—in 2010? Our goal is that the Lord Jesus would rule in our lives. The mosaic of how this is fleshed out will be even more colourful and interesting a year from now. In the first months, we have already celebrated of a full year of ministry with the Logos Hope, where more than 500,000 visitors came aboard (many others were ministered to in the context of street meetings, church, hospital and school visits). I hope that you can anticipate with me that God will surprise us this year— and that you will be part of it!

LESS TALK, MORE WALK 5 days with OM Canada staff to GET READY for wherever God is leading you in mission. Learn about OM ministries, core values, building a prayer/financial support team and more. You’ll be stretched, encouraged and READY for the next step. $100/person includes meals, lodging and materials. Space is limited, so contact CJ Thiessen: or Anesta van Beusekom: September; 1–877–487–7777 15–19, 2010

4 • • transforming lives and communities •

Make this the summer that changes everything! 4 Winnipeg

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Winnipeg & Toronto are home to the world’s different cultures—a unique opportunity for followers of Jesus to model the love of Christ to every nation.

4 Toronto g in DS k a m IEN FR




4 Mediterranean Have a seat. Give your time. Learn some phrases. Drink some tea.

OM’s Winnipeg/Toronto Challenges are a natural step forward for you and your church to embrace and connect with world mission! Stop dreaming about missions far away: you can start at home this summer!

Hear his story. Share your hope. Pack your bag

Get hands-on experience in cross-cultural ministry that you can apply in your own neighbourhood.

and join us in July. It’s time!

July 19–24 • Rome, Italy

4 visit major religious sites and learn about other faiths and cultures 4 receive training in sharing your faith— and put it into practice with your team daily TORONTO: July 3–11 • $220 • July 3–17 • $380 Apply by: May14 WINNIPEG: July 17–25 • $220 Apply by: May28 Cost does not include travel to and from outreach city. Space is limited!

Groups welcome!

Five days of worship, training, teaching and team building with a purpose: to GO! Ministry teams will focus on sports, arts, immigrants, traveling teams, 24/7 prayer teams, medical teams, English classes, serving alongside long-term workers and more. Join us for two, three, four or seven weeks (including conference and travel) or even six months. Further details and costs available at

messengers of hope to the mediterranean nations

Info & applications: Cory Thiessen • 1–877–487–7777 • Publication Mail Agreement No. 40009991

missions for the rest of us

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