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Dauis Bohol

the name "Dauis"

"It's awkward to talk about a

was founded by an American who happened to pass by a shore where he saw a fisherman fishing with a hook, line and bobber. The fisherman was chest deep in the water and would cast his line out into the sea and when the fish were caught, the fisherman would pull on the line made a sound like "weese", at which time the fisherman said "daui" which in the native language was telling the American that he had caught a fish. So the American said this place is "Dauis" because of the "weese" and "daui" from the fisherman.

'relationship with nature,'

because the statement itself implies that nature is something

different or separated from us.

The roots of sustainable culture are in experiences where we are neither opposing nature nor trying to be in

Mayor and Vice Mayor

communion with it, but rather finding

ourselves within it." 足 Jonathan White

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inexperienceswhere weareneither opposingnaturenor tryingtobein communionwithit, butratherfinding ourselveswithinit." MayorandViceMayor wasfo...