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Become A Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 Dealer Canada If you’re interested in your bottom line, then selling Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2 is your ticket. With the release of the upgraded software this year, over 180,000 physicians are already interested in taking advantage of the enhanced features that will allow them to become even more efficient in the use of their EMRs. Medical practices with 24 physicians or less who have not already integrated Dragon Medical Practice Edition as a conduit to an effective workflow will likely be open to learning more about the software that is changing the way their colleagues practice medicine. When you become a Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 dealer in Canada you will quickly learn that the technology sells itself. Progressive features that eliminate the use of redundant keystrokes and mouse clicks with simple voice commands - preconfigured based on each physician’s style of dictation and unique preferences for creating patient records - are extremely attractive. When the reseller can produce evidence of a quick and exponentially high ROI, medical practices are more than willing to invest in Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2. Following the initial investment, physicians will be eager to advance their progress and EMR functionality with upgrades, the reinstatement of software licenses, and dictation accessories that empower their clinical documentation with the meaningful use substance that delivers higher reimbursements. Resellers of Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 will have more opportunity to profit as their customers become more productive and successful. If you already have a customer base that uses Dragon Medical Practice Edition, the door is open for you to become a resource for upgraded software and consultation on additional solutions that compliment the new technology. Your goal is to show customers how you can save them the valuable time and money that makes their practice more efficient. Reselling Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 is the best way to do that.

Become a dragon medical practice edition 2 dealer canada  
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