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by Wendy Struck

“Meseum”, the Visual Communications Graduating Art/Design Show showcases 21 art and design student’s final work. This year’s exhibit centered on the individual student and its theme is simply, Me. The event’s promotional material states “It is essential that each student/artist enter into the mystery of their own existence and unique identity”. The graduating students have spent the past three years involved in understanding an array of visual concepts and technical processes.

Largest selection of landscape materials. Pg. 6

landscape rock

Graduate Shelby Lynn, from Calgary, created “Wish You Were Here”, a series of postcards, with a twist from the traditional. Shelby created the postcards to represent experiences instead of places. The piece is an installation of sorts with a large frame surrounding four rows of wire, each with three postcards hung from a clothespin. Under the frame sits an old hard shell suitcase filled with postcards and an invitation to “help yourself to a souvenir”. I gladly took one with a young woman gazing into a mirror; in shadowy low light and grainy texture, she seems to be putting on her pearls, getting ready for a night out in a sequined dress. On the back of the card it reads “Greetings from Glamour Girl, Calgary Alberta” and below that, in hand printing “I can never decide what to wear when I see you, xox”. It brought to mind my own rituals of readying for an event, changing from skirt to dress, excited to see an old friend. Each

postcard depicts a figure within a specific context. Shelby used both friends and models as characters in her narratives, and her own memory and experiences for inspiration. She explained that her process was a departure from contemporary photography practice, in that she shot the images using film, which was then scanned and printed. This more indirect process created the gritty texture giving the images an aged look and a reference to memory. Shelby is proud of the quality of the piece and says the “Me” theme of the exhibition allowed her an intriguing time of self-exploration and gave her a better understanding of past experiences. She chose Medicine Hat College’s visual arts program because it gave her the opportunity to study both Graphic Design and Fine Art, something that is not available in similar programs at other institutions. She is optimistic about her future, with a goal to do editorial photography for a magazine.

purposely worked to capture the character and honesty of each individual, using particular lighting and format. She feels her photography has improved greatly over the last year of the program and is excited about a promising future. Brandy will be attending Emily Carr University of Art + Design in the fall to obtain a bachelor degree. She plans to continue her education with a master’s degree and would like to follow in the footsteps of her influences, Martin Schoeller and Annie Leibovitz, who are known for their celebrity portraits. She dreams of living where all the action is, in New York City. Congratulations to Shelby Lynn, Brandy Naroznick, and all 21 graduating students. Be sure to attend the “Meseum” exhibition in the Centennial Hall at the College, 299 College Drive SE. The exhibition runs until April 25th.

Brandy Naroznick, another young photographer, worked for a year after high school before entering the program. She had photography experience through working with her mother, Brenda, which she felt gave her an abundance of skills. After the year had passed, she felt she could benefit from the visual communications program. Brandy’s digital work “Untitled” is a series of eight 16 x 24 inch portraits of her instructors at the college. The portraits are framed in black, hung closely side by side. Eight faces peer at the viewer; some seem amused, others are more serious. The size of the images with their style of stark realism breathes life into the portraits and their steady gazes confront us. They are clear and sharp, each image contrasting the next with varied expressions and the wonderful idiosyncrasies that make us all unique. Brandy Pg. 7

Community Realty


Time to Retire? $$$$$$$

The amount you need!

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WALLPAPER is BACK! By Leslie Cochrane, Loft 3 Design Company

We all remember the tacky wall coverings of the ‘60s and ‘70s that gave wallpaper a bad name and made it a definite style no-no for decades – awful patterns on shoddily printed paper in a vulgar selection of colours – a true design nightmare. However, the new strain of modern wallpaper can be likened to fashion for the home; wallpaper’s image has received an incredibly exciting makeover to become a must-have feature for any modern interior composition. Today’s wallpaper is at the forefront of the freshest and trendiest interior design fashions and can be used to great effect when decorating your home. Modern wallpaper not only looks and feels good, but it can really uplift and inspire, and introduce a sense of style and design to any interior space. Wallpaper can add texture and depth to a room – even the most subtle texture or pattern can add the illusion of depth and warmth that paint cannot. Wallpapers that are inspired by historic archived designs are very much in vogue. Although these designs are traditional, they are far from being old-fashioned. Instead, they have been given a contemporary twist by using modern hues and finishes. For example Damask wallpaper is very fashionable today, but with a modern edge – the design could be slightly raised and printed in a high-sheen metallic gold on a matt brown background for example. Alternatively, it could be printed in black in a raised and textured faux velvet, on a glossy red background. The use of a combination of metallics and archived designs has become a very fashionable wallpaper trend, and aside from the traditional metallics, we are

also seeing more pearlised and iridescent inks, and designs printed with high gloss sheen. Big, blowsy floral prints are a key look in modern interiors. As an update on the traditional flowered wallpapers, these prints are by no means solely suitable to country- and cottage-styles. They are big, bold and bright– yet they remain surprisingly versatile. These oversized floral prints can look good in both large and small rooms; the trick is choosing the right colour – for smaller rooms, choose soft colours to stop the paper from seeming visually overpowering, and for larger rooms, choose colours that are bold with bright accents. Also, when decorating a room with these designs, be sure to counterbalance the décor scheme with a lot of plain surfaces. Including a number of large pieces, such as a sofa or cabinet for example, in one of the colours featured in the wallpaper will help to create a more balanced aesthetic. Most rooms are better suited to a bold pattern rather than a small one - especially if you are aiming for a contemporary look. An entire room papered in a bold print can be overwhelming though so I would suggest you use wallpaper on one accent wall and paint the remaining walls in a co-ordinating color. It will not only look better but will save time and money too. Check out Loft 3 Design Company to view our selection of wall coverings or browse thousands of patterns and colour options online at www. Pg. 9

May 2013 Article | by Dr. Jason Schnieder

The LAWS of NATURE Chronic illness along with more complex and aggressive new diseases has been on an incline over the past several decades. Our life expectancy with all the advancements in modern medicine has increased to 80 years in Canada. But unfortunately our quality of health, especially in our later years has gotten worse. Have you noticed that very few people today die of natural causes? We have allowed the high paced, high stressed, instant gratification society we live in to erode our basic needs for balance (in all aspects of our lives) and violate the laws of nature. We have forgotten to nurture and respect ourselves and that our wellness is an evolutionary journey of self-discovery, not a final destination. If you find yourself drudging along, feeling lost with not hope or Life’s Purpose, it is time to make a change. This change must take you outside of your familiar zone (I never like the phrase “comfort zone” when it rarely is a comfortable place to be). Why? This is best state by Dr. Albert Einstein, “The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.” Therefore, our course has to change to bring forth a new result. The laws of nature have not changed in the last 200 years and most likely since the dawn of human-kind. These laws cannot be broken, compromised or altered. If these laws are not adhered to, our health and well-being will begin a decline and fall out of balance. Therefore, our first step should always be to re-establish our connection with the natural laws.

The Laws of Nature 1. Sleep Hygiene: Our body heals when we sleep. If our circadian (sleep) rhythm is out of balance (no routine), we do not heal. The worst invention of modern time has been the street lights or any other night light. Our eyelids are semitransparent and the slightest of light (i.e. alarm clock, light from under the door, light from outside our windows) can disrupt our sleep for an entire night.

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• •

Get to sleep before 11 pm every night (build routine). Sleep in complete darkness.

2. Breathing (deep): We can go about 4-6 minutes without oxygen before brain damage occurs. Breathing oxygenates our cells and removes carbon dioxide (CO2). Oxygen is essential for the production of 90% of our energy. Improper breathing will result in anxiety and panic, while proper breathing will deeply oxygenate our tissues and bring calm over us all. I would conclude breathing is essential for our health, well-being and survival. • • •

Deep breathing for 10 minutes (at one time) every day. Inhale normally filling your lungs fully and deeply then exhale slowly, repeat cycle. Best if done through your nose, your nose warms the air which is better for your lungs.

3. Movement: We must move, our bodies demand it. Sedentary lifestyles result is a faster degeneration (break-down) of our health physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. This doesn’t mean you go run a marathon each day, just move (i.e. walk). •

30 minutes every day (doesn’t have to be all at one time).

4. Grounding (Earthing): This concept may seem new but it is not. Grounding is to balance your energy/electrical systems like the electrical outlets in your home. What happens to a light bulb that is not grounded correctly… it surges and burns out then the bulb must be replace to start this cycle over again. Unfortunately we are not light bulbs and cannot replace ourselves, so we must ground ourselves. Visit for more information about grounding. • •

With no shoes on (rubber soles insulate and separate us from the Earth and grounding), go outside and stand or move on the bare ground or concrete for 30 minutes. Go to to purchase products to aid in grounding (i.e. Earthing bed sheet). [Note: I have no financial affiliation with this company; they just make great products that work].

TEAM Sunshine (outside): Have you ever noticed how good the sun feels on your skin, not only the warmth but how you feel mentally and emotionally. Sunlight is the other part of rebuilding our routine and rhythm. It is the yang to our sleep yin. The sun has great healing power beyond vitamin D. • • 6.


Outside for 30 minutes every day (no sunscreen), before 12 pm or after 3 pm. Sunscreen with an SPF greater than 15 will block 90% of your vitamin D production.

Water: Our bodies are made up of ~70% water, similar to the earth’s surface. Water is the next essential support, after oxygen, we require. We can only survive up to 7 days without water. Without water, we cannot metabolize fats, fully utilize fat-soluble nutrients and most importantly thermo-regulate (maintain body temperature). • •


Insurance & Financial Services

Drink 2 – 4 Litres/day (depending on level of perspiration). Drink only filtered forms.

Fever: A fever is the thermometer of the immune system. A fever is our body’s way to fight infections by creating an unfavourable environment for the infectious material. A healthy fever is a sign of a properly responding immune system. The belief we should never get sick (i.e. cold or flu) or suppress a fever is incorrect and dangerous. Our immune function must be tested every year to ensure it is working proficiently and is continually updating itself to be ready for the next insult.

Question: A person who never gets sick anymore and do not have fevers, are they healthy? No, I am very concerned because their immune system is not responding anymore and this says to me they are in serious trouble of developing or have developed a serious and chronic illness. • • •

Simplified insurance and financial solutions for the energy industry. • General Liability • Disability Insurance • Health & Dental Plans Thomson-schindle-Green insurance & Financial services ltd.

#100 chinook Place, downtown medicine hat

(403) 526-3283

Toll-Free: 1-800-830-9423



Dangerous fever: >40°C [>104°F], must bring down to healthy range. Healthy, effective fever: 38.8 – 39.4°C [102 – 103°F]. Ineffective, low-grade fever: 37.2 – 38.3°C [99 – 101°F].

When a fever is suppressed (lowered below 38.8oC), it creates a perfect growing environment for bacteria and viruses. This action will allow the infection to linger longer and keep smoldering under the surface. You are going against your body’s natural law and distorting its balance. 8.

Diet: We all must eat to survive. What we eat can have great benefit or consequences to our health. Unfortunately, today’s food quality is very low, from the poor quality, overused soil, the use of petroleum based fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides, genetic modification of plants and the practice of picking non-ripened food for shipping. Then there is all the chemical additives use to make processed foods that place an increased demand on our bodies to digest.

Question: Do we need to supplement our nutritional needs or is our food enough? For all the reasons above and many more, we do need extra supplementation just to ensure we are meeting our nutritional requirements and with our increased stress demand of modern day life, we should be exceeding our nutritional requirements. • • •

Determine and eliminate food sensitivities and allergies. Supplement needed nutritional support lacking in our present day dietary habits. Eating as much organic and free-range whole foods as possible

Medicine Hat and south-east Alberta’s ONLY Naturopathic Doctor is: Dr. Jason Schnieder Pg. 11

Fitness & Lifestyle Coaching with by Nathalie Pepin

Personal Health and Fitness Journey Interview This past February, I’d asked several clients, friends, associates and family if they wanted to share their story about their health and fitness journey. This ongoing interview process has been an honour and an eye opener for me. Each person has their own struggles, frustrations, triumphs and glory. It’s cool to be a part of them. My goal is to share these experiences so that others can relate. Hope and the knowledge that these health and fitness goals ARE POSSIBLE can have positive effects on many. Some of the goals were: lose body fat, increase muscle, changes to lifestyle, quit smoking, changes to diet, increase water intake, improve energy, improved daily function, pick up grandchild, see one’s toes, fit into specific clothing item, sleep better, run a marathon, be more flexible etc... Thank you so much to each of you who agreed to sharing your heart’s joys, your fears and your humour!

Interview with Blair Daffy, Owner/Op at Absolute Signs

Feeling really good. Losing 1-2 pounds per week.

you become accustomed to eating. (My biggest weakness is bacon. LOL)

When I first met Blair this past December, I was looking to find someone to make fancy stickers for my car. I was thrilled to meet someone who’s right passionate about his healthy nutrition choices. Blair was quick to agree to doing an interview for this blog. That and he did a damn fine job pimpin’ out my ride.

What do you love about your overall health today?

Who has been or is your biggest cheering section?

I have the energy to get up and not drag my feet throughout the day. Positive Attitude.

I think I have been my biggest cheering section because I’m empowering myself. After each hurdle I seem to feed off of the accomplishment and this is what adds to the will power to continue on. Of course the compliments from my wife and the lady at the grocery store wondering “how do you eat all those vegetables” 

When you meet Blair, you immediately see the vibrancy in his personality, his enthusiastic approach to his work and his contagious overall energy! Blair’s personal journey to a healthier self has just begun. So far, he’s lost 30 lbs and quit smoking 8 months ago. Huge successes! You gotta love a dude who’s got his very own rescue critter living in his shop. I met Blair’s tiny, orange cat named Ally. When Blair and I spoke of his choice not to ‘’eat things that have a face’’... well, one look at Ally and her unquestionable adoration for humans spoke volumes as to where Blair was coming from. He is an avid juicer and supporter of healthy food choices in order to achieve overall wellness. The following is what Blair had to tell me about his personal journey in making lifestyle changes.

What are your stats? 31 years old, male, married with no kids. I am owner/operator of Absolute Signs.

To get where you are at, you must have started somewhere... how long ago and what got you started on your health and fitness journey? I started only 1 year ago now, and it just started with changing the food I ate, as well as juicing green veggies and drinking that throughout the day.

What is the one thing you are most amazed at that you have learned about yourself with regards to succeeding with your goals? I’ve learned that there is A LOT more willpower inside of us than we give ourselves credit for.

Speaking of which, what is your current goal and your next big step? I’m not planning too far ahead but I can say that my next goal is to start this spring with some exercise and get to my goal weight of 165lbs , then start learning about the new challenges that await.

What is your weakness or biggest What is your current, overall health challenge in maintaining your personal health & fitness journey? status? The biggest challenge was getting over a bunch of different (unhealthy) foods that

Pg. 12

What is your all time fave food? C’mon.... be truthful here... how often do you choose it?: My favourite food has got to be a grilled-cheese sandwich with real cheddar cheese. I don’t eat much bread or dairy anymore so this is a great combo  I only eat this 1-2 times a month.

Who is your health and fitness hero? I don’t think I quite have a ‘fitness’ hero yet but my health hero would be Charlotte Gerson. Google her, you won’t regret it.

Eat clean, train smart, rest... repeat!! Nathalie J. Pépin Certified CanFitPro Trainer FLCN - Fitness and Lifestyle Coaching with Nat Inc. Email: Skype: flcnat

Quomlets Who said breakfast had to be boring or take an hour of prep time and then all those dishes! 30 oz of cooked quinoa 2 organic eggs, inlcude yokes 3 finely chopped green onions or chives 1/2 red tomato coconut butter or oil In a bowl, mix all of the above except coconut butter. •

In a small frying pan, heat about a half teaspoon of coconut butter or oil.

Pour egg mixture into pan and cover.

Cook quomlet on one side for about 5 min over medium heat.

• Flip quomlet over. Reduce heat to low. Cook for another 5 mins, also covered. • Serve with a sprinking of sea salt. • Awesome for lunch too. Easy, convenient to bring to the office or school. • Try cutting it up into a wrap or pita.

State Farm, Royal LePage, Source Concepts and 102.1 CJCY Present:

Medicine Hat’s first Company Challenge!


ragging rights, cash prizes and loads of fun are on the line with Medicine Hat’s first-ever Company Challenge!

State Farm, Royal LePage, Source Concepts and 102.1 CJCY present the Company Challenge from July 12th to the 14th, 2013 at the Moose Diamonds. Enter your team for a fun weekend of slo-pitch, tug of war and bocce ball! “The Company Challenge will help solidify our business network in Medicine Hat,” says organizer and sponsor Crystal Metz. “We are all so busy with our professional and personal lives that even though we have good intentions of getting ‘out there’ by networking and getting to know people – far too often we don’t.” In addition to the friendly competition between local businesses, a live band will entertain the crowd on Saturday, July 13th. All food and beverage services provided by Local Public Eatery and Earl’s. More than $6000 in cash prizes will be handed out for winners and runners-up in each event, and the overall winner gets to claim the “Company Champion” trophy and display it at the office for a year! Registration is $400 for a team of 20 (including 60% employees and at least eight women per team) ; small companies can team up with another company to meet the requirements. Register on-line via the form at or drop by the State Farm office at #2-1335 Trans-Canada Way SE in Medicine Hat. Deadline for registration and payment is May 1st, 2013.

Questions? Email crystal at

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102.1 CJCY is a Classic Hits format radio station with core music coming from 1967 through 1997 while still playing a few of the great songs from just earlier and later that we feel are “Classics�. This caters directly to our target 25+ audience! Visit us at

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To learn about how CJCY can GET RESULTS for YOUR BUSINESS contact Marketing Consultant Lorraine Parker TODAY at 403-488-4692.



Sandy Widmer Today I am interviewing author Sandy Widmer. Tell us, Sandy, when did you start writing? I began writing two-and-a-half years ago for Today’s Businesswoman magazine and during that time, I kept being told that I should write a book about my story.

What is the title of your book and what’s it about? The title is A Widow Within the Marriage. It’s about the despair of loneliness within marriage. So many women (and sometimes men) are treated as property, rather than a partner within marriage. This could have come about from previous “baggage” of either spouse, certain mental/physiological illnesses, or just a certain mindset that exists in some cultures, particularly our western culture. The book briefly acknowledges some of these issues, but its main purpose is to encourage women to look beyond their present circumstance and rise above it by engaging

in self-improvement opportunities. This will not only raise their self-esteem, but in most cases it rejuvenates the relationship within the marriage.

workshops, social media, networking and personal contacts.

What made you write this book?

You can email me at sandywdmr@gmail. com

At first, I didn’t think that I had a “right” to write about my situation. After all, so many other women had gone through it too so who was I to write about this? But then, as I spoke with more women, I was encouraged that the skills I had learned, while going through my own situation, would be helpful in encouraging other women who didn’t have the same kind of survival strength or support that I had. Some women were so emotionally battered or abandoned, they didn’t know how to help themselves. I felt that if I could let them know they weren’t alone in their situations and help even a few women rise above their circumstance and see that they were valued enough to improve themselves, then it would be worth it to write a book about it. I also wanted to make sure I had the approval and support of my dear husband, before I went ahead and began writing the book.

Who is the typical reader? Any man or woman who feels emotionally widowed within the marriage and longs for hope. It can also help single men or women “prepare” themselves for a better marriage relationship.

How are you marketing your book?

How can we get a copy?

What’s next for you? Along with continuing to write for the magazine, I am available to hold workshops with respect to the book’s material and to attend speaking engagements covering other selfimprovement topics. We appreciate your taking the time to be with us today, Sandy. Good luck with your book!

Kathleen D. Mailer is the CEO of Aurora Publishing, the Founder/Editor-inChief of Today’s Businesswoman magazine, Canada’s leading authority on self-publishing, an author, philanthropist, and business coach. Visit her websites at www. and www. and www.

Through speaking engagements and

Pg. 15

I’m often asked by my youth baseball parents ‘Is there something my child can do at home when it comes to hitting?’ All things considered equal, I will usually resort to giving a tip on balance training. Unsure of what balance training is...well don’t be. Everyone does it the second they wake up and get out of bed. Simply put, balance is your body’s ability to control itself during either movement or static posture. As you can imagine, baseball has various explosive movements such as running, sliding, swinging and throwing. Exceptional baseball players, and athletes of all sports for that matter, have great balance. For this article I am going to address the specifics of balance and its impact on hitting. The pitcher’s job is to get the hitter out. The pitcher’s best chance of doing this is to get the hitter ‘off-balance’. An off-balance hitter will either miss the ball or hit the ball weakly. Great hitters realize that by maintaining balance throughout their swing, they will have more pop in their bat to with driveathe ball. stance is the most important part of Starting balanced hitting because if you don’t start in a balanced position, you definitely won’t FIND balance as you swing at the ball. If you’re unsure of how to get into a balanced stance, think of the basic athletic position. Now pick up your bat up and hold it near you’re left shoulder (if a left-handed hitter) or right shoulder (if you’re a right-handed hitter). Here’s the part where things may seem a bit different from what you’ve heard in the past...STAY OFF YOUR TOES!!! Yes, keep your heels on the ground and keep the entire area of your feet on the ground (more surface area = more balance). Now visualize your feet ‘rooting’ into the ground and the weight of your hips sitting down ‘through’ your arches.

Start With a Balanced Stance

Maintain Dynamic Balance during your Swing To maintain balance during your swing it’s important to understand what your COG (Centre of Gravity) is. Think of where your belly button and belt line would meet if drawing two intersecting lines. As you start your swing your COG will want to travel towards the pitcher. Don’t let this happen. Keep your COG quiet and centred between your legs. To maintain control of your COG it’s best to take a small stride, keep your body weight over your back leg, and swing less than 100% effort. For what you may lose in power by swinging at 75-85% effort you will exponentially gain in improved contact with the baseball. Regarding maintaining dynamic balance during the swing I will tell a hitter he or she can ‘swing as hard as they can without losing control’.

Follow-through with Balance The swing doesn’t end with contacting the ball. Remember as a hitter you’re trying to take a ball that’s traveling towards you

and turn it around and hit it as far as you can the opposite direction. If a hitter is either falling towards the plate or back on his heels he is losing energy that could have been transferred to the ball. When your swing is done, if you chose to, you should be able to hold the swing in position for several seconds (as though you were freezing your swing for a photographer to take your picture for a baseball card).

Implications in Training for Players and Coaches There are some fun and fancy tools out there today to work on balance such as wobble boards and BOSU balls but they are not necessary for effective balance training. Start to develop your balance with this simple exercise. Stand on one leg with perfect posture for 30 seconds. (In bare feet if possible). Perform on each leg. Once this exercise becomes easy for you for EACH leg, progress to single leg balance stance with eyes closed. Your balance will improve if you practice this daily. It’s also important as a coach and parent to realize your child may not need baseball lessons for hitting, but may need to further develop other basic movement skills such as balance. For further information on movement skill development don’t hesitate to contact me at

GOOD LUCK THIS SEASON! Greg Morrison, Registered Kinesiologist/RMT, is a former professional baseball and Canadian National Team member who owns Morrison Health – Soft Tissue & Sport Therapy in Medicine Hat, AB, CAN. He is also the GM of the Medicine Hat Mavericks Baseball Club, a member of the WMBL- Canadian Summer College Baseball League. THE INFORMATIONAL INTERNET SITE FOR THE CITY OF MEDICINE HAT

Pg. 16

“We appreciate Canadian Customers�

Pg. 17

Pg. 18

Pg. 19

Pg. 20

Drew Barnes

Alberta MLA Cypress-Medicine Hat I recently hosted a telephone townhall meeting with Wildrose Official Opposition leader Danielle Smith. Nearly 3,000 constituents of CypressMedicine Hat participated, and it was extremely beneficial for both myself as your MLA, and Danielle as leader of the Official Opposition in Alberta, to hear directly from you about the issues that are important to you. It was no surprise that the provincial budget was top of mind. In March, the government released its 6th consecutive deficit budget – a budget that will return Alberta to debt. In fact, if the government keeps following the track it is on, Alberta will be nearly $17 billion in debt by 2016. 93% of people at the tele-townhall told me they think the government should learn to live within its means instead of burdening our families and children with a massive provincial debt. The Wildrose Official Opposition agrees, and that is why we released a Financial Recovery Plan to eliminate Alberta’s deficit in two years. We would do so by eliminating wasteful spending and targeting government bureaucracy, while protecting front line services and focusing resources where they are needed. We will continue to urge the government to change its course and focus on a plan to eliminate, rather than increase, the provincial debt. Throughout the tele-townhall, several questions were asked about our health care system. I think we all agree that resources should be focused on the front lines of health care services. In fact, 82% of participants on the call told me that when it comes to our health care system, the government should look to the bureaucracy for savings, not to front line workers or doctors pay. It’s the front-line health professionals who are on the front lines making our health system work, not the health bureaucracy. The Wildrose Official Opposition has called on the government to guarantee that no bonuses of any kind will be paid out to Alberta Health Services executives, but they have refused to do so. With Alberta facing debt and deficits and when the health system continues to miss performance targets, it is clear there is no public appetite from the constituents of Cypress-Medicine for health executive bonuses at this time and I will continue to urge the government to rule these bonuses out. The budget’s impact on Alberta pharmacies is another issue I have been hearing about everywhere I go around our constituency, and was raised during the teletown hall. Recent changes to generic drug pricing imposed by the government have many pharmacists worried about the viability of their businesses. The changes announced in Budget 2013 were not expected and many pharmacists and pharmacies were completely blindsided. Local pharmacies are concerned they may be forced to close their doors due to the recent changes. During the tele-townhall, 62% of participants said they believe the government should consult with pharmacists about these changes, and I can assure you that my Wildrose Official Opposition colleagues and I will continue to urge the government to work together with pharmacists. I, like you, will not stand to see a government decision made with no consultation threaten the viability of our local pharmacies. Thank you again to all of you who participated in the tele-townhall. I look forward to hosting more of these in the future to hear your feedback on various issues. Please never hesitate to contact my office with your comments and questions, so that I can better advocate on your behalf in the Legislature.

SELLERS IT’S TIME TO SPRING INTO ACTION! The shortage of available homes for sale in Medicine Hat has become a major trend preceding our busy spring house hunting season. We are highly affected by inventory levels in real estate. Currently Medicine Hat has approximately 250 single family homes listed, nearly 40% less than we had last year at this time. This shortage of inventory will certainly be frustrating for buyers this spring, but will bring great opportunity for those looking to sell their home. When inventory is low and the demand is there prices naturally increase. In fact, according to the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA), monthly residential average prices in Medicine Hat are up by 6% from 2012. This upswing on residential home values could very well be attributed to this lack of available single family homes on the market. What does this mean for you? As home values rise, some homeowners will be freed from negative equity and have the opportunity to sell their home without losing money. Competing bids could even be a factor in the marketplace once again, especially at the entry-level price point. Properties priced at fair-market value will likely sell quickly for top dollar. This may be the time for some of you to take advantage of this seller’s market and get your house listed. For those of you in the market to buy a home don’t get discouraged, be patient and wait for that perfect property to make its way onto the market. The encouraging news is that we are in a very efficient market. That is evidenced by reduced market time and a small gap between listing prices and sold prices. The increase in consumer confidence in real estate, improved headlines, and record low interest rates creates the perfect combination for demand stimulating conditions. If you have questions regarding real estate in Medicine Hat or are interested in knowing what your homes market value is give me a call, text or email! Dalyce Spencer Real Estate Associate RE/MAX Medalta Real Estate Cell: 1(403)866-9085 Email: Pg. 21

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LaVar Payne M P Medicine Hat Constituency

Our Finance Minister, the Honourable Jim Flaherty, recently issued his 2013 Economic Action Plan Budget. This Budget was again another step forward in continuing our Government’s priority of jobs, economic growth and long term prosperity for Canadians. Some specific items included in this year’s budget contain items related to individuals, businesses and the return to balanced budgets.

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Through our Economic Action Plan Budgets and our low tax plans for individuals and business we have created the opportunity for the generation of over 900,000 net new jobs since the recession of 2008. We are helping to connect Canadians with available jobs by creating the Canada Job Grant – which provides for up to $15,000 per person through matching funding of $5,000 by provincial/territorial governments and employers to help Canadians develop the specific skills needed by employers. Opportunities for apprentices are being created by working with the provinces and territories to increase prospects for apprentices and encourage training for Government funded projects. Our Government is supporting job opportunities for Canadians with our Skills Link Program for young Canadians, and, by extending the funding for the Enabling Accessibility Fund, for new Canadians by having better recognition of foreign qualifications. In Budget 2013 we are supporting families and communities through our investments and record high transfers of $62 billion to provinces and territories for health care, education and other services for families. Since 2008, our government has continued to increase these transfers by 6% per year, well over cost of living increases. We are making record federal Infrastructure investments with over $53 billion in long-term support. This will provide for $32.2 billion for a Community Improvement Fund consisting of an indexed Gas Tax Fund and incremental GST Rebate for Municipalities to build roads, public transit, recreational facilities and other community infrastructure in Canada. It also provides for $14 billion for the new Build Canada Fund to support national, regional and local projects. In addition, it covers funding for P3 Canada Fund and funding under the current infrastructure programs for provinces, territories and municipalities. Budget 2013 also provides tax relief by making baby clothing and sports equipment tariff-free in order to lower the costs of these goods for families. In addition we are enhancing the Adoption Expense Tax Credit to help parents with the costs incurred when adopting a child. As part of our ongoing process to return to balanced budgets we are looking at reducing our expenditures by $2 billion in Budget 2013. We are doing this by reviewing all departmental spending through cost efficiencies and reduction of administrative costs. These reductions will increase efficiency without impacting programs. Our Government is also reviewing the tax system to close tax loopholes to ensure we all pay our fair share. Your continued support and input are very much appreciated. I continue to work hard for our communities and take your concerns to Alberta and National Caucus. I am honoured to represent you in Ottawa as your Member of Parliament.

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Paris Casino, Las Vegas - Photos by Gainsboro Studio Pg. 24

Ellis Island Famous Ribs & Chicken



his month we travel to beautiful Las Vegas. The Spotlight will focus on mouth watering places to dine while celebrating, or licking your wounds after the casino. Vegas used to be the most reasonable place to eat on the planet. In the last few years it’s become incredibly expensive unless you know where to go, and the Spotlight is set to reveal three “must try,” venues.

My hands down all time favorite eatery in the neon city is “Ellis Island Casino.” They’re a local establishment just off the strip, behind Bally’s. It is attached to the Super 8 Motel. Forget all these home town hillbilly cookoffs; this is a plate of ribs that makes flying to Vegas worthwhile. They are that good! Bring your appetite because waiters deliver succulent, falling off the bone BBQ ribs, cascading off either side of the plate. Your 12 inch platter is accented by sides of baked beans, slaw, corn on the cob, and garlic toast. They feature their own award winning micro brewery, and home made root beer, not to be missed. Get a players card and all this including tip, is under $16.00. Tell Marco, the restaurant manager, that you’re visiting because of Spotlight Magazine. Then maybe…just maybe, your name will be called a head of the queue of hungry patrons. They’re packed from the four o’clock opening, till 10 PM closing. Ellis Island may be the last place in Vegas you can get a full breakfast under $4.00 in the regular dining area. Las Vegas locals frequent this hidden gem because it’s so reasonable and excellent food. While you wait be aware, Ellis Island slots pay better than on the strip. They need to do more to keep customers because they

by Joan Bateman

remain the best kept secret from the tourist masses. If you’re strolling past the Mirage Hotel after watching the spectacular volcano eruption, try exploring inside. You’ll find a delicious import from New York City. They made the fantastic decision to incorporate a franchise of the world famous Carnegie Deli. I ordered their signature Pastrami sandwich I love having so much in Manhattan. It was spectacular! No one on earth can build a sandwich to compare! It is big enough to be a meal. The only problem is you might have to order extra bread to contain the avalanche of meat. Carnegie Deli is one of the “must try,” culinary experiences in town. The Mirage is not the newest hotel in Las Vegas, but remains the trend setter others are judged by, the one to beat, in the industry. Join me as we travel minutes down the street to “Paris.” You can’t miss the replica Eiffel Tower. They feature the “Mona Ami Gabi,” bistro. This side walk café evoked fond memories of past days relaxing in Paris, gazing at the real tower. Close your eyes and let the French music, traffic, and passing crowds, miraculously teleport you across ocean miles in an instant. The only better way to experience French culture, is buying a plane ticket. Mona Ami Gambi’s food is incredible, but the service is impeccable. Your wait person will set the bar much higher for future dining pleasures. It’s so much better than you have previously known, it simply must be experienced. May I recommend the Crème Brulee for desert? A Vegas vacation is truly anti-climactic if missing this decadent delicacy. Across the street, the dancing fountains of the Bellagio Hotel entertain as you delight in the fine dining of Paris. We always sit too long, savoring the almost genuine, magical, feeling of France and that extra glass of wine… French of course.

Robert Aquino Mgr. (Ellis Island Casino) & Scott Cowan Pg. 25

I Love You Mom! MEDICINE HAT INTERPRETIVE PROGRAM Police Point Park Nature Centre Over one hundred years has passed since Mother’s Day was first celebrated. In 1908 a women by the name of Anna Jarvis started the modern day holiday by holding a memorial for her mother.1 The holiday was later made official when US President Woodrow Wilson declared it on May 8, 1914.2 Giving flowers to our mothers as a symbol of our love and appreciation is a very common tradition. Carnations originally represented Mother’s Day because this was Anna Jarvis‘ mother’s cherished flower. Today, following in Anna’s footsteps, many of us now buy our mother’s favourite flowers for Mother’s Day. For those who have mom’s that love to garden, you could buy seeds for her to plant this year. A beautiful plant that produces stunning white flowers called the Yucca plant. It is a wonderful addition to have in any garden. If your mom enjoy’s butterflies, plant some Milkweed and this will attract Monarchs. Over the summer you can watch the caterpillars form into cocoons and become beautiful butterflies. Then, every year when those flowers start to bloom, and those caterpillars begin to crawl, she can look back and remember how special that Mother’s Day was. Another popular gift for mom’s are greeting cards. This year, instead of buying a card, try writing your own, or go the extra mile and make a

collage. Handmade cards are always more personable and can save you some money, especially if you are a student like me. Other ideas for those who are stuck on what to do for your mom this year, is to simply ask her. You’d be surprised at how often mom’s want to do simple inexpensive things. One of my mom’s favourite things to do on her day, is to spend time outside with her family doing something active. For example, skip the huge brunch, and go out on a picnic, or go for a bike ride instead. There are many beautiful parks that you can enjoy, such as Police Point Park, and Cypress Hills. These kind of activities allow you to spend the whole day together, rather than spending a couple hours eating, and then feeling too full to do anything else. Further, they provide much better opportunities for creating memories that will last a lifetime. However you spend your Mother’s Day, just remember that even though it is only one day out of the year, you can still make your mom feel special every other day of the year. - Tanya Cassar, Park Interpreter 1- Virginia Bernhard (2002). “Mother’s Day”. In Joseph M. Hawes, Elizabeth F. Shores. The family in America: an encyclopedia (3, illustrated ed.). ABC-CLIO. p. 714. ISBN 1-57607-232-0, 9781576072325. 2 - Rice, Susan Tracey and Robert Haven Schauffler (1915). Mother’s day: its history, origin, celebration, spirit, and significance

1750 Gershaw Drive SW, Medicine Hat, AB Phone: 403-526-9500 Toll-Free: 1-800-403-1891

Pg. 26

as related in prose and verse. pp. 3–5. “in 1914 Congress passed a law, which Wilson signed on May 8, 1914, ‘designating the second Sunday in May as Mother’s Day’, and authorizing and requesting that Wilson issue a proclamation ‘calling upon the government officials to display the United States flag on all buildings, and the people of the United States to display the flag at their homes or other suitable places on the second Sunday in May as a public expression of our love and reverence for the mothers of our country.’”

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By Scott Stenbeck - Local Divorce Litigation Lawyer

I think I have begun articles in the past by saying that I have nothing against mediation. There are different ways of getting to settlements outside of the court process. When the situation is appropriate, I use those methods myself. However, something that I am always careful of is to be sure that when a consent order is entered in Court, that it accurately reflects the situation as agreed. Not a reflection of optimistic hopes as to what the situation could or should have been. Let me explain. I encounter this the most when it comes to custodial arrangements. While some of my colleagues may disagree with me, my interpretation of the law is that parents should have some reasonable level of communication and co-operation in order to have joint custody. Especially with joint and shared custody where the children alternate between their homes an equal amount of time. For example one week with each parent. They can certainly dislike, even hate each other, but they have got to be able to put that aside to work co-operatively towards jointly parenting their kids. If they can’t, my belief is that there should be an arrangement where the children are primarily resident with one parent. So then at least there is some consistency and stability, and someone appears to be safely driving the bus. When parents are in fact doing well parenting jointly, I have no problem with a consent order that confirms joint custody or joint and shared parenting. When that is not the case, I generally advise parents not to agree to joint custody. The reason why is any order for joint custody establishes a situation where changing the agreed orders necessitates the parties showing a material change in circumstances from the time the original order was granted. The order is presumed, even though consented to, to in fact be the best order at the time it was given. A party looking to change it has to show why the situation is different now from what it was originally. I run into this problem the most when taking over cases that has been in some type of on going process prior to retaining my services. The parents are not able to work out joint parenting issues. One party may be very hostile towards the other, still angry for the dissolution of the marriage. One party may want revenge. They feel that being difficult with the children, and the parenting, will satisfy that desire. However, to avoid fighting the parties enter into a consent order confirming joint or joint and shared custody. Even though they can’t deal with the most straightforward issues pertaining to their children, that being their shared the acrimony. Usually, they either think “I’ll just try this for now,” often with the hope that if they give the other parent what they want, the conflict will abate.

Pg. 28

Sometimes things get better. A lot of times they don’t. One of the things I find in running files against high conflict opposing parties is that often by giving them what doesn’t settle them down. It makes them feel more powerful and their conduct gets worse. The problem becomes that the consent order which they were to “just try for now,” or “see how it works;” is a new status quo they have to fight to overcome. Now if joint parenting is working, by all means settle and confirm it in an order and move on with life. But I have many a client that has before retaining me, agreed to something that was not actually the case, and was not actually working. They then discover they have a steep hill to climb to resolve past mistakes. Be careful what you decide to agree to in any order. Especially when pertaining to custody issues. Be sure it reflects a true state of affairs, not a wish, or a hope of how things should be if decided under more reasonable circumstances. The order may stand until your children are adults.



Pg. 29

Boomers Revise “Retire-by” Date as Financial Landscape Changes Not long ago, the future offered the baby-boom generation an exciting array of choices. Many dreamed of retiring on their own terms, creating a sustainable and meaningful time of life, and the decision to work longer often had more to do with self-fulfillment than financial preservation. Now, amidst severe market turbulence, the landscape has changed. Many boomers, especially those five years before, or even five years into retirement, are revisiting their options. Working longer may become a necessity for some pre-retirees – even some retired Canadians are seriously considering returning to work. In addition to protecting their nest eggs from volatile market conditions, many worry about not having sufficient income from their RRSP’s, CPP (Canada Pension Plan) and OAS (Old Age Security) to afford daily living expenses. Added to the list of concerns are possible rising healthcare costs, outstanding debt and the risk of outliving one’s savings. Understanding how much is needed in retirement is critical to feeling confident about what the future holds. Yet even before the markets plunged, a 2006 BMO Retirement Trends Omnibus noted that 70% of Canadian Boomers polled didn’t feel or didn’t know if they were on track towards reaching their retirement goals. These respondents also said they were willing to do what it took to be retirement-ready. As a result, 83% agreed they would work longer if they had to. The 2008 global financial crisis affects each Boomer differently, depending on their individual savings and circumstances. But for the most part, Canadians will have to return to the basics and fully understand their options, before they are able to retire on their own terms. To achieve peace of mind and a more positive retirement outlook, it is vital that Boomers know where they stand. What does this mean? This means a fulsome review of portfolio and savings strategies and confronting difficult questions, such as “What are my needs versus what are my wants?”, “How much do I need to earn and save?” and “How much longer will I need to work?” Boomers are advised to consult with their employers, accountants, tax specialists and financial advisors to get the full picture. Finally, it is important to keep things in perspective. Changes in the financial landscape may result in a change in values from consumption to savings not only for the Boomers but for other generations as well. When and if retirement must be put on hold, life doesn’t have to be. Peace of mind will come from developing a documented retirement plan and reviewing it regularly. Continued next month with our companion article – “Changing Retirement Income programs provided by the Government” For more information, contact:

Dan Hein, BRE

Associate Investment Advisor BMO Nesbitt Burns Inc. Medicine Hat, AB Tel.: 403-528-6771

The comments included in this article are not intended to be a definitive analysis of tax applicability or trust and estate law. The comments contained herein are general in nature and professional advice regarding an individual’s particular tax position should be obtained in respect of any person’s specific circumstances. ® “BMO (M-bar roundel symbol)” is a registered trade-mark of Bank of Montreal, used under licence. ® “Nesbitt Burns” is a registered trade-mark of BMO Nesbitt Burns Inc. BMO Nesbitt Burns Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bank of Montreal. Opinions are those of the author and may not reflect those of BMO Nesbitt Burns. The information and opinions contained herein have been compiled from sources believed reliable but no representation or warranty, express or implied, is made as to their accuracy or completeness.

Member-Canadian Investor Protection Fund

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Possibilities and Probabilities By Scott Cowan Some highly respected economic analysts are issuing warnings of what can only be characterized as “doomsday predictions.” They’re postulating that the US dollar will collapse as early as this year. The spiraling repercussions would send savings and retirement funds below 50% of today’s value. Housing will suffer unprecedented equity losses. Many advocate stockpiling of food and necessary staples to withstand a year or more of martial law, fearing the breakdown of society in general, post collapse. They preach elimination of debt, or outright sequester to the loneliest location one might hide. They’re suggesting ownership and eventual use of firearms. They especially advocate purchasing gold and silver bullion to hedge against paper currency losses. They are anti “fiat” money. I’m the first to agree this is a very real “possibility.” But,… is it “probable?” Even though it’s “possible” to win the lottery, I seldom buy tickets because the “probability” of winning is remote. America’s economy heaves against histories most far left president. Obama’s devoid of spending restraints. Americans are struggling to carry an impossible mind numbing 17 trillion dollar debt load. This figure defies comprehension, unless you’re a person of Einstein perception. However, the …“probability” of collapse, at least in the short run is in my humble opinion, a bit further down the road. If you were the Chinese government holding approximately one third of America’s debt, would you rush to force default or bankruptcy; thus losing any hope of payment? I think not. Other countries holding USA bonds and T-bills are no different. Currently rates are low, debt interest payments can be satisfied in the short run. If rates were to increase, then even carrying costs will force insolvency. So…as market rates stay down, hope, and “probability” prevails. This isn’t saying developed nations aren’t investigating alternative plans. The United States dollar, since the end

of the Second World War, has enjoyed “world reserve currency status.” The British pound for 150 years previously held the distinction. Two wars literally bankrupted the country that the “sun never set upon.” The Marshall plan, and the rebuilding of Europe cemented the dollar’s status as the “world’s reserve currency.” In other words, all money is exchanged by comparison or goods purchased in USA dollars. USA financial stability for seven decades facilitated America’s rise to super power, and her standard of living. But the curse was that it allowed leftist politician’s to spend beyond their means. Today the same ability enables the mechanism of government to simply keep printing money to purchase goods, and pay debt, preventing immediate collapse. This continues to artificially work only because the world agrees, or has faith in the stability of its paper, or fiat money. When that changes, and particularly when reserve status shifts to another, then the proverbial excrement hits the fan. If the USA wants to buy oil, or trade with other countries, sellers will no longer accept USA dollars. Payments will be in say, China’s renminbi. Factoring the resulting exchange rate will cause a devalued dollar to plunge. Gasoline could be in the $20.00 a gallon range, food prices will sky rocket, and the standard of living will easily diminish 25% by today’s standard. These things are “possible”…but are they “probable?” As long as America rules the seven seas, can maintain super power status, even in financial times of instability, they will “probably,” maintain and slowly decline over the collapsing model…in my opinion. However, it is interesting to note China, Australia and South Korea just completed huge transactions using new Dim-sum bonds, not USA dollars. Similar agreements have happened in recent months with Russia, Germany, Brazil, India, Japan, and several Middle East oil producing countries. This is unprecedented since 1947. It’s clearly preparation for transferring “world currency status,” elsewhere to other new forms of financial instruments. This is not just “possible,” or “probable;” because

countries are actively “pursuing” these options as you read these lines. To eliminate sounding conspiratorial, may I point out alternative options doesn’t mean forever excluding dollar usage. If the American people force Obama to seriously tackle debt reduction, its “probable,” the dollar will survive longer; because it makes good business sense. Economic disaster can be prevented! Let’s be serious, republicans are at the trough as well; as are Canadian politicians of all stripes. “We the People,” must demand restraint by our elected officials. Otherwise we will all end up like Cypress, with government seizing 40% of your money from private bank accounts. Obama is already suggesting government taxing of IRA’s. Keep in mind after Cypress we saw no outrage from the World Bank, or the International Monetary Fund. In fact, the very people who winked and approved confiscation of private monies were Ministers of Finance from “Western developed” countries like…wait for it, … Canada. Our illustrious top banker, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty considered such mechanisms prudent to include in his last budget. Effectively legalizing the same such seizures in Canada. When asked why these were included, ministerial assistants assured the questioner that similar actions would never be taken in Canada, …unless under the most extreme circumstances. “Possible or probable”…you decide. To be safer, I recommend diversifying all RRSP’s or monies over the $100,000.00 deposit insurance level for Canadian banks; to various institutions staying under the limit. “Possibly,” a purchase of gold and silver wouldn’t hurt, because “probably,” the worst case scenario is appreciation on the coming bull market in metals. Even liberals the ilk of George Soros recommend buying gold. It’s very “possible and probable,” that you can save your assets and protect your family. The storm clouds are visibly churning the horizon. Comments send to Pg. 31



Crossword puzzles provided by ( Used with permission.

Across 1 - Babble 6 - Sturdy wool fiber 10 - Cave dwellers 14 - Attack 15 - Word that can precede hygiene, tradition and agreement. 16 - Writer Wiesel 17- Chipped in 18 - Ethereal: Prefix 19 - Completed 20 - Jump 21 - Device with a snooze button 23 - Deserved 25 - Flora 26 - Decoration at the top of a chair leg 27 - Indian state 29 - Put into law 32 - Crooked 33 - Actor Linden 36 - Actress Campbell 37 - Not so hot 38 - Approached 39 - ___ standstill 40 - Graduated glass tube 41 - Have dinner at home 42 - Wading bird 43 - Blunder 44 - Give out 47 - Burdensome 51 - Talk with extravagant enthusiasm 54 - ___ facto 55 - Reindeer herder

Pg. 32

56 - Rejection power 57 - Rate 58 - “The Time Machine” race 59 - Uniform 60 - Representative 61- Shrivelled, without moisture 62 - Capital of Italy 63 - Like a marsh

Down 1 - Sacred song 2 - Actress Taylor 3 - Essential oil 4 - Footwear 5 - Finish 6 - Author Dahl 7 - Geographical expanse 8 - Teri of “Tootsie” 9 - Saw fleetingly 10 - Mad confusion 11 - Crazy as ___ 12 - Tinged 13 - Looks for 21 - ___ Lingus 22 - Cat’s nail 24 - Make lace 27 - Colorado resort 28 - Parody 29 - Bambi’s aunt 30 - After taxes 31 - Actress Gardner 32 - Dynamic start? 33 - Covering for the head 34 - Bordeaux buddy 35 - Author Deighton

37 - Value of business done in a given time 38 - Conveyance 40 - Panhandles 41 - Afore 42 - Flowerchild 43 - Vane dir. 44 - City on the Rhone 45 - Oil source 46- Flavor 47 - Form of oxygen 48 - Made a choice 49 - Putting to work 50 - Like a smokestack 52 - “Whip It” band 53 - Bit of gossip 57 - ___ Tafari (Haile Selassie)

Answer: Pg. 34

Answer: Pg. 20

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REAL ESTATE GUIDE Answer to Crossword

Can You Find the Flowers?

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Spa Dollars Available

SPA 403.529.2006

Hummingbird Medi Aestheti c & Laser Institute # 24 - 3RD STREET N.E.

offers subject to change without notice




some pricing may vary between locations

all medical services are performed by a physician

3 Hummingbird Pedis OR 3-1Hr Relax Massages


37 Units of Botox 1 Syringe of Filler

Hummingbird Mani; Hummingbird Pedi & 1Hr Relax Massages


PRFX Chemical Peel IPL Photofacial Microdermabrasion 90 min PRFX ACE facial

Laser Hair Removal 6 Treatments of Upper Lip and Chin


Laser Hair Removal 6 Treatments of Underarms & Brazilians


2 RF Face; 2 IPL Photofacials & 2 Chemical Peels


Momʻs Relaxing Spa Day

Momʻs Medi Makeover

Hummingbird Pedi with Paraffin Hummingbird Mani with Paraffin 1Hr Relax. Massage PRFX Facial Eyebrow Shaping



$235 $1066





3 IPL Photofacials Treatments


3 Pixel Resurfacing Treatments


RF Face; 90 Min PRFX ACE Facial & Chemical Peel


Rejuvenation Packages

Package 1

37 units of Botox 1 Syringe of filler 1 Hr Relax. Massage 1 Microdermabrasion


Package 2

59 units of Botox 2 Syringes of Filler 1 AFT Photofacial 1 Hr Relax. Massage 1 Hummingbird Pedicure


Package 3

69 Units of Botox 3 Syringes of Filler 1 Pixel Resurfacing Tx 1 Environ Facial 1 Hummingbird Pedicure


www. hummingbirdmedispa .com www

Threading Now Available! Please call for details.

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