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A Christmas Story One of the greatest privileges of writing in a space such as “Spotlight Magazine,” is the access media credentials afford to wonderfully talented and interesting people. A short time ago while in New York I sat with Pat Addiss. Rightfully, she is one of the most acclaimed Broadway producers of this generation. Definitely the most highly respected female professional in this predominately male industry. A casual Google search reveals 65 pages of comments and accomplishments Pat has garnered from who’s who in the business.

Her resume includes numerous hit productions and an “A” list of actors, singers, dancers; all icons of theatre and stage. Some titles include Little Women, Chita Rivera the Dancers Life, Bridge and Tunnel, Spring Awakening, and Promises Promises. Medicine Hat’s own “Serena Bateman,” has completed the theatrical component of her bachelor of fine arts degree, from the Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts in New York. She is now interning for Ms. Addiss while pursuing Broadway roles. Pat’s latest show just opened, “A Christmas Story” featuring an incredible cast. Wildly acclaimed reviews herald this rendition on a par with the classic, “It’s a Wonderful Life.” A story that induces tears to fall, and generates soaring Christmas spirit. If you’re visiting New York, book tickets at the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre to experience this limited run through December 30th.

(Above: Scott Cowan & Pat Addiss)

Pat explained a small army is required to launch a production. First you need a good lawyer to secure all the rights associated with the story. Next, hire a general manager whose job is to bring the whole project together. Then writers and a music composing team go to work in hopes of scoring that coveted Grammy award. The director, choreographer, and casting director search out actors, and singers, who will cause audiences to weep, ap-

plaud, laugh, and believe in the magic that is theatre. The general hires a company manager, who in turn recruits a production stage manager. If young people are in the script, they require hiring tutors to stay current with their school studies while becoming stars. Finally, a “wrangler” is needed whose sole job is the control, and care of children’s needs. All this and more is built in to the ticket price. What we see, is the wonder of an evening of entertainment. Narratives unfold before us so smoothly, and musically, as if happening naturally. Our applause determines the success for this plethora of professionals, artists and engineers, who have dedicated hundreds of man hours, to offer us ninety minutes of enjoyment. Our response as the curtain falls may influence that critic empowered by the written word, to endorse a show as the next hit; or broken memory. Pat Addiss does not have many regrets in that regard, her accomplishments remain legendary. Investors especially love her productions, all the way to the bank.

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