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A Christmas Story One of the greatest privileges of writing in a space such as “Spotlight Magazine,” is the access media credentials afford to wonderfully talented and interesting people. A short time ago while in New York I sat with Pat Addiss. Rightfully, she is one of the most acclaimed Broadway producers of this generation. Definitely the most highly respected female professional in this predominately male industry. A casual Google search reveals 65 pages of comments and accomplishments Pat has garnered from who’s who in the business.

Her resume includes numerous hit productions and an “A” list of actors, singers, dancers; all icons of theatre and stage. Some titles include Little Women, Chita Rivera the Dancers Life, Bridge and Tunnel, Spring Awakening, and Promises Promises. Medicine Hat’s own “Serena Bateman,” has completed the theatrical component of her bachelor of fine arts degree, from the Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts in New York. She is now interning for Ms. Addiss while pursuing Broadway roles. Pat’s latest show just opened, “A Christmas Story” featuring an incredible cast. Wildly acclaimed reviews herald this rendition on a par with the classic, “It’s a Wonderful Life.” A story that induces tears to fall, and generates soaring Christmas spirit. If you’re visiting New York, book tickets at the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre to experience this limited run through December 30th.

(Above: Scott Cowan & Pat Addiss)

Pat explained a small army is required to launch a production. First you need a good lawyer to secure all the rights associated with the story. Next, hire a general manager whose job is to bring the whole project together. Then writers and a music composing team go to work in hopes of scoring that coveted Grammy award. The director, choreographer, and casting director search out actors, and singers, who will cause audiences to weep, ap-

plaud, laugh, and believe in the magic that is theatre. The general hires a company manager, who in turn recruits a production stage manager. If young people are in the script, they require hiring tutors to stay current with their school studies while becoming stars. Finally, a “wrangler” is needed whose sole job is the control, and care of children’s needs. All this and more is built in to the ticket price. What we see, is the wonder of an evening of entertainment. Narratives unfold before us so smoothly, and musically, as if happening naturally. Our applause determines the success for this plethora of professionals, artists and engineers, who have dedicated hundreds of man hours, to offer us ninety minutes of enjoyment. Our response as the curtain falls may influence that critic empowered by the written word, to endorse a show as the next hit; or broken memory. Pat Addiss does not have many regrets in that regard, her accomplishments remain legendary. Investors especially love her productions, all the way to the bank.

Scott Cowan P. 3

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iebe Concert, Sunday 9 at 10:30 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. Christ the King Assembly, 1101 Queen Street S.E. For more information phone 403504-0123 or email


hristmas Eve Family Candlelight Service, Monday, Dec. 24th, 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Christ the King Assembly, 1101 Queen Street S.E. Christmas story and candy bags for the children. For more information phone 403-504-0123 or email info@



iva Las Vegas! Spend this New Year’s Eve countdown at Southside Events Centre with Robert Larabee and Bonnie Kilroe as these two entertainers take you into the glamorous world of Las Vegas! After you indulge your senses with a Roast Beef dinner buffet, live entertainment Viva Las Vegas style, complimentary champagne, and a dance, let us drive you home!(12am-3am) For more information or to purchase tickets, please contact Southside Events Centre at 403-528-9997

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New Year!

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t’s just a simple thing, can you just tell me what to do on the phone? Often I will get a phone call saying that “it’s just a simple question, I don’t need to come in, just tell me what the law is over the phone”. I never give legal advice to someone I have never met over the phone except in exceptional circumstances. Unless distance is a big factor, I always insist on someone meeting me in the office for a consult. Now, do I do this because I need the hundred bucks for the consult? Not really, if, after a consult someone retains me and becomes a client, I usually waive the consult fee.

Firstly I insist on meeting with someone as a screening device. I mean, if they can’t be bothered to take the time to meet me, how serious can they be about whatever their case is? Also, I have many times received calls from someone who obviously doesn’t want real legal advice, they have some argument or dispute they want to win, they are giving me a very limited set of facts, and they are looking for me to give them

the answer they want to hear.

I am professionally responsible BUSINESS for all the legal advice I give, be it at my office, in a social setting, or over the phone without getting all the background information. So for both the client’s protection and my own, I want the opportunity to ask questions and get the facts I need before I just start telling someone what the law is. As well, I need the opportunity to be sure that person on the phone is not on the other side of a case that I may have started, and by taking information down and booking an appointment, I have time to do a conflict check, to be sure I am not accidentally advising both sides of a dispute. I can’t do that while someone is actually on the phone with me.

And lastly, and this may be a shocker, I simply might not know the answer, and I can’t give a satisfactory reply off the top of my head during a telephone conversation. The law is becoming more complex all the time, and I’m only a lawyer, I’m not God. In areas that I deal with every day, like divorce, family law, and other litigation matters, I can just give advice from off the top of my head. But sometimes there is a new or strange wrinkle in a case, or some situation that I haven’t had come across my desk for a few years, and I want the opportunity to meet with someone, get all the facts, and then do some research and get back to them.

Scott Stenbeck

Local divorce litigation lawyer




veryone becomes a critic after watching the latest movie or listening to a new album, especially if we don’t like it. Usually our comments are based only on our own personal taste and judgement. A critic is defined as someone who evaluates, judges and criticizes. It sounds very negative. But in my experience, being part of a critique is in fact the opposite. What is a critique? Critiques take place in a variety of arts related fields. At their best they are constructive and detailed evaluations of artwork. The point is to support and encourage growth in the artist, to open their mind to additional ideas and approaches. All of us can open our minds in order to better understand and enjoy art. We have our own experience and bias, this is simply a human trait. But I encourage you to visit our local art venues and fully address each work you are presented with. Begin by recognizing and setting aside your personal bias, then give the artwork some real attention. The heart and mind should work together. Consider the medium, the message, the expression, and the elements and principles of design. Elements are the building blocks of art; line, shape, texture, colour, and form. Elements create principles; focal point, balance, and unity are a few. Note which pieces are creating strong communication. The truth is, art is not entertainment. Art is communication, a visual language. It doesn’t have to be pretty or magical. It is often best when thought provoking, awkward, edgy. When we give it more time and contemplation, we become part of a deeper dialogue. For artists, the critique provides input and feedback from others in order to grow and evolve our approaches, our process and execution. We learn from each other by asking questions and posing possibilities. Here in Medicine Hat, the Open Studio Program was developed to provide a nurturing community for emerging artists at all levels of art practice who want to make art but who may not have opportunities for further education, peer support or critical feedback. Open Studios provide moral support, technical help, and honest, professional critique so artists can develop or continue developing their ideas, methods and materials. Open Studios are not structured art classes, instead, participants work on their own projects and have the advantage of experienced instructors who will encourage members to critique each other and themselves. Art is not only a product, but a process. We can all become part of the art dialogue in Medicine Hat. Gather some friends and take the Downtown Artwalk. Brochures and maps can be found at The Esplanade, The Hive, The Clay Trade, Inspire Gallery, and Remenda Designs. Contact Wendy Struck, at 488-6386, for more information about the Open Studio Program. P. 5

my LinkedIn site and on my Facebook Business Page.


Success Stories Monika Myshrall

by Kathleen D. Mailer


oday I am interviewing author Monika Myshrall.

When did you start writing?

I started writing about seven years ago when you encouraged me to take a writing workshop. From there, I started working on my first book.

What is the title of your book and what’s it about?

The title of my book is The Vow Factor. It is a book about vows which are solemn promises or personal commitments. Vows are very important in our lives as they demonstrate whether or not we value our integrity and whether we love ourselves enough to keep our word.

What made you write this book?

I really believe in the importance of the power of the words we speak. Being in business, I know that you can use your words to achieve your goals and talk your way to success. We have all heard the saying: you can’t expect to keep doing the same thing over and over and get different results. If you want different results, you have to change the way you do things and what you say. Words are energy so we need to watch what energy we are producing. Is it positive energy or negative energy?

Who is the typical reader?

I wrote this book for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you are in business, if you have a job, or are a stay at home parent, we all need to know about the power of our words. We can all ask ourselves these questions: Are you the person you say you are? Do your words reflect your actions? Are you living with integrity?

How are you marketing your book?

Most of the marketing for my book has been word of mouth. I have advertised it in Today’s Businesswoman magazine and it is available on my website. I also plan to put it on P. 6

(Above: Author Monika Myshrall)

How can we get a copy?

You can get a copy of the book at my website: www.monikamyshrall. com or by emailing me at

What’s next for you?

I have many things on the go. My husband and I have several businesses and I am the Health and Wellness Editor for Today’s Businesswoman magazine. I am also working on my next book entitled Benchmarks, Powerful Agents of Change On My Journey. I believe that everyone has a story and our stories need to be told. The voice releases women into spiritual, physical, emotional and financial maturity. I have found my purpose in looking back over my journey through life. I have found my voice. Kathleen D. Mailer is the CEO of Aurora Publishing, the Founder/ Editor-in-Chief of Today’s Businesswoman magazine, Canada’s leading authority on self-publishing, an author, philanthropist, and business coach. Visit her websites at www. and and www. TodaysBusinesswomanMagazine. com To Subscribe to Today’s Business Woman Magazine visit: http://www. todaysbusinesswomanmagazine. com/subscribe.html


wit h


s a child I always loved hot dogs. In fact, I could never be a vegetarian because it’s the one food I would miss! I know it seems like like a strange food to miss, but something about it just takes me back to fun times in the sun.

Into my adulthood it continues to be one of my guilty pleasures. Yes, it may be more natural to enjoy a good steak at a barbecue, but I would still be the one eating hot dogs with the kids. So when I found out that Ryan Pattison had opened Weenie’s downtown in Medicine Hat, just a few doors down from the old Town Theatre, I was super excited! I was hoping that they would have really great hot dogs. When I got there I was thrilled and more than pleasantly surprised. Not only did he have my favorite comfort food in multiple gourmet options, but he also had choices of whole wheat or gluten free, macaroni and cheese, tomato soup, sundaes, hard ice cream, milkshakes and more! All of my favorite stuff in one place! On a recent trip to New York City, where my daughter’s going to school, she introduced me to a couple of wildly popular awesome businesses that did similar things to what Ryan has done here in Medicine Hat. One of them served only gourmet hot dogs, and the other served only macaroni and cheese, in many different flavors and forms. So to find out that Ryan had combined these two very successful businesses into one in my home town, made me feel not only metro; but vintage all at the same time. Ryan entreats his customers with stories of how he loved certain combinations and recipes on his menu as a child.... his customers will enjoy how clean and bright and wonderful this place is! Try Weenies today! Truly a place for the Gainsboro spotlight to shine it’s light on! Joan Bateman-Cowan Gainsboro Studio 403 526-3054 (Right: Ryan Pattison, owner of Weenie Hotdogs. Photographs courtesy Gainsboro Studio.)

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US TAX LIABILITIES “Canadian Snowbirds & US Income Tax”

Be aware of the potential liability to pay US income tax on the same basis as a permanent US resident. US citizens and green card holders are taxable in the US on their worldwide income, regardless of their country of residence. Even though snowbirds only visit the US for the winter months, they can be “deemed” to be US residents for income tax purposes and in certain circumstances; they may be taxed in the US on their worldwide income. “Substantial Presence Test” What is the math on the number of days spent stateside for each of the past 3 years? “Closer Connection Exception” Do you qualify, and have you filed this on time each year with the IRS?

“US Estate Tax for Canadians”

If you answer “yes” to these questions your estate may be subject to US estate tax: 1. Do you own US situs property with a value exceeding $60,000? 2. Will the value of your worldwide assets exceed the applicable exclusion amount in the year of your death? Note that in 2009, the exclusion amount was $3,500,000. However, for 2010 and 2011, the exclusion amount was increased to $5,000,000. The $5,000,000 exclusion amount has been increased to $5,120,000 for 2012 (adjusted for inflation). Absent any new legislation, the exclusion amount will decrease to $1,000,000 as of January 1, 2013.

“US Citizens – Recent IRS Focus on Past Due US Income Tax Filing & Reporting” Many Canadian residents are US citizens because they were either born in the US or have US parents. Regardless of the fact that these individuals have been Canadian residents for most, if not all their lives, the fact that they are US citizens requires that they file US income tax returns and comply with US information reporting requirements on an annual basis. It is important that you comply with any US reporting/ income tax requirements if you have not done so already. For further assistance, seek the advice of a cross-border tax professional in order to assess any potential income tax liabilities and/ or penalties and determine the best course of action for your specific circumstances. For more information on BMO Nesbitt Burns, visit:

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® “BMO (M-bar Roundel symbol)” and “Making Money Make Sense” are registered trade-marks of Bank of Montreal, used under licence. ® “Nesbitt Burns” is a registered trade-mark of BMO Nesbitt Burns Corporation Limited, used under licence. BMO Nesbitt Burns Inc. and BMO Nesbitt Burns Ltée are indirect subsidiaries of Bank of Montreal. Opinions are those of the author and may not reflect those of BMO Nesbitt Burns. The information and opinions contained herein have been compiled from sources believed reliable but no representation or warranty, express or implied, is made as to their accuracy or completeness. BMO Nesbitt Burns Inc. is an indirect whollyowned subsidiary of Bank of Montreal. Member-Canadian Investor Protection Fund.


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1. Parson’s pad 6. Kind of chamber 10. High-profile hairdo 14. Name on a bomber 15. Fowl quarters 16. Prejudice 17. Church or synagogue? 19. Rainbow shape 20. Build a fire under 21. Unhip type 23. Hemingway title ending 24. After everyone else 25. Fast but expensive transport 27. Planet nearest to you 29. Passion of a witty remark? 33. Muscle problem 36. ‘’Don’t bet ---!’’ 37. Silents vamp Theda 38. All --- up (agitated) 39. Put in stitches 41. Cat chaser? 43. Seasoning meas. 44. Thames college 46. Green around the gills 48. Skips bail 50. Brat who is a fighter pilot? 53. Pee Wee or Della

54. Part of a univ. Web address 55. Smurf-colored 59. Frequently, in verse 60. Get the pot going 62. Allotting 64. Banshee’s noise 66. Auto named for a singer? 68. ‘’Tickle me’’ doll 69. Young Greek god 70. Came to a close 71. Knock cockeyed 72. Spilled the beans 73. Healing signs


1. Microwave’s nemesis 2. ‘’It’s the end of ---’’ 3. They’re strictly taboo 4. Hammer and Spade 5. Enjoys Thanksgiving 6. ‘’The Name of the Rose’’ author Umberto 7. Have faith in 8. Fire truck attachment 9. Light work for musicians 10. Attorney’s org. 11. Officer on a merchant vessel

12. Mudder, but not fodder 13. Dept. of Labor group 18. ‘’For --- jolly good...’’ 22. Morse bit 26. ‘’Shut up!’’ 28. Bluecoat rival 30. Mushroom ends? 31. Spilled the beans 32. Military tune

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57. Hypnotized 58. Word of mock horror 59. Is in the hole 61. Olympian Lipinski 63. Bauxite and others 65. Word with beam or blow 67. Restaurant sign, ‘’No ---’’

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