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Hello, My name is Joana Marques and I am an architect registered in UK and Portugal, with experience in architecture and planning. My interests focus in a meaningful practice, that integrates the local context, community participation and sustainable design. I am passionate to build social changes worldwide! I would like to commit myself with a project that works for the development of vulnerable communities, by design, architecture, planning and social initiatives that can work as a catalysts to the improvement of population’s life conditions. May 2018


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Earth construction social projects reconstruction & regeneration practices



interior refurbishments

| 2016 | Conceptual architectural proposal | Co-authorship with Joana SimĂľes

a school for ghana

International earth architecture competition launched by NKA Foundation, to design an unit of a community secondary school in the rural Ashanti Region of Ghana.

nka foundation

The classroom design emerged naturally from the local culture, by the use of symbolic references, available materials, community skills and labour and geographic features, like solar orientation. The plan was inspired in the local adinkra symbol of support, cooperation and encouragement - Woforo dua pa a, that means:

4th earth architecture competition

“When you climb a good tree, you are given a push�. Each module will be an isolated volume like most of the village houses, although connected by an external corridor covered by local kente cloths. The materials will be minimal and local: stone, wood, earth - thick rammed earth walls. The simplicity of design would allow the villagers to take part of the construction.

friendly school in mozambique call for ideas selected

| 2012 | Conceptual architectural proposal | Co-authorship as part of ///popcorn/// platform | Selected for the competition’s second phase Architecture competition and think tank launched by the NGO The Big Hand, with Architecture Sans Frontières Portugal, and based on the guidelines “Child Friendly School” by UNICEF, for the construction of a central school and some satellite smaller schools in various locations in Mozambique.

classrooms common services

functional distribuition

The project is just a schematic design that would be adapted to the specificities of geography, climate, culture and needs of each location and population. The material chosen - earth, is a sustainable option being natural, accessible and available at all locations. The earth also keeps alive the constructive tradition of the country. The construction technique CEB compressed earth blocks, would introduce instead a contemporary language and provide a high quality to the construction.

mud project rammed earth installation

| 2015 Viseu, Portugal | Ephemeral Gardens Festival | Conceptual design and construction | Team with Nuno Vasconcelos and Cole©tivo L2P1 Under the arts festival “Ephemeral Gardens 2015” in Portugal, it was proposed the installation of an ephemeral rammed earth construction to be integrated in the city’s landscape. Dim. 2.1m x 2.1m

bamboo and earth construction international workshops

| 2017 Trivandrum, India | College of Architecture of Trivandrum | Architecture Sans Frontières International General Assembly: ASF - UK delegate Training Sessions: participant


earth construction techniques workshop facilitated by asf - india


bamboo construction techniques workshop facilitated by asf - indonesia

earth construction training rammed earth

terra mater vale palheiros

rammed earth practice | 2013 Aljezur, Portugal | Research and training Practical experience in the construction site of a country cottages complex made in rammed earth, in South Portugal. Interviews with the very experienced architect Henrique Shreck and the main contractor J. Bernardino Constructions.

rammed earth workshop | 2013 GuimarĂŁes, Portugal | Faculty of Architecture of Minho University | Seminar and workshop - participant Participation in the training course and construction of an instalation in rammed earth. Different types of soil from North and South Portugal sandy and clayey soil.

bio construction course eco friendly techniques

| 2012 | O Fojo Permaculture, Portugal . 9 days training course - participant . Bioconstruction techniques rammed earth and adobe straw bale construction cob and superadobe natural plasters ferrocement bioclimatic architecture

Reclaiming Regeneration Workshop: C ommu n i t y Me mor i e s a n d F u t u r e I ma g i nat ions

asf-uk workshops regeneration reconstruction

Learning in Action Seminar | 2017 London, UK | ASF-UK Challenging Practice Course | Co-facilitator for the case study: L’Aquila Earthquake (2009, Italy) Disaster Risk Reduction, Heritage and Reconstruction

| 2017 London, UK | ASF-UK Change by Design Program with TELCO and Royal Docks Community Voice | London Festival of Architecture | Participant in the case study: London Royal Docks Area (2017, UK) Regeneration and Community Participation

| 2014 | Final project for the World Bank MOOC Risk and Opportunity: Managing Risk for Development

safe (re)building disaster risk reductiont

Booklet for a public awareness campaign on Earthquakes Risk Management in India. The goal is to inform the households, who are the first agents of prevention and response, about what they can do to save their lives by saving their homes. The collapse of buildings is the major cause of mortality during earthquakes. (Note: The technical information used is from existing national and professional documents.)


mobile intervention mobile intervention blindness awareness

| 2011 Viana do Castelo, Portugal | ///popcorn/// project, developed in colaboration with Iris Association © “não ver para crer” mobile intervention and social project. The aim of the project is to raise awareness and (in)form for the inclusion of blind and visually impaired citizens through experimentation and stimulation of the senses. To be installed in schools and public spaces and complemented by an educational plan. only the perception of difference can transform us in active agents of inclusion!


sensorial experience

shelter center for drug addicts urban renewal social inclusion

| 2007 Porto, Portugal | Workshop “Nova geração de respostas sociais - o 3º incluído” | Part of the exhibition at Petit Cabanon gallery This is a pro-bono project of a shelter center for the social inclusion of drugs addicts in Porto city. The project also pretends to contribute to the downtown urban requalification. The concept was based on an abandoned house, filled in a modular way by reusing shipping containers.

contour multipurpose centre conceptual design

| 2009 Auroville, India | In collaboration with mona doctor pingel Š studio naqshbandi Contour was born from the will of a group of people to unify efforts and create in just one place several services. After an urbanistic analysis and the exploration of different approaches to three sites, the group chose the low-density proposal. A final dossier of the study was presented in the city hall.

· ·

office complex health centre



cultural centre

guest house



recreation centre

residencial staff quarters

caulinos urbanization plan


urban planning



| final plan

limit of the urban plan area limit of existing cadastre national ecological reserve existing buildings allotment proposal

| 2007- 09 Matosinhos, Portugal | In collaboration with CGLSC carlos guimarĂŁes and luis soares carneiro architects


public green areas/services buildings lot road network parking sidewalks tram route tram protection area

resende master plan land-use planning urban areas

natural protected areas

| 2007- 09 Resende, Portugal | In collaboration with CGLSC carlos guimarães and luis soares carneiro architects Š

constraints plan

rivers national agricultural reserve national ecological reserve archaeological places

gaia dental clinic healthcare

| 2012 V. N. Gaia, Portugal | In collaboration with sensumural Š Interior design. Execution drawings Monitorisation of working site

boavista apartment housing refurbishment

| 2008 Porto, Portugal | In collaboration with CGLSC carlos guimarĂŁes luis soares carneiro architects


Interior design. Execution drawings. Monitorisation of working site

diapers & company retail conceptual development

| 2011 | Porto, Portugal | In collaboration with sensumural Š

jasmine well-being product development mood boards

| 2015 | Start-up business development | Product and collections development

To whom it may concern “Joana Marques demonstrated a high level of personal commitment and professional quality, whether as individual or as team performer, always exercising a high level of creative capacity, clearly apparent in the rigor and quality of the work produced.” Carlos Guimarães | Director of Faculty of Architecture Porto University, Portugal Luis Soares Carneiro | Associate Professor at Faculty of Architecture Porto University

“Joana has certainly demonstrated that she has the capacity to be committed to the work, follow a rational approach and come up with creative solutions even in a climate, country and culture that is new to her. Her meticulous work and sense of detail was greatly appreciated in the studio.” Mona Doctor-Pingel | Principal Architect at Studio Naqshbandi in Auroville and Lead researcher at AV CSR, CBERD Research programme, India

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Portfolio Joana Marques 2018  
Portfolio Joana Marques 2018