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BUILD WITH WOOD AND EARTH * CONSTRUCTION WORKSHOP IN SCALE 1.1 Ecoaldeia das Janas The Ecoaldeia de Janas is a group of people united with the aim of building and living a non-formal education center for sustainability linked to traditional and manual crafts, applying and sharing practical and innovative solutions towards greater resilience at the local level and regional levels. The pillars of this initiative are based on an experience and sharing of learning based on practical sustainability, creating a network of collaborators, students, trainers, residents and associates, which together stimulate activities, services and products in diverse themes: natural apiculture, carpentry and natural construction, regenerative agriculture, education and training, natural food, consumption and collaborative production, agroforestry, water management, natural cosmetics, among many others. On this occasion we want to offer the possibility of experimenting with different construction techniques with earth and combining the wooden construction with earth insulation,so we bring differents experts in each technique to allow participants to have the best training. We need a house where the different animals of the farm can live and we think continuing with the tradition of the region in building a pigeon house on the second floor. So that will be the plan this month of August. The constructions for pigeons in circular rammed earth are very abundant in the portuguese “Alentejo” and in the center of Spain, those are some of this buildings: 

* WHAT? During one week ( 7 days of training/ 7 hours x day) we'll build the second story floor of this “animal's house” and we'll do the different finishings on the walls. The main floor has been made during the month of jjune during differ ents construction experiences. The initial plan was to build the two floors in “rammed earth” technique, after those weeks

of constructive experiences it has been assessed that taking into account the materials available in the place it is convenient to resort to other techniques and make small modifications in the initial design.

So after starting with the rammed earth wall on the first floor it was observed that the available earth on the region was perfect to do COB and that allowed us to continue with the initial design, so the construction was done with cob. In the course of August we will review this technique making a small construction and we will continue the plant for the pigeons with a much lighter technique in WOOD, that will support on the bearing earth wall, and we will fill with techniques of insulating walls with earth and straw (LIGHT.STRAW.CLAY). We will also work on the finishing in the ground floor using a LIME PLASTER in the exterior face and an EARTH PLASTER in the inner face.

This workshop will be 10% theorical lessons that we'll concentrate the first day and 90% of practical aproach to the construction with natural materials. The most important part of

the program is having this experience to 1.1 escale and make real a design of an ecological house with a colective work of one week time. In the theorical part we would like to make the participants an approach to the construction with earth around the world, the different techniques that exist, also wich one to choose according to the earth that we have available in the terrain and the demands of the climate and other conditioning factors in our region, and to facilitate a series of tests that can be make the earth of our terrain to know its composition and know if it is suitable to build.

* WHO? Jallalla colective, represented by Susana Tierra and Joana Colom, architects licensed in Spain and " constructors " working in different parts of the world. Already during their studies they specialized in sustainable architecture and since leaving university seven years ago they have been working on very interesting projects projects in Latin America, Asia, Africa and Central Europe, both in design and construction,always with natural and local materials, and thus gathering techniques and know-how -faires' from all around, that enriches their notion of "habitat".

 * WHEN? This workshop will take place from Monday 20th of August to Sunday 26th of August, both days included in the training program. Students are advised to arrive on Sunday 19 to the place to spend the night already there.

* FOOD AND ACOMODATION We give different options depending on the price that each participant wants to pay. The full pack includes all the meals in the farm and acomodation in the camping of the place with amazing views of the area of Sintra.

* HOW MUCH? 220 € / person (7 days / 49 hours of training), includes free camping | 15% discount double inscriptions 270 € / person (7 days / 49 hours of training), includes free camping and full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner) | 15% discount double inscriptions * Withdrawals must be communicated up to 10 days before the date of the workshops for total return of the investment.

* WHERE? Ecoaldeia de Janas (na Quinta do Luzio) Rua do Luzio n15, Cerrado das Bruxas Sintra, Portugal

* CONTACT AND APLICATIONS Email: Telefone: (0035)934614320

* CALENDAR OF THE WORKSHOP (Susceptible to changes and adaptations on the last minute)

EARTH AND WOOD CONSTRUCTION in Ecoaldeia das Janas, Sintra (Portugal)  

Next workshop guided by the colective of architects Jallallas from the 20th to the 26th of August in Janas ecovillage, Sintra (Portugal)

EARTH AND WOOD CONSTRUCTION in Ecoaldeia das Janas, Sintra (Portugal)  

Next workshop guided by the colective of architects Jallallas from the 20th to the 26th of August in Janas ecovillage, Sintra (Portugal)