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Develop  Your  Elevator  Pitch       The  elevator  pitch  is  a  30-­‐second  answer  to  “What  does  your  company  do?”    The  concept  is  that  any   employee  should  be  able  to  describe  what  your  company  does  and  the  value  it  provides  during  a  short  trip  in   an  elevator.     The  elevator  pitch  is  extremely  important  for  early-­‐stage  companies  that  have  a  new  or  intangible  product  or   service.    These  companies  often  require  multiple  stages  of  financing  and  key  strategic  partnerships,  and   ineffective  or  non-­‐existent  elevator  pitches  can  make  this  task  more  difficult.     Your  elevator  pitch  should  be  easy  to  remember  and  easy  to  say.    Keep  it  simple  and  free  of  jargon.    You  want   to  engage  the  listener,  so  make  it  as  interesting  as  possible.     As  you  write  your  elevator  pitch,  say  it  out  loud;  time  it  and  test  it  on  people  to  see  what  flows.    Ask  your   sales  team  to  test  it  and  give  feedback  –  they’re  the  ones  who  will  be  using  it  regularly.     Your  elevator  pitch  should  include:     „ What  you  do   „ Who  your  customers  are   „ The  #1  reason  customers  should  choose  you  over  your  competitors       Create  your  elevator  pitch  below:               Then  review  the  statement  to  make  sure  it  meets  these  criteria.     If  the  statement  needs  improvement,  note  your  ideas   Is  the  statement…   here    Easy  to  say      Easy  to  understand      Easy  to  remember      Interesting  and  engaging      Limited  to  one  or  two  benefits      Focused  on  a  distinct  advantage      Specific  rather  than  vague  or  broad      Honest      Meets  tone  and  style  requirements      

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Does your  elevator  pitch  convey  your  value  proposition  &  brand  identity  as  defined   in  the  brand  strategy?  23  can  help.    



If  not,  continue  to  revise  it  until  complete.  

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Develop your elevator pitch  

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