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Interior Designer Name: Beirens Surname: Joachim Date of birth: 09/12/1990 Place of birth: Bruges E-mail: Phone: 0032 472 75 97 63 Adress: Koning Boudewijnlaan 44D 8310 Assebroek, Belgium

Furniture & Objects

Egg urBAN BODy tOOl

An Egg!? School project with the commision of designing a tool which could help or disable the human body or person in an urban enviroment, in other words a “body tool�. An egg protects an embryo or chick from the harsh world. this egg protects you from the outside world, by giving your own psychological space. concept: Avoiding busyness by separating you from the outside world. so nobody annoyes you with silly talk or any other form of sillyness... the intention is by returning

to yourself, instead of walking with the gray mass; you push yourself forward as an individual. colour: red, a colour that is instinctively associated with danger, that why it’s used as a signal colour (traffic lights etc.), this colour is chosen because it scares people of; on the other hand, it’s attract more attention in an urban enviroment (which is basicly grey) Form: abstraction of an egg adapted to the human body, so it is reasonably comfortable to wear.

Reiling Hacking the city

Guardrails are usually pretty trivial and have a dull appearance, also, they usually perform only one function, ensuring that individuals do not fall down from an elevation Although guardrails appear every day in our lives; without any conscious aesthetic or functional value added, there is no criticsm and/or people don’t mind. My idea was born when I had to wait for a person and there was nowhere seating to read something or just to sit down, only a slope with a platform was with trivial gaurdrail.

This replaces a gaurdrail and also creates seating. The guardrail is made in african padouk. There is integrated led lighting, so it’s possible to read at night the form is intended to invite to and give an active and ergonomic seating position

Mobile structures

rEtrAit cOMPAct liviNg

School project to design a compact dwelling within an existing structure( a silo for pig food), the structure could be cut, turned and/or rearranged. the dwelling was meant for one or maximum two people, and should be a retreat for a specific person (a nature photoghrapher in this case),in a specific context (in this case the Masai Mara national park, Kenya). the silo was cut and moved along it’s longitudinal section, the original support structure was removed and replaced with new ones so

the dwelling looks more dynamic. the dwelling could be transported by helicopter to the location, or could be modified to be transported on a off-road vehicle. the interior of the dwelling contains a retractable bed, shower, toilet, storage space in the floor, computer table, a small cooker, sink. the dwelling can be closed or openened

Technical drawings Scale 1:50

Cross section

Longitudinal section

Isometric perspective


The Waterdesk Sustainable advice on use of water

The Assignment was to design an information pavilion within a surface of 30m2 in a public place, including a water bar and sanitary facilities, allowing a larger, limited, external audience to be informed aboutH20. (as exhibition / trade fair stand concept). As Theme i took the “Vlaamse Milieumaatschappij” (Flemish enviroment company) and specificly their water department which isn’t widely known, but has a interesting mission to inform people on the sustainable use of water.

• Key programme points: • • • • • • • •

A large increase public awareness of: The existence of the water portal Water-saving measures Subsidized investments Tax-interesting actions / investments The displaying of some water-saving products The waterdesk would be on display for 2 weeks in major belgian cities.

Technical drawings

Floorplan Scale 1:50

Cross section Scale: 1:75

Longitudinal section Scale: 1:75



the Shop is a disused shipyard recruitement and workforce distributioncenter, in Antwerpen, BE. it’s located in “t’eilandje”, a revived, trendy area in the city, close to the royal Flemish ballet and the headquarters of the “Filharmonie” (famous orchestra in Belgium). these environmental factors lead me to the decision to convert it to low threshold concerthall /theather; for people who are not fully familiar with classical music or ballet.


the space contains an event hall with an installation to improve acoustics, restaurant, cloakroom, artist area, kitchen, toilets (for the hall and restaurant),‌

Technical drawings Floorplans Scale 1:250

Floorplan: Groundfloor

Floorplan: 1st floor

longitudinal section Scale 1:250

Cross section Scale 1:200

Visuals interior

t’HuiS lOw tHrESH-

t’huis is a meeting center for unemployed people. the building was a church that is no longer in use,v that needs a new function. Due to high unemployment in the area where the church is located, it seemed necessary to try and create a space where these people can meet in comfort.


the small houses are small meeting spaces so unemployed can meet with people from organizations who help people to get work (again). there are is also a pos-


sibility to convert it to a concert hall for performances, theater, seminars, concerts, party’s… acoustic problems are solved by moveable panels, mounted on the ceiling, which are also lighting fixtures.

1st Floor

the façade is mad from 50% concrete slabs and 50% vertical gardens, going from 100% concrete to 100 vertical


Ladies toilets


Gentlemens toilets


Stage Stair Backstage Personel room




Eating aera / Multifunctional aera

Bar Ramp


Kitchen Entrance zone

Private Toilets

Cooling cell

Impaired toilet


viSuAlS EXtEriOr AND iNtEriOr

Technical drawings Floorplans Scale 1:150

Floorplan: Groundfloor

Floorplan: 1st floor

Technical drawings Sections Scale 1:100

Cross section

longitudinal section


A portfolio of my work March 2013