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Considering Professional Help

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My HealtheVet offers an online screening tool, Considering Professional Help, to all My HealtheVet users. Log on to My HealtheVet at to answer simple questions and determine if seeking help may be valuable. You can listen to experiences from other Veterans. Using the My HealtheVet Considering Professional Help online screening tool, you can take brief, confidential, and anonymous screenings to identify five common concerns that may stop you from getting mental health assistance. This online tool can help you identify your concerns—so that you can take the right steps to feel better. It provides new ways of thinking about issues and concerns in How to find the My HealtheVet Considering Professional Help Tool your life. Only you can see the results because they are not saved anywhere. Log onto My HealtheVet at H Click “Go to My HealtheVet, Enter Here” button Anyone can access the Considering Professional H Click on the red Research Health tab Help tool by going directly to the Mental Health H Select the blue Mental Health tab tab and clicking on the tool. It is safe, private, and All online screening tools, links, and resources are free free to all users. to anyone. All are secure, safe, and confidential. My HealtheVet also offers four other free, confidential screening tools under the Mental Health Section. These tools are easy to use and available 24/7 on the My HealtheVet site. Only you will see the results of the screening tools. You can choose to print a copy of the results for your own records or to give to your health care provider or a mental health professional. The four screening tools include: ■■ Alcohol use ■■ Depression ■■ Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

■■ Substance abuse

This tool was created by My HealtheVet and the National Center for PTSD.

Note: My HealtheVet online screening tools are not intended to provide a complete assessment or diagnosis for any condition. They can help identify symptoms and help to determine if one should seek evaluation by a health care provider or a mental health professional.

Veterans Health Administration Office of Health Information

IB 10-378 P96449 Created 12/10

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