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Health Promotion Disease Prevention (HPDP) Supports PACT

Presented by Monica Reilly, MSN, RN HPDP Program Manager

Introduction & Background • As the VHA shifts care from a focus on disease management to a patient-centered focus on health, it is reorganizing care and developing new clinical programs to support health promotion and disease prevention. The VHA National Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention (NCP) has developed the Preventive Care Program (a sub-program within the New Models of Care transformational initiative).

Introduction & Background • The Preventive Care Program is designed to provide Veterans with comprehensive health education, clinical services, health behavior change coaching and support to help them to enhance self management of their health conditions. The PACT provides resources to support facility HPDP infrastructure, staff training and coaching, and tools to assist PACT and other clinical staff in assessing and addressing Veterans’ health promotion and disease prevention needs and interests.

Preventive Care Program Vision • The Veteran will experience health promotion and disease prevention (HPDP) interventions that are seamlessly integrated across the continuum of their health care and are delivered in a variety of modalities matched to the Veteran’s needs and preferences. VHA clinicians and clinical support staff will value and participate in the delivery of HPDP interventions for patients as appropriate to each Veteran’s priorities and overall plan of care.

Healthy Living Messages • To encourage Veterans to choose healthy behaviors, nine key evidence-based healthy living messages have been developed. Each message includes a brief overall message with more detailed information for those Veterans who have an interest in the topic. These messages are posted on the NCP website, • Look for handy pocket guides and other tools that are developed at NCP – you will be provided with these tools as they become available for distribution.

Healthy Living Messages • • • • • • •

Be Involved in Your Health Care Be Tobacco Free Eat Wisely Be Physically Active Strive for a Healthy Weight Limit Alcohol Get Recommended Screening Tests and Immunizations • Manage Stress • Be Safe

Support for PACT Teams • The HPDP Program Manager works along with the Health Behavior Coach (HBC) and Veterans Health Education Coordinator (VHEC) to develop effective patient-centered communication strategies to assist clinicians build effective partnerships with their patients. There are two courses that focus on this goal. The first is TEACH for Success.

TEACH stands for: – Tune In (active listening skills) – Explore (limitations, barriers, learning preferences) – Assist (health coaching techniques) – Communicate Effectively (work through ambivalence and resistance) – Honor (strategies to help clinicians partner with patients)

Support for PACT Teams • TEACH has been recognized as a major vehicle to provide training to PACT teams in a broad patientcentered communication and health coaching skills. Your enhanced communication skills will help you to work with Veterans and improve their health outcomes and quality of life because you will help Veterans become more successful in preventing disease, become more active in health promotion, better manage their health conditions/chronic diseases, and take a more active role in their health care. • TEACH is accredited through the Employee Education System (EES).

Support for PACT Teams • The second training course is Motivational Interviewing (MI). MI is a “guiding” form of interaction that helps patients uncover their own motivation and make health behavior change. MI techniques have been shown to be effective in many areas of behavior change, including medication adherence, physical activity, smoking cessation, and alcohol/drug usage. • The HBC serves as a content expert on health coaching, patient self management, and health behavior change and will take the lead role in training and coaching PACT staff. The HPDP Program Manager will co-facilitate the course.

Support for PACT Teams • You can look forward to support from your HPDP Program Manager in a number of ways: • TEACH for Success training • MI training • 9 Healthy Living Messages • Quarterly Wellness Clinics

Contact Information • Please feel free to email or call with questions, concerns, & suggestions. » »x75268

HPDP Program Orientation for PACT  

Health Promotion Disease Prevention (HPDP) Supports PACT Presented by Monica Reilly, MSN, RN HPDP Program Manager

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