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JOANNA BANACH interior design - visual communication - impressions

I am an Interior Designer graduated from Academies of Fine Arts in Warsaw and Bologna. My numerous relocations - to Copenhagen, Brussels, Bonn, Stuttgart, London, Gdansk, have made me a European citizen. Each of these experience has taught me something different. Italians have taught me how to cook, drink coffee, enjoy the moment and design with fantasy. Germans - precision and meeting the deadlines. Danes - the beauty that lays in simplicity, they gave me a great lesson of marketing. As a Pole, as we tend to step into trouble, I am a natural born problem solver. If I were not a designer, I would surely be an astronaut.

Conceptual design of an apartment in the heart of Warsaw - ongoing

Conceptual design of an apartment in the heart of Warsaw - ongoing

Project goals: functionality, universal look with nordic twist.

Images referring to colors, mood and materials.

Project of an attic apartment in a tenement house built in the 50s in Mazury, Poland. Project for a private investor, ongoing.


New layout

Project objective: create a bright and cosy home ambient filled with natural materials and greenery, maintaining the atmosphere of the old building.

Impressions from the construction site.

Project scope: remodel and redesign of the entire layout, replacement of all installations, schematic and project of electrical installation and water installation, custom-made furniture design and FF&E. Construction site coordination and supervision of the following works: - replacement of the old attic insulation to eliminate the problem of wall damage due to leaks and frosting - electrical works - new electrical installation laid in the floor - hydraulic works - new water installation and new water heating system - floor replacement works - removal of the old herringbone floor due to its toxicity (glued on bitumen), leveling the flooring to lay new oak floor - finishing works

Project of an attic apartment in a tenement house built in the 50s in Mazury, Poland. Project for a private investor, ongoing.

Concept of a restaurant for ‘Przestrzen i kominek’ contest, 2016-17

My objective was to create a minimal restaurant in neutral colors, with natural materials and light structures dividing the space to best adapt the functions. The ambient that fosters relaxation and thanks to incorporating fireplace, candlelight, brass and copper elements, favores warm atmosphere. I have divided the space into dining and bar, social table area, lounge area.

Concept of a restaurant for ‘Przestrzen i kominek’ contest, 2016-17

I was raised in the midst of nature. I love woods and water. I relax deeply in the nature. Harmony, natural and precious materials is what I appreciate most in design.

QUOOKER Showroom and Office in Copenhagen, 2015-16 with OEO Studio My role in the project was to create branded environment and bespoke solutions.

Bespoke cabinet - the heart of the showroom with OEO Studio Inside the ‘Cabinet of Wonder’ Quooker products and props can be found. Opening each cabinet door includes element of surprise, making the process of exploring the products an exciting experience.

Quooker, dutch faucet producer, asked OEO Studio to design their Copenhagen Showroom and adjoined office. Project aim: creating a playful, inspiring and elegant space far from conventional showroom. A multifunctional environment with home feel, where the product are accessible and the customers can try them out, as well as, where the training and promotion events can be hosted.

Bespoke solutions - portable product display cabinet and booth, with OEO Studio

Restaurant KADEAU, Copenhagen, 2015, Photo: Yuta Sawamura with OEO Studio I have followed the realization process of the project. I have attended site visits and worked on custom made elements like wooden wall or oxidized copper artworks.

The overall goal was to create a unique space of warm and intimate atmosphere, simple, yet elegant. Blue and gray tones, various types of wood, leather, brass and copper elements refer to Danish coast.

KrĂźger Showroom, Copenhagen, 2015 with OEO Studio I was involved in schematic design of the showroom and bespoke display elements, as well as, in preliminary lighting design.

‘Lys_objekt’ - exhibition concept and lighting design support, Copenhagen, 2015 Photo: Stamers Konto with Superobject Studio

‘Glitter and Glaze’ - exhibition concept and post-production images, Copenhagen, 2015 with Superobject Studio

Snapshots from art direction and content creation for a pop-up store agency, Copenhagen, 2015

Digital styling/building the mood of a project

Snapshot from design process of a holiday apartment in a seaside re

esidence in Gdansk, currently in construction phase

The view from Louisiana Museum, Denmark

Chosen projects I have been involved in while working as an Interior Lighting Designer in the following design studios (2013-2014) :

ACT Lighting Design

- National Pop-up Store - design event, Brussels - Hotel de Maitre, Brussels, Interior Designer: Pierre Yovanovitch

A.G. Licht

- Museum of Contemporary Art & Planning Exhibition, Shenzhen, China Architect: Coop Himmelb(l)au - Convention Center Baku,Azerbaijan Architect: Coop Himmelb(l)au

A.G Licht

- Qatar Integrated Railway, Architect: UNStudio - Gerling Quartier Cologne, residential buildings complex - Andreas Quartier Düsseldorf, residential buildings complex

- Henkel Showroom‘14, Düsseldorf, Interior Designer: D’art Design Gruppe - Art Museum Mannheim, Architect: gmp Architekten

LDE Belzner Holmes

- Mercedes-Benz Customer Service, Sindelfingen, Germany - Adidas Y3 Shop, Beijing, Interior Designer: IF Group - King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture, Saudi Arabia, Architect: Snøhetta

Creative Collector best describes my eye

Have a look and get inspired! @creative.collector

Creative Collector - a place where I share my enthusiasm for design, my views on trends and things that I like, spot light on promising, emerging creatives. It is also my source of endless inspirations and creative energy.

REFERENCES: ‘Joanna has a good ability to work independently and dedicated. She is experienced and has a good spatial understanding as well as good technical skills and eye for details. Furthermore Joanna has (...) an open mind-set, where she is not afraid to explore new areas and to challenge her own capabilities.’ Anne-Marie Buemann, OEO Studio, Denmark ‘The projects she processed in my studio showed strong design and leadership abilities and I am convinced that in no matter which work situation, she will work hard and dedicated. These qualities combined with an open and professional attitude makes her an asset for any company.’ Tina Midtgaard, Superobjekt, Denmark ‘Joanna executed all her work with high motivation and finished her work thoroughly. On the base of her good knowledge in a lot of software applications and her experience of other work in the lighting field before, she integrated herself very easily into work process of our office.’ Wilfried Kramb, Daniel Walden, a.g Licht, Germany

Own technique on canvas, 50 x 65 cm

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Work samples  
Work samples