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My Family I am a proud mother of 2 fabulous boys, Tyler and Derek. Tyler is 13 years old and Derek is 12 years old. They are very active in sports so I am a very proud hockey, lacrosse and football mom.

Education I have a BPE degree from the University of Alberta and working towards a Teaching Degree. Bronze Medal Derek, Myself , Tyler

My Sports I enjoy watching and participating in a variety of sports. I play volleyball, softball and curl, and also golf. I also enjoying learning new things, In 2010 I learned how to snowboard. I travelled to Australia in 2009 and competed in the World Master Games in Ladies Softball. My team and I came home with a bronze medal and we are going to Italy in 2013 to compete again. Looking forward to seeing Italy, participating in the games and coming home with another medal. Present Cake

First Time Snowboarding

Hobbies I love music. I enjoy attending concerts and listening to music. I listen to many different genres. Cooking and baking are a pride and joy and a challenge. I am always trying new things and creating new recipes. Reading is a favorite pastime.

Hamburger Cake Nancy Friesen 143252

Ongoing learning and challenging myself to be better has become a hobby too.

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New York

Travel Adventures Travelling has been a love of mine and I have travelled to many locations in my life. I have travelled to Australia twice, New Zealand, Fiji, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Jamaica and many places in Canada and the United States. I look forward to seeing many more exciting places in my future. Universal Studios

Rottnest Island Jamaica

Inspiration Quotes and sayings inspire me and I enjoy finding new ones and sharing them with friends and family. Some of my favorites are: “Growing old is Mandatory, growing up is optional.” “Every journey begins with a single step.” “When we change the way we look at things- - - the things we look at change.”



I began playing piano at the age of four, until I was 16. I took formal lessons and achieved my Grade VI Royal Conservatory. I still play occasionally when I get the time and opportunity. The piano I learned on I inherited in 2011. It is now 128 years old and has been restored. It has a very exciting history in my family and look forward to many years of enjoyment from it. Nancy Friesen 143252

“What you did is not important. What you learned from it is.”


Nancy’s Newsletter


Nancy's Newsletter  
Nancy's Newsletter  

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