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Solar Power Outdoors Solar Powered Lights for Patio Umbrellas During the warmer months many of us can expand the usable living space of our homes by moving out on to the patio, deck or poolside. These spaces are great for eating meals, entertaining friends, celebrating holidays or marking those special birthdays and anniversaries. The drawback has been over-exposure to dangerous UV rays which affects some more than others. The solution, something as simple as an umbrella….the patio umbrella. That gave you all the shade you needed during the day. But what happens when the sun goes down and UV rays are not the issue. Do we just close up the umbrella and forget it. Well, we might have until some creative types came up with the solution for attaching lightweight illumination right to the open umbrella. And there you go, solar powered umbrella lighting.

No need for smokey, sooty candles anymore. No need to worry about the kids getting burned. It just took the simple fix of adding solar lighting to the old standby, the patio umbrella. So while you’re trying to avoid the burning sun during the day, those solar panels are seeking out the rays to get ready for the evening.

Generate a warm and attractive mood using Solar Umbrella lighting We all know lighting can go a long way to create a mood, an ambiance. And now that many patio umbrellas come with solar lighting pre-installed, creating a warm, inviting setting for your evenings outdoors can become a reality faster than ever. For those cool fall and spring evenings, a fire pit or other heat source can extend your outdoor season even further. Just think about the charming, soft glow of the lights accompanied by the warmth of a crackling fire. Add a mug of warm cider or maybe a glass of wine and you have the makings of a relaxing evening that allows you to re-connect with the world, your family, your friends…..


The lighting also gives you the added benefit of safety allowing you and your guests to move around freely without illuminating your backyard to the point that its visible from space. Another important point is that solar powered umbrella lighting is not a one-size-fits-all solution. It doesn’t need to dominate your patio like a neon sign. A lighted umbrella solution can be found to fit your space….larger umbrellas for larger spaces or smaller umbrellas for more cozy locations. Since there is no elaborate wiring to snake through your backyard, you may even consider multiple solar umbrellas. Predominantly, patio umbrella lights come in 2 basic styles. For larger umbrellas there are lights that attach to the ribs projecting out from the center stalk. These downward facing lights usually attach to each rib and circle the outer circumference of the umbrella with a small photovoltaic solar cell and rechargeable battery pack that attaches to the sunward facing skin of the umbrella. The other type, generally found on smaller umbrellas is a circular grouping of lights that surrounds and attaches to the center stalk. Wiring may run up the stalk to a small photovoltaic solar cell and rechargeable battery pack that is affixed to the stalk on the outer top of the umbrella. For luminosity, safety and efficiency LED (Light Emitting Diodes) bulbs are used.

Cost Effective and Renewable, that’s Solar Powered Lights for Patio Umbrellas Its clear that running wiring and extensions cords around and through your backyard to supply power to lighting systems is a major inconvenience and a tripping hazard. Solar powered umbrella lighting is cost effective and efficient in several obvious and some not so obvious ways. Certainly you’ll save money on your electric bill using a free, renewable power source…the sun. But also consider the money you’ll save on extension cords or on the electrician’s bill should you choose to have permanent outdoor wiring installed. Plus if you are comfortably outdoors, do you need to keep the air conditioner running as much or have on as many interior lights on? These could lead to significant energy savings and its all because of relatively simple solar umbrella lighting.

Good for the environment, that’s Solar Powered Lights for Patio Umbrellas


Besides saving you money by reducing your electric bill, solar powered umbrella lighting is the environmentally and socially conscientious thing to do. I don’t think it’s a newsflash to know that we need to do all we can to reduce our dependency on energy generated from fossil fuels. Relying on a safe, free, readily available energy source like the sun helps to reduce pollutants and greenhouse gases. When the sun sets and you want to stay on your patio or by the pool to enjoy the evening breezes or you’ve got the fire pit blazing on a cool night you might really come to appreciate the value on utility of one of these solar powered patio umbrella. So increase your choices, your enjoyment and the versatility of your backyard. Get yourself one or two solar powered patio umbrellas and use the power of sunshine day and night. Solar Powered Lights for Patio Umbrellas, that’s the answer.

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Solar Power Outdoors  
Solar Power Outdoors  

Solar Powered Lights for Patio Umbrellas No need for smokey, sooty candles anymore. No need to worry about the kids getting burned. It just...