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Courses ID 340 Computer Aided Design III

ID373 Specialty Design

ID306 Residential Environments

ID401 Interior Design Internship

ID275 Kitchen + Bath Design

ID302 Sustainable Design

Students successfully completing this course will be able to use Computer-Aided Design software to assist them in their three-dimensional project development. Students will gain a comprehensive understanding of the integration of computer technology into the design process and an introduction to BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology.

This senior level studio course covers the physical and psychological factors that impact hospitality environments. Students are expected to graphically demonstrate original and viable solutions. Research on human factors, codes, and lighting are combined with product mix and multi-sensory aspects of design to influence perceived value to the customer.

This studio course explores various types of residential dwellings as they relate to different inhabitants. Project work applies the programming and design development phases of the residential design process to include information gathering, needs analysis, concept and spatial development, and FF&E selections based on research and suitability.

Internship is a monitored program for senior-level students to work part-time within the interior design industry. Field experience is an opportunity for students to apply and advance their knowledge, skills and professionalism under the supervision of a qualified monitor.

This course challenges students to use planning requirements to create universal and accessible designs. Construction, electrical, and basic plumbing are taught with emphasis on these applications within residential kitchens and baths. Industry relevant nomenclature and product information are used to create technical documents and custom aesthetic solutions.

This studio course focuses on environmental issues concerning interior designers and the construction industry. Students participate in discussions on green design topics and learn about resources for improving indoor air quality and more responsible design choices. Following LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) analysis, a final project implements sustainable design methods technically and creatively.

Produced in Revit

A Specialty project The luxurious Stace’s embraces tradition and style to create a unique lounge atmosphere when looking for a night out. Without making direct references, this space was heavily inspired by Ireland. By rough stone, sheepskin, shrubbery pattern, and hidden shamrocks, guests can relate to the country. However, a modern style has more dominance in this interior with clean lines, octagonal shapes, silver, and glitter green materials.

stace’s lounge

Ireland shrubbery luxury


Produced in Revit

Produced in Revit

Produced in Revit

Neutralized colors are displayed on the walls within the stones and sheepskin pattern. This creates interest but does not take away from the big focal point of the shrubbery decoration that encloses the booths. Other emphasis within the interior include the glitter green wallpaper that embraces the traditional color, as well as black to anchor the eye.

furniture plan

First Floor This lounge is unique in that it includes a stage and dance floor for entertainment, yet also contains many seating areas for late night lounging. Many types of seating are included so that intimate dates, hanging with friends, and group parties in our booths are all available. Providing some separation and privacy were important in the design of the seating areas. Natural and low emitting materials, as well as materials with recycled content are commonly used within the space. To ensure durability, this interior embraces materials and fabrics that are made for outdoors. Overall, Stace’s is a luxurious lounge that embraces tradition but provides a fresh, modern style. The colors, patterns, materials, and unique shrubbery decoration combine to create an interesting, yet sophisticated space.

All Scales Represent Original Scale. Full Set Available Upon Request.


Scale : 1/8” = 1’-0”

Produced in Revit

Custom Furniture Sketches By designing the booth layout to be shamrock shaped, small pods are created for each booth and a variety of tabletops are able to nestle in the center of the layout. It also provides areas for the service stations that would not interfere with guest circulation and movement to the kitchen. Good circulation is important and there are hard aisles that encompass the perimeter. This provides easy access to the dance floor and bar areas.

Produced in Google SketchUp Enhanced in Adobe Photoshop

A Specialty project Petals Restaurant is a hospitality design project that is located in Istanbul, Turkey. The design is inspired by historical motifs and traditional lighting fixtures.

petals restaurant

All Scales Represent Original Scale. Full Set Available Upon Request

Produced in AutoCAD


Scale : 1/8” = 1’-0”

itemized plan

The tulip is one of Turkey’s most prominent and historically known motifs which is proudly used in the country’s largest city of Istanbul. The motif is used in various textiles, engravings, and especially mosaics.

furniture plan


turkey lanterns motif Inspired by the flower industry, this slender and elongated tulip was the inspiration to this piece. The sketches to the left illustrate the construction of this piece; showing the steps of taking the elongated petals, turning them upside down, and pulling them apart. Once they had pulled apart, twisting took place and a movement started to form. Taking that idea and multiplying it to make layers added a dynamic effect. This piece was designed to be facing down, possibly releasing light or being a support.

Model Produced in Google SketchUp

Other petal motifs can be seen in the panels that appear all throughout the restaurant. They hang above the booths, as well as separate from different areas of the restaurant division.

Custom light pendants were inspired by the petal motif shape as well as the traditional lanterns of Istanbul.

Perspectives Produced in Google SketchUp

A residential project Modern meets sophisticated in this Craftsman Style house. Character and comfort are the ultimate goal for this design, bringing in an abundance of lighting and unique materials.

Hand Rendered Perspective of Boy’s Room

Anderson Residence

craftsmen Hand Rendered Perspective of Dining Room

comfort modern

The owner’s interests in books and baking inspired this aesthetic. Different types of wood and metals are incorporated into the family areas of the house to create a modern English cottage style with clean lines and an overall comfortable atmosphere.

Creating healthy interior spaces is very important, especialy for a family. Reclaimed wood and metals are included in the design. This not only brings a unique character into the house, it recycles useful materials. Also, low VOC paints are used for interior walls, ensuring less toxins.

Hand Rendered and Elevation of Kitchen

Hand Rendered Perspective of Living Room

Chicago Kitchen

Produced In Google SketchUp Enhanced in Adobe Photoshop

A residential project Comfort and warmth are the main design principles for this space and that is intended to bring loved ones together. The look embraces rustic and urban elements to make a mix of fashion. By integrating these two major styles, the design produced a warm area that was perfect for eating, drinking, and socializing. Adding brick, mixing metals, and forming pools of color generate a fresh and unique space.

Hand Sketch of Window Wall

Much of this space incorporates green materials such as reused brick and warm wood tones to add character. Also, using finishes that improve indoor air quality and materials that are healthy for young members of the family is important. Not to forget, low VOC paint was also used within the kitchen.

All Scales Represent Original Scale. Full Set Available Upon Request

Produced In Google SketchUp Enhanced in Adobe Photoshop

A COMMERCIAL project “Canopy Pediatrics� is a healthcare facility that embraces sustainable ideas and green technology. The goal for this project was to create a unified interior that brought together function and aesthetic in a positive way. Knowing the needs for children came about through research and was addressed in this design.


Achieved 1st Place in the ASID Illinois Chapter Design Summit Competition for the Richard A. Smith Memorial Scholarship



Produced In Google SketchUp Enhanced in Adobe Photoshop

The rainforest canopy and how it naturally takes shape inspired the canopy-like ceiling. Taking the natural shapes and simplifying the mass amounts of leaves was how the ceiling decorations were thought about.

Canopy Pe dia trics

Hand Sketch of Ceiling Decorations in Lobby

The trends in healthcare design, today, in which can be applied to a pediatrician’s oďŹƒce are a strong connection to nature, positive distractions, and elimination of stressors. Creating a connection to the rainforest with colors and shapes, by building a hut in the waiting room for entertainment, and by being aware of lighting and unique way finding to eliminate tension were all added to address the trends. Sunshine streams into the spaces through solar tubes and windows, specifically constructed to control glare and heat.

Hand Sketch of Heat Controlled Windows

Hand Sketch of Logo

Produced In Google SketchUp Enhanced in Adobe Photoshop

FAncy Face

This group project, with Emily Blaha, embraces a bath and body retail space, inspired by the glamorous 1920’s. The primary goal of this interior is to generate sales by displaying products in an attractive fashion and complimenting the brand image. AutoCAD documents reveal lighting installments that are appropriate for this type of retail classification to best display the merchandise. Other concepts that are addressed in this design is the understanding of the demographic and the buying behavior of the targeted customer.

Kelly Cleveland Interiors | Site Visits, Shipping, Selections, Maintained Resource Library, 3D Modeling, AutoCAD Drafting Jacqueline Zinn Design | Field Measures, Site Visits, Selections, Staging, Advertising, Space Planning, Kitchen Design, 3D Modeling, AutoCAD Drafting Frank Lloyd Wright Unity Temple | Sales Transactions, Customer Service, Historical Reference Harbor House | Part of a collaborative effort in designing a local women’s rescue house. Sketching, Hand Rendering

Industry Experience

Produced In Google SketchUp Enhanced in Adobe Photoshop

Break out competition

AN ASID Chapter Event This project was created for the Break Out Design Compeition, hosted by Design Alliance and ASIDILIS Student Chapter. Break Out Competition is a fast paced interior design challenge that uses skills in commercial, residential, and hopsitality design to create a unique and inventive interior. Duties as Competition Leader: -Assisted in developing client profile -Created a Mock Up Model and Board for competitor’s example. (Featured Project) -Recruited professionals in the industry as judges. -Created competition branding

1st Place Winner, Megan Kubera (Left) is an example of a finished project of this 7-hour competition.

Produced In Google SketchUp Enhanced in Adobe Photoshop

Thank You.. I would like to give a special thanks to all of my professors who have helped me throughout my schooling and helped to enrich my skills, in particular Suzann Nordstrom for her mentorship in creating this portfolio. I could not have accomplished all that I have without the undying support of my parents, family, and friends. Your generosity, responsiveness, and advice have brought me to where I am today. Thank you for your encouragement and constant push to make me a better designer.

Jennifer Nielsen's Student Portfolio  
Jennifer Nielsen's Student Portfolio  

Jennifer Nielsen's Interior Design Portfolio showcases hospitality, commercial, and residential projects.