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May 2, 2012. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PRODUCTIVE RAP SESSION WITH STUDENTS OF C’BAR Promoting abstinence to Jamaican students is a mission taken very seriously by the National Family Planning Board (NFPB), and last Friday on RJR 94FM’s Radiocation at Calabar High School, that effort was boosted for Marge Roper the Counsellor at the Board, when one sexually active student expressed to her, his aloofness for the use of condoms. She recalled her conversation with him, “He said, he doesn’t see the need to use condoms and sex is “not nice” with condoms. I brought him back to the reality of the pictures (on the posters), that they were real images (of Sexually Transmitted Infections). I spoke with him about what he wants for his life, where he wants to go and how limiting a child and STIs can be. Her concern was evident as she recalled another student who was only 19 years old, a soon-to-be father; and whose partner is currently eight months pregnant. His question was “Why aren’t we given condoms.” For the record, the Board does not issue condoms to students, however, in this case due to his age, upon showing proof of age using a National ID; he can access contraceptives. He will also get private and confidential counselling. The message to students is, Choose to Abstain. Abstaining can give a teenager the chance to get to know his or her peers on a nonsexual basis without emotional involvement that comes with engaging in sexual intercourse. It is emotionally risky when a teen gets sexually involved because of the possibility of the other person disclosing the intimate …/1 of 3

Productive rap session …/2 of 3 moment he or she had with you to the rest of the world. It is also a physical risk because you can contract a sexually transmitted infection or become pregnant. The day saw a reduction in the number of students usually present for the family planning rap session due to exams. About 85-90 students were present. However, that did not stop other curious minds from asking several questions especially about the STI images on display. The most commonly asked question being, “are the images real?” All the materials went quickly. The students asked relevant questions, expressed that they watch Teen Seen, the teen magazine programme broadcast on CVM TV Saturdays 6pm by NFPB, and spoke about the benefits of learning about their reproductive health the way it is presented on the programme. This all-day event put on by the RJR Communications Group is sponsored by the National Family Planning Board seizing the opportunity to promote abstinence in Jamaican schools, was as usual a success. “It was a very productive day” the Family Planning Counsellor recounted with a smile.

Radiocation is an all-day high school tour hosted by RJR 94FM that aims to combine education and entertainment in our nation’s schools. The aim of the programme is to provide vital information related to career choices, sexuality, personal development and self-esteem as well as to expose students to a wide array of local …/2 of 3

Productive rap session ‌/3 of 3 products and services in the form of talks and exhibits. Professionals and RJR 94 FM personalities participate in the event bringing together a live radio broadcast complimented by products and services.

-EndContact: Racquel Reece, Communications Officer (Writer) (NFPB) Telephone: (876)968-1632-3 and Facsimile: (876) 968-1626. Email:

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NFPB Rap Session C'Bar  

Family Planning Counsellor raps with students at Calabar

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