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May 22, 2012. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE STEP-PARENTS COMPLAIN ABOUT BEING BLAMED FOR BEHAVIOURAL CHANGES IN TEENS “Part of the workshop was sad.” That was the opening line from one Training Officer from the National Family Planning Board (NFPB) when she recounted her experience at one of the three workshops she carried out in different parishes. On Tuesday May 16 the NFPB Officer, Ann-Marie Johnson met with Pre-Service Nurses at the Cornwall School of Midwifery and the following day with students at the Public Health Department of St. Catherine. Parents and caregivers formed her audience on the Thursday at Village Restaurant in St. Thomas. The workshop for the pre-service nurses aimed at strengthening the capacity of Health Providers to deliver quality of care within the service delivery setting and improve the continuation rates for the use of contraceptive methods. Miss Johnson spoke of the reception she received, “The feedback was positive, comments such as, “the workshop was excellent”, “the information was quite relevant”, and “the workshop has better prepared me to work in the clinics and communities.”” She also highlighted that the participants appreciated the workshop even more as it not only helped them prepare for exams, but that the information delivered would equip them with the knowledge and skills necessary to continue the drive to improve the continuous and consistent use of contraceptive methods. The workshops held in St Catherine and St. Thomas were both executed to expand access to Reproductive Health information to adolescents in and out of school. …/1 of 3

Step-parents complain…/2 of 3 While the Officer received some positive feedback at these workshops also, it was the participants’ unfamiliarity with correct terms and names related to sexuality that sparked an interest. “They only expressed street names for the terminologies; they were very timid to say correct names for the reproductive organs. Rather than calling the names they would say, the private part Miss.” The Training Officer continued stating, “Young people make daily decisions about their sexual behaviours, values and attitudes, and therefore, it is critical to provide students with knowledge and skills that will assist them in understanding their own sexuality and realising their potential as effective and caring human beings.” Feedback from the 35 parents and caregivers who attended the workshop held in the St. Thomas heightened the concerns for the NFPB Officer. She noted that even though it was a different audience, the unfamiliarity was the same or worse. “The participants did not know that a girl could get pregnant before her first menstrual period.

Teenagers prefer to speak with their parents, but the parents are ill

prepared”, Johnson said, “Step parents are often blamed for the “pressures” the children face and how they react to them; but it’s because of the stages they go through which they don’t understand.” behaviours




This she noted in reference to the





experienced as children go through the adolescent stages. Johnson outlined that a differentiation needs to be made between the terms sex and sexuality. She cautioned parents to look and listen for the differences in their children’s behaviour. That they should cease opportune times to speak with their children; for example, when watching television programmes, parents can explain actions displayed and explain matters that are not fully explored in that particular …/2 of 3

Step-parents complain…/3 of 3 television feature.

“They should speak with their children when washing dishes,

cleaning and doing other chores.

But parents and caregivers need to be

equipped and informed in order to effectively communicate with their children on topics pertaining to sexual and reproductive health. They are requesting more workshops, more frequently; especially for step-parents.” In a warning to parents, the NFPB Officer concluded, “You have to lead by example.” -endContact: Racquel Reece, Communications Officer (Writer) (NFPB) Telephone: (876)968-1632-3 and Facsimile: (876) 968-1626. Email:

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May 22, 2012. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE FP COUNSELLOR OFFERS ONE-ON-ONE COUNSELLING TO PARENTS Family Planning Counsellor, Marge Roper last week visited two schools, St Anne’s High School and VOUCH Early Childhood Learning Centre.

On both occasions

presentations were made on Family Planning and contraceptive method options. Last Monday at St. Anne’s High School, the 80 teachers and students in attendance were from the school’s Career Advancement Programme.

A number of the

students who were present for the Family Planning Counsellor’s presentation were pregnant and the information delivered was to help them make decisions about which contraceptive methods they can start using after delivery. The presentation was also made in an effort to dispel myths concerning the use of contraceptives. “They were happy for the opportunity to learn about the contraceptive methods” Marge Roper said. The presentation at VOUCH Early Childhood Learning Centre the following Wednesday was geared towards a different audience and there were 25 attendees. Each parent received individual, private and confidential counselling sessions. On each occasion the information was well received as demonstrated by the expressions from the attendees.

They found the information presented

understandable, necessary, and helpful. The Counsellor noted that both events met their purpose; “The activities were successful and the objectives were met.” -endContact: Racquel Reece, Communications Officer (Writer) (NFPB) Telephone: (876)968-1632-3 and Facsimile: (876) 968-1626. Email: …/1 of 1

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