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After 3 months of forward testing, the results are clear as day. PipTurbo performs, and it performs tremendously well. It was able to turn my $5000.00 initial balance into over $30,000.00 in just 3 months. Let me show you how it did it. I ran PipTurbo trading the EURUSD, EURCHF and GBPUSD all on the M15 time frame. I started late March and out of the gate it was a bit slow. It took 2 days before it even opened it's first trade, but once the ball was rolling, it never looked back. The overall winning percentage ended up being around 91% and the losses were surprisingly small. In the 220 trades it took in those 3 months, I only seen 2 big drawdowns of around 11% of my equity which is not bad at all. The other losses were a few pips here and there. The thing I like best about Pip Turbo is it's patience. It doesn't go gung-ho opening trades left and right and next thing you know your open PL is sitting at negative thousands. The other really cool feature is that it doesn't use a takeprofit setting. It will open all trades with a takeprofit of 0.0000 and if it feels strong about the signal, it can leave the trade open for tremendous profits. I had one trade sitting around +9 pips one night, and it was still open when I went to bed. When I woke up, the trade was still open and now up to +140 pips for around $2,300.00 profit. I quickly closed the trade manually thinking omg I got lucky. But little did I know the price kept moving in my favor and I could have made in excess of +200 pips off that one trade. How it knew to keep that trade open is beyond me, but some of these features may be a good explanation. PipTurbo Features: Features state of the art next generation technology and signal indication to provide the most advance, safe and consistent automated trading. Pip Turbo uses two powerful indicators called PipSpool and Keltner Channels. These two indicators teamed with a multi-million dollar strategy create the ultimate automated forex trading software. Another cool thing about PipTurbo are the time based filters it uses. It won't trade on Sundays, or Fridays (after 08:00GMT). No trades during the first 2 hours on Mondays. Many surprise moves here. These are just some of the filters, there are many more advance filters that will keep Pip Turbo out of trouble and make long-term profitability that much better. Check their features page for more info.

Money Management: Uses an advance money management system that will automatically increase your trade size as your equity grows. These are just some of the great features Pipturbo has to offer. Check out their website below to find out more. Thank you for reading! Some more pipturbo reviews I found

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PipTurbo Review - Is Pip Turbo Worth It