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Eye floaters are not something new in the medical field. Their causes and degrees of inconvenience to the sufferers vary from case to case. Since eye floaters don't target a specific group of people, there are a number of factors which can be addressed to prevent eye floaters from becoming a thorn in our side, in this case, a speck in our eye. We are constantly reminded that our health is our responsibility. If we let it slack, dues will be demanded of us as we trot along life's journey. A healthy body is pretty much dependent on diet, nutrition and lifestyle. Perhaps in the days of old, people were not aware of which foods would be beneficial or detrimental to their health. In this current day and age, we no longer can stand by that excuse as information abounds all over on what we should or shouldn't put into our mouths. Health publications line the book shelves and counters in shops and libraries. Television documentaries, radio talk shows and online articles drum into our heads the advantages of wise choices whilst scaring us with prices to pay for eating that candy bar or bag of chips. Indeed, we certainly can't go wrong when consuming the right kinds of food in correct proportions. Since most processed foods are readily available without the hassle of complicated recipes and devices, a lot of their nutritional values are long gone. Dietary supplements have thus gained a strong following as many opt to pop a vitamin pill than consume its natural equivalent. Hence, the irony lies in having to pay for our food and then more to beef up its nutrition else we be consuming stomach fillers. Exercise is a great method to prevent eye floaters. Although there's no direct relation between these two elements, exercise brings about healthy bodies which inadvertently relieves us of ailments. Since some medications for these ailments are causes of floaters, by relieving ourselves of these drugs are just cause to prevent eye floaters. Being constantly huddled over our computers adds stress to our bodies. Stress manifests itself in various forms, one being the formation of eye floaters. As part of nutrition and lifestyle, take a walk in the park and reward your eyes with some offline time.

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