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It is absolutely natural for couples to wonder what their baby's gender will be. In some cases, they would even resort to online baby gender quizzes or baby calculators just so they can compute the odds of conceiving a girl vis-a-vis a boy. Baby gender prediction can be done through several methods - some of which providing 100% accuracy and supported by scientific studies while others remain mere tell-tales. If you are not a big fan of surprises and you want to find out about your baby's gender right away, you may want to consider some of these baby gender prediction tips. The Old Wives Tale - Despite the technologies that we have today, there remains a wide range of superstitions regarding baby gender prediction. The accuracy of these old techniques vary widely but they can be a fun way to compute the odds of having a girl or a boy. For instance, some couples believe that you can detect your baby's gender through the Drano prediction method. This technique involves checking the urine color after it is added to a cup filled with Drano. A dark urine color is an indication that you are going to have a boy while urine that does not change its color indicates a girl. Another popular baby gender prediction belief is through your wedding ring. You dangle the wedding ring over your belly. If it swings in a circular motion, you are most likely to conceive a girl. If it swings back and forth, there is greater possibility for a boy. Baby gender prediction test - The baby gender prediction test is best for parents who want prefer Science over tell-tales. The kit determines baby's sex by tracing the amount of active fetal chromosomal DNA in your blood sample. This exam can be taken within your first five weeks after conception. It is believed that the test surpasses 80-90% accuracy rate of ultrasounds. Ultrasound - If your baby is positioned correctly, you can detect your baby's gender approximately 16 weeks after conception. An ultrasound is a medical method used during pregnancy to detect possible baby defects, to accurately count and determine your due date and to check the growth, size and the gender of your baby. The exam makes use of sound waves which are usually above the range of human hearing. These waves facilitate the creation of images of the organs within the mother's body. As the waves bounce back from your body back to the machine, the reflection of the waves is analyzed by the computer and is turned into pictures. If you want a more advance output, you can take a 3D ultrasound and a keepsake picture or video of your unborn baby. While the ultrasound has proven to be 95% accurate, there remains a very few situations wherein the wrong gender is advised. Depending on your ethical considerations and beliefs, there are a wide range of baby gender prediction tests to consider. Accuracy; however, is most likely to be attained through science and medical techniques.

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Baby Gender Prediction Tips