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In developing the final developed brand mark for La Manteiga, detailed research and process was developed on the 60’s, Vinyl cover art, and their signage solutions. To develop a nostalgic vibe.

The concept around La Manteiga was developing an atmosphere that could establish connection, and nostalgia.


A connection to a better time, economically. A time filled with vibrance, color, and dance that the 60’s braught from the Latino Community. The overall theme of La Manteiga cannot be set. Instead it is set on the hightlights of the 60’s. Such highlights include theater with WS Story, Mambo dancing, and the 60’s lifestyle. All three elements, are crucial components of what La Manteiga has to offer to Centro Ybor.


Much inspiration came from design in the era of “ Habana Before Castro ” Additional inspiration came from multiple vinyl record covers that showcased the vibrance, and the quality of the music with vivid imagry. Titles including Perez Prado a pioneer in the Mambo Danzon Movement

To fully understand and feel the impact of La Manteiga a set of deliverables have been implemented. Each implementation was taken developed upon a vintage vibe, yet classic and classy with a flavor. Posters The posters developed for La Manteiga are delivered at a 11x17 scale for maximum awareness within Ybor and Neighboring areas. Each poster will be implemented in English and Spanish for maximum exposure and communication to a wide variety.



The solution for La Manteiga symbolizes class, and a touch of Art Deco that existed within design in the 60’s.


Menu Design A menu was developed with the inspiration of a vinyl album cover. The template for a vinyl album cover was used to convey a menu. It was developed hence its size and existance in the 60’s with HI-FI Quality Voltage. Web component Standard web component with information on La Manteiga. Additional links on the site allow for reservations, coming attractions, and a sneak peek at their Fine Latin Cuisine.

La Manteiga and its ideas for deliverables are focused on the essentials of communicating the 60’s vibe.


La Manteiga will provide as a new restaurant and club for the Tampa Bay area. With stellar entertainment from music to life acts, La Manteiga is a significant venue. La Manteiga will stand apart from competition as an Upper Class Establishment in Ybor City. With a touch of Latin flavor, and a lively atmosphere at all hours of the day. Visit La Manteiga.

La Manteiga Concept Book  
La Manteiga Concept Book  

La Manteiga Concept Book