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Marketing Brief

Juan Carlos Mora

AIPTEK international. Company Information

Founded in 1997, from the Taiwanese Silicon Valley. AIPTEK international was the first in offering the Pocket Size camera to the Camcorder Market. AIPTEK has also been responsible for becoming the leader in the Market of PocketDV ( Pocket Digital Video). The products that are offered by AIPTEK are sold in a wide range. Nationwide Markets, offered to Wholesalers, and retailers in US, EU, and the Chinese Market. Aiptek International, Inc. engages in the development, manufacture, and marketing of products based on hand writing, digital video, wireless communication, and optoelectronic technologies. The company’s products include digital video camcorder, digital camera, digital binocular, optical-pen mouse, Bluetooth Tablet, network camera, Bluetooth Hi-Fi link set and headphone set, and home security products. It operates in Taiwan, the United States, Germany, and China. AIPTEK was founded in 1997 and is headquartered in Hsinchu, Taiwan.

Product Line Service HD Camcorders

Within the market for Camcorders the prices can vary from high to low prices all depending on the, Name brand and the special features on each. As for the Aiptek Action HD GVS 1080P HD Camcorder, competing with high demand companies such as SANYO, Canon, and Nikon will always be a factor. The camcorder developed by AIPTEK encourages a sleek look for the ideal buyer. Enforcing the sleek look ensures the user to feel comfortable and assured while utilizing the product. Controls of the camcorder are easily available without having to search intensively. Quick recognition of key symbols on the device add to comfort of using this product. When in use as well as not the compact size remains small. With an extended 3 Inch Color LCD to preview the development of any footage by the camcorder this provides more visibility for ultimate control.

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1080p High Definition Camcorder 3 Inch Color LCD Optical Zoom 5xs Auto Focus 4 x’s Digital Zoom Gyroscope Stabalization for stabality while recording videos 5 MP Images with Macro Lens Capability for High Quality Close Ups

The focus is on us


Target Audience Demograph & Psychograph

From the the observation on the target audience,Young Male Adults wear prodominatly professional attire. As well as engage in sporting activites to remain fit, strong, and dominant. This demograph is mostly seen around computers, within a professional and personal space. As well as in the, company of the opposite sex. All these are important factors of the demograph and what they have, or are seen participating in. When participating with a lense the young male adult is often seen with a member of the opposite sex posing for the lense and appealing off to the lense with a distinct look of power.

Psycograph The Refuge Seeker • Always wanting to be surrounded by comfertable environments • Well Educated. • Fuss over the details of the Product • Like to be romanced with the details to ensure purchases.

Demograph Summary Young Adults • • • • • •

61% Male , 39% Female 18- 26 Age African Americans to Hispanics No Kids $ 0- 60k College Education

The focus is on us


Goals & Objectives

As it is important to grow within a specific market, specifics must be tackeled in order for these changes to be considered. Strong, smart, and most of all new. For AIPTEK the solution would reside in cultivating more awareness for the consumer. It is to say, if AIPTEK is the cheaper alternative with a main focus of keeping your ( the consumers) life in memory. Expanding the promotional stratedgies to mirror the tagline are essencial, to continue make the connection.

Primary Goals & Objectives

Focus on the already smart, incentives that AIPTEK contains, and extending these. Change placement of products to make a difference in the market place. Stand away from the competitors way and mark a new path to show and educate the consumer.

Informing the consumer about AIPTEK, ceasing the appearance of hiding away from the consumer. Inprove delivery of product and strategies within this delivery. Communiction of the product within means of visuals and examples of how the product can be used.

Secondary Goals & Objectives

Communicate AIPTEK and its benefits and how they can diminish the search for the ideal camcorder. Including information on price and values this product gives are essential to show. Information on being the only camera in the industry to supply a Gyroscope Stabalization make a key difference stroke that differ a purchase from a undecided customer.

The focus is on us


Unique Selling Proposition

To all consumers the chance and opportunity, to have a powerful peice of equipment is always a must. To have full control and to feel in power always adds a scence of tranquility and re-assurance to the consumer. For a product Being able to purform at a top notch always makes the difference between being purchased and making the consumer insecure about the purchase.

Gyroscope Technology

Defining the consumers wants are to be noted as being the ones that are expected. If the consumer wishes to purchase a good camcorder then, this should be given with unique properties that will make the product stand away from the others. In the case of the Aiptek Action HD GVS 1080P HD Camcorder, a level of trust and control can be given as a attribute of this product. It contains a mechanism to add control to what all video takers want in the entirety of there production. A mechanism this contains is a Gyroscope Stabalizer that adds precision to the video being taken, under shaking circumstances.

As this Stabalizer adds as a feature to the already advanced HD camcorder. Having this mechanism strives AIPTEK away from the competition, as no other camcorder in the market has a vision stabalizer to the magnitude of the one available by AIPTEK. The Idea is to adapt this special feature to extreme situations to show the consumer how extreme the prescision of this camcorder is. Examples of such situations are measured from extreme and rapid angles of capture.

Soccer Shots In the game of soccer there is vast movement and vast action involved. In order to capture clear ideal moments of a game strong stabalization is needed, Aiptek is the solution for blurry capture. From any angle the precision is clear with Aiptek. The use of imagery in a soccer game can be used to simulate this capture and prove the capturing of crisp action.

Gyro Motion

The use of circular and oval fast imagry simulates that of the gyrosphere technoloy. Proving alike the fast pased soccer imagery that the product with stands rapid speeds, and sudden acceleration when capturing a clear image.

The focus is on us



Advertising of all the measured extremes considered for recording using the Gyroscope Stabalization. From the Highest of extremes it is important to show off the storms and disasters occuring within an ad. In medium associate the idea of Wildlife documentation, and lastly Slight would encompass those family moments more centered in targeting AIPTEKS friendly side, keeping your life in memory no matter what the event.

Tagline Devising a new tagline mainly for the use within the use of the HD camcorder is important. Giving this product a own tagline or line of products strengthens the camcorders and gives off the impression to consumers that this product is so effective and good it recieves it own tagline. Something the consumer can remember and devise as a vehicle for purchasing.

“The Focus is on Us�

The focus is on us


Aiptek Marketing Brief  
Aiptek Marketing Brief  

Aiptek Marketing Brief