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Social Marketing Strategies What Do Social Networking Sites Have That Other Sites Do Not SadaeHussaini _____________________________________________________________________________________

By Jorje Belly -

As you create and develop your strategies for both search engine marketing and social marketing, one question may come to mind: What can a social networking site do for my social marketing plan that my own web site cannot. Your approach toward effective social marketing depends upon how you plan to use social marketing within your search engine optimization strategy. These social marketing tips should help you understand the ins and outs of social networking.

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Better than a blog. Regular blog posts are a valuable asset to your search engine marketing plan and should not be discarded for an exclusively social approach to online marketing. However, social networks do have these advantages over basic blogs:

Interactions. Social networks are essentially a two-way (or more) street. With regular updates and status reports, you and your followers know what one another are up to in your respective marketing and social worlds. Connections. While blogs provide information, social networks extend your connections to include a more personal side. What books you are reading, your favorite RSS feeds, and a listing of group memberships present the more transparent qualities in demand under the new Web 2.0 playbook. Maintaining a blog is often easier in terms of fulfilling the requirements of your search engine marketing strategy. However, if you want to increase your reach while meeting the challenge of an effective social marketing plan, social networking and public profiles are the current tools of the trade. Hipper than a home page. Your home page is just that: your home. You add your personal touches, post content that you deem appropriate, and include a signature design that distinguishes your individual brand from all others. But, just how does it fit in to your social marketing strategy? Here are a few reasons why social networking sites may appeal to your potential customers more than a home page.

Level playing field. Memberships with social networks all have the benefit of the same public profile information and features included with the network. Although your home page supplies the information that satisfies your search engine marketing plan, your social marketing plan needs outside reinforcements found within your personal choice of social networks.

Forget the formalities. Some basic social marketing tips that help draw customers to you are found in the completion of your public profiles with your social network memberships. Share a bit of yourself through social networking and enjoy the return in favor by your many loyal followers. Away from your home page, you can appeal to a broader audience without the formal feel of the virtual boardroom. Web 2.0 social marketing strategies require a transparent personal to appeal to the broader audience of the World Wide Web. Your tweak your search engine marketing strategy to set yourself apart from your competition. By devoting the same attention to your social marketing strategy, you can generate an exponential amount of traffic by meeting the demands of your Web customers under their own terms.

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