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The Problems Of Coal Dust And Its Control BY JNB LABS

The Usage Of Coal In The U.S One of the biggest problems facing the coal-fired power plants is the nuisance of coal dust. Coal dust is bound to be present in places where there is coal. In America, more than one billion tons of coal is produced every year. Around 90 percent of this coal is utilized for generating electricity at the power plants. There are around 1,400 coal fired units in America that are consuming more than 900 million tons of coal annually. This information has been provided by the Energy Information Administration.

The Intensity Of The Problem The power plants have to handle millions of tons of coal each year. The main priority is to minimize this problem. Various techniques are employed for managing, controlling and preventing coal dust. Coal dust is a nuisance as it increases the risks of coal dust explosions. Apart from being a safety and environmental hazard, it also increases the costs being incurred for maintaining the equipments. Hence, controlling this problem immediately is important for the workers and environment.

Controlling Coal Dust Most of the coal-fired plants have turned towards dust suppression systems in order to control this menace. The main strategy is to control the fine airborne coal particles. Various techniques are employed in this regard. The most important ones have been discussed here.

Fog One of the latest and cost effective techniques for controlling coal dust is employing a fogging system. This ensures the removal of dust from the air. This system uses small droplets of water that are injected into the air. The airborne dust particles would then be adhering to these water droplets and undergo agglomeration. After that they would have become heavy enough to fall to the surface.

Conveyor Covers The conveyors possess a major problem. When materials are being passed on from one place to the other, the cross winds will be causing the dust to be lifted. This issue can be overcome by covering all the conveyors.

Use of Sprinklers This method involves spraying water on to the stockpiles. This would then keep them damped down. However, these sprinklers need to be used with caution as significant amount of water is required. It could possibly cause drainage and other treatment problems.

Use of Surfactants Chemicals can be added to the water being used as sprinklers to improve the penetration of the water. This is usually useful on hallways. Vehicles are known for regularly stirring up dust in such places with their movements. By employing surfactants, the number of times the surface has to be treated can be reduced. These were some of the preventative techniques that can be utilized for controlling the problem.

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The problems of coal dust and its control  

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The problems of coal dust and its control  

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