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Jennifer Ambrosini 2/10/11 Reflection I found some inspiration for my plot from the movie "Coraline". I used the idea of a girl who feels that she has no connection with her parents, wishes that she had different parents who would pay more attention to her, but ends up regretting what she wishes for. I also took the idea of using a fantasy world, even though in Coraline it was actually a parallel universe. I also found it somewhat difficult to write the dialogue in the script for the children. I tried to put myself in the position of a ten year-old girl when I was writing Penelope’s lines. I attempted to keep the words in the dialogue as simple as possible so that it didn’t sound as though an adult was writing it. One of the most important parts of the plot is that Penelope has to embark on a mini journey to realize how much her parents love her. It embraces the concept of how people sometimes don’t realize what they have until it is gone. I chose the name Penelope for my main character because I felt that it had a whimsical feel to it. I feel that it is important to pick a name that suits the character because it adds more flair to the character. I also chose an amusement park as the location for the fantasy world because it embodies the idea of fun and I felt that anything else might be too commonplace.


Reflection of There's No Place Like Home.