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Who are we?

Roles Bobby

Creative director


Art director


Brand Identity Developer


Visual Image Developer


Account Executive


Illustrator and linguist

Our Mission “Working with a well-balanced work ethos we put our name into our practice. Our studio operates in a friendly, approachable and informal manner. Based in the heart of Barcelona, we encompass the bold, vibrant and lively culture.�

Barcelona! 44 Avinguda del Poble Sec 08820 Barcelona Espana

USP In recent years there has been a digital communications revolution which has changed branding. As the consumers voice has become louder and more public. We know this and now have an understanding of we can design to cater for audiences of any size. We aim to aid our clients and we will help them to grow as an event and brand.

Cost €3000 share capital €27,000 start up costs €30,000 total start up funding €8,500 total monthly costs (6 persons) €102,000 total annual costs €11.50 per hour (10% weekly commission) year one - €102,000 year two - €200,000 year three - €250,000

Brand guidelines The Equlibrio logo should also remain in black, if it should be placed onto a black background it can be reversed into white but no other colour. At no time can the logo appear in any other colour apart from black. Logo size The Equlibrio logo has been designed to reproduce at a minimum height of 8mm. There is no maximum reproduction size.


Where possible, in print, the Equlibrio logo should always appear in the central position of the page. It should be placed NO closer than 10mm from the trimmed edge.

Work style Barcelona is renowned for it’s rich culture and street festivals. We will capitalise on this by specialising in local event branding and promotion.

Work style

Branding and promotional design for music festivals and events will be our main focus

Work style

With a large number of museums and galleries in Barcelona we will target future clients with in this field creating museum and exhibition branding and promotion.

Client relations -Press party for local businesses and potential clients


Equilbrio presentation  
Equilbrio presentation