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so who's this girl with the big hair?

Hi, i’m J’nae Louise Saunders. (a bit of a mouthful) Born in the South, with a Northern soul! I am a creative with a eccentric outlook on life and a bunch of crazy ideas. I love music, fashion, photography, culture, dancing, singing in the shower, late nights, productive mornings, good vibes, strongs brews, haribo, the summer, and travelling. But most of all I love being a creative:: As a designer I am forever evolving. I like to experiment with a multitude of design processes, weather i’m making something by hand or creating something digitally, I have an urge to make it diverse. I specifically specialise in branding and identity, print, editorial and art direction. I have a work hard and stay humble ethic, which makes me a well grounded and open minded designer. It’s nice to meet you.

A look into what I can do.

1. Editorial Edge :: A coded and design website based on the love of fashion editorials. Accomapnied by promotional printed items 2. Asos Mode :: A re-design application for the Asos clothing brand for people who want to be constantly updated with whats current and new. The app allows users to create their own online identity, personalised to their individual needs. 3. Women In Colour Exhibition :: A proposed exhibiton with printed emphara, celebrating black culture in Britain. 4. Ascender :: A typographically themed restuarant, based in the centre of London in a converted roof. The resturant is for business professionals with a taste for fine italian quisene. 5. For The Love Of Print :: A series of books and printed promotional material, informting young designers on the different processes that are avaible for them to experiment with. The publications are bright, bold and full of informative content.

i'm to ecletic

to be defined

Graphic Design + 44 (0) 79 39 969803

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