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Wacky Weather

An Introduction to the Wonderful World of Weather! By: Jamie Ammons

What is Weather? The weather is what is taking place around you right now! It is an important part of our lives and one that we cannot control. Instead the weather often controls how and where we live, what we do, what we wear and what we eat.

Weather is made up of many different measurements and observations including: •Temperature •Pressure •Precipitation (rain, snow, sleet, hail) •Cloud cover

Temperature • Temperature is how hot or cold it is outside. • Temperature is measured with a thermometer in units of degrees. • There are two different scales to measure temperature: Fahrenheit and Celsius. • The temperature is usually colder at night and hotter during the day. • Heat index and child chill values are how hot or cold it may feel to you.

Pressure • Pressure is the ‘weight’ of the air on objects. • Pressure drops as you go higher into the air. • Pressure is measured with a barometer. • Lower pressure usually means that it’s going to rain or storm.

Precipitation • Rain: Liquid drops that fall from the sky. • Rain is the most common form of precipitation. • Too much rain can cause flooding which can be very deadly. • Rain is measured with a rain gauge.

Precipitation • Snow: Soft, fluffy ice crystals that fall out of clouds. • A snowflake is a frozen rain drop. • Every snowflake that falls from clouds is different, made from ice crystals and with 6 sides. • Snow is measured with a ruler.

Precipitation • Hail: big balls of ice. • Hail stones can be as small as a marble or as large as a softball. • Hail occurs during thunderstorms.

Precipitation • Sleet: small chunks of ice. • Sleet is made up of a bunch of snowflakes stuck together. • Sleet only occurs during cold weather.

Clouds Cirrus •High level clouds •They look light and feathery.

Cumulus •Mid-level clouds •These clouds look like puffy cotton.

Status •Low level clouds •These clouds look like solid sheets of clouds.

Clouds • Cumulonimbus clouds are the ones that produce the most severe weather. • They produce lightning, heavy rain, and sometime hail and tornados.

Clouds • Simple observation can be made such as Clear - no cloud cover Partly cloudy - less than half cloud cover Mainly cloudy - more than half cloud cover but with some breaks in the cloud Overcast - complete cloud cover

Forecasting • Meteorologist are people who study and forecast the weather. • They use super computers that can read lots of weather data. • Broadcast meteorologist are the ones you see on TV that tell you the weather. • To become a meteorologist you must go to college and get a four year degree.

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Author Jamie Ammons is a fifth grade teacher in Laurinburg, North Carolina. She has a degree in Meteorology from the University of North Carolina-Asheville. She lives in Wagram, NC with her dog Riley!

Wacky Weather  

An introduction to weather for fith grade students.

Wacky Weather  

An introduction to weather for fith grade students.