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In this issue:  FMUK Time Trial  FMUK Clio Cup  PzCAM ( Project zero Classic American Muscle )  FUTCC Season 2  Vinyl Master  Photomode Competition  Tuning Marketplace Leaderboard  Babe of the week  Joke of the week

TT#12 Car Class: R2 Track: Sidewinder Layout D

Final Standings FTW Lee - 39.445 PzR Crazy - 39.500 HLR Warrior - 39.786 GRT Brianplank - 39.841 FTW Pacemaker - 40.050 FTW Carlos - 40.275 Nudger1964 - 40.395 TfR Joyrider - 40.571 McFlynn - 40.833 Texen7 - 40.898

Dabullll - 41.049 TMG Cerbera5 - 41.097 Salkywheat - 41.237 TfR Toshiro - 41.680 Primetime - 42.187 Beava - 42.238 PzR Maxster - 42.227 TfR Jexs - 42.713 MetalMiketh - 43:297 Smokinmasta - 44.008

Current Standings Suicyde Sid - 1.03.799 ( #3 ) PzR Crazy - 1:03.857 Nudger - 1:03.915 FTW Lee - 1:03.995 PzR Staarman - 1:04.358 McFlynn - 1.04.778 FTW Carlos - 1:04.877 PzR Maxster - 1.04.974 G3arSt1ck - 1:05.078 TfR Wesman - 1:05.161 StalkyWheat - 1.05.215 TfR Joyrider - 1:05.332 HLR Alphadog - 1:05.383 HLR Gaj - 1:05.821 Smokinmasta - 1:05.831 Bad-co - 1:05.896 StoneDef - 1:06.265 Primetime - 1:06.604 Evilpengwinz - 1:06.964 TMG Cerbera5 - 1:07.663

Rounds 5 & 6 - Iberian Full Track Information Rounds 5 and 6 see us return to the Montserrat mountains to visit the Iberian International Circuit. This begins our journey North East through Europe. This short circuit brings many challenges and its undulating nature always leads to interesting racing. Located next to Camino Viejo there are many similarities in the scenery. This track is in stark contrast to Catalunya, but the action should be just as intense. With only 3 real braking points in the circuit overtaking could be a challenge, but these cars seem to show that overtaking is possible anywhere. Exiting the last corner provides possibly the best opportunity to pass, heading down the main straight and braking for the first corner. Keeping these cars stable around the sweeping turn 3 may be a challenge for some drivers. The double apex left hander before the last corner could also be an interesting view point as slowing for the last corner is so crucial.

Results Lobby One Round 5

Round 6

Jamesy Crzy Ace Tak Solar Senna Tricky McQuiston

Jamesy Tak Senna Crazy Ace McQuiston Tricky Solar

Lobby Two Round 5

Round 6

PzR Kittylitter bearboy54 Enzo Smithers PzR Maxster Scanyman82 bazza22000

PzR Kittylitter bearboy54 PzR Maxster Enzo Smithers bazza22000 iiBlondie Scanyman82

Lobby Three Round 5

Round 6

Staarman Woodchip Flynn67 DoonyUK Spacejock55

Staarman Flynn67 Woodchip DoonyUK Spacejock55

Lobby Four Round 5 MagicBoy MetalMiketh Flipote sprogleg w4kky

Round 6 Flipote MagicBoy MetalMiketh sprogleg

Current Standings

Race Review (Lobby Four) Round 5 of the FUCC was filled with tense action from the lights going out to the chequered flag. Woodchip had an amazing start off the line, and took the early lead, fending off attacks from Flynn, Staarman and Doony. Lap 4 saw a change in the lead as Woodchip hit the brakes slightly too late and Doony slid through. Lap 6 saw Woodchip out brakes himself (again) into the last corner and this gave Staarman the run up the inside onto the front straight. This looked like it would be the status quo for the rest of the race until Lap 8 where Doony missed the first corner, ran over the grass and when rejoining the track clipped Staarman. This sent Doony back onto the grass and he eventually rejoined down in third. Late into lap 9 Doony ran wide and this gave Flynn the much needed

chance to nip past on the straight to take third. Flynn was released and chased Woodchip down, but there was too much ground to make up by this point, and Woodchip kept second place. Spacejock had a relatively uneventful race and brought the car home in fifth. Final result of the sprint race: 1. Staarman, 2. Woodchip, 3. Flynn, 4. Doony, 5. Spacejock Round 6 was as exciting but still had the stands on their feet. First round turn 1 was Spacejock, but after a rub from second place Doony in the exit of the second corner they dropped to fourth (Doony) and fifth (Spacejock). Doony then performed the gentlemanly manoeuvre of allowing Spacejock to pass him. Woodchip opted for the early pitstop, stopping just as they start lap 3. This allowed Starrman through to start a series of quick laps. Doony stopped at the end of lap 4. Flynn had a bit of a scrappy lap on his fourth time around, and spent more time on the grass than on the track. The next action on circuit didn’t happen until lap 14 when Spacejock stopped for his mandatory stop and Doony passed him in the pits. Flynn stopped on lap 16 and Staarman on lap 17. Status quo was now reached with all 5 competitors in clean air. Final result of the feature race: 1. Staarman, 2. Flynn, 3. Woodchip, 4. Doony, 5. Spacejock

Rounds 7 & 8 - Le Mans Bugatti

Track Information Rounds 7 and 8 take us out of Spain for the first time in this championship. The infamous Le Mans circuit is our next stop in our European tour. There is no drag race down Mulsane Straight for this spirited little car though. Instead we are racing the Bugatti circuit. With several tight bends and 2 long straights there could be plenty of passing around this 2.6 mile circuit. The final double right hander will prove crucial as everyone battles to get a fast exit. Also the fast chicane along the back straight is bound to see plenty of action as people will almost certainly be outbraking themselves around there. There are a couple of points to remember around here. If you do outbrake yourself at the fast chicane ensure that you give back any advantage you may have gained. The other is running wide around the final right handers to gain an unfair advantage. Should anyone be found guilty of this then the necessary action shall be taken. With a 24 point lead Jamesy is looking a firm favourite for this championship, but Tak and Crazy are right on his tail. Also Bearboy makes his debut into the top lobby following a spell of outstanding consistency, but will he have what it takes to race with the elite? Date: Thursday 15th April Start Time: 9pm

Sedona, Arizona, USA The third meeting of the PzCAM brings us to the relatively new Sedona Club circuit. The shortest circuit on the calendar, it is not ideally suited to the muscle cars, and should actually give us some good racing, with incorrect lines being likely around any corner. Also, given that corner 3 has some nasty Stop-Em-Dead, we could see a few incidents here. The dips and bumps of this track could well unsettle the cars as well, so we may well see some spinning occur. Please be careful out there, as we don't want anyone's races curtailed by over-exuberant avoidance manoeuvres.

Rounds 1 & 2 - Le Mans Bugatti & Laguna Seca

Results Lobby One Bugatti

Laguna Seca

PzR Crazy TomCluski PzR KittyLitter PzR Spann3rs NB PzR DarkMoon PzR Maxster

PzR Crazy TomCluski PzR KittyLitter PzR Spann3rs NB PzR Maxster PzR DarkMoon

Lobby Two Bugatti PzR Raf90 AceAceBabii Primetime Wiggy Diggy Poo Bazza Salmonboyuk Edgartonian

Laguna Seca PzR Raf90 AceAceBabii Primetime Wiggy Diggy Poo Edgartonian Bazza Salmonboyuk

Lobby Three Bugatti

Laguna Seca

PzR Slim Evilpengwinz Gearstick Virus Viva Doony

Evilpengwinz PzR Slim Gearstick Virus Viva Doony

Lobby Four Bugatti

Laguna Seca

TfR Jexs Enzo Smithers StalkyWheat Faithfull - DNF

TfR Jexs Enzo Smithers Faithfull StalkyWheat

Current Standings

There was sad news earlier in the week when Joker announced his retirement from running this competition. Joker started running Vinylmaster back in December of 2008 and I think it has to be said that he has done a great job. Not only did it give the painter of Forza Motorsport something a little bit different to try their hand at, but it also gave the tuning garages a chance to snap up un-noticed talent. All is not lost though as Beava and Salmonboyuk have stepped in and are going to be running this competition. Here is what they have picked out for their first month in charge.

April 4th - May 4th Theme: - British Touring Car Championship (new - old) Restrictions: - None

You still have time to get your paint done for this competition.

Photomode Competition #20 Car - Any Track - Any Special Rules - Sepia shots only

The winner of this was Woodchip with this photo:

In second place was Spacejock with this photo:

And taking third spot was PzR Staarman with this photo:

Photomode Competition #21 Car - Any Track - Any Special Rules - Any

Voting for this competition is currently ongoing in the Photomode Competition sub-forum within the Competitions section of the site so please head on over and cast your vote.

Photomode Competition #22 Car - Lotus Esprit Track - Maple Valley Special Rules - Any Deadline - 17th April, 12 midnight

Not sure where to spend you hard earned credits? Well here is a quick low down of how fast a selection of cars from the tuning market place can be driven around Nurburgring GP Short. I run each car in a 5 lap race around Nurburgring GP Short, with simulation damage on. Why did I choose this track? Well I think this is a good track to gauge how good a car will be for use in the online public hoppers as it has a couple of long straights mixed together by tight flowing corners. With this mix of thrack the car has to be well ballanced to deal with the left right turns. Good acceleration and top end speed for coming out of the tight corners to take full advantage of the straights and good breaks to deal with the opening hairpin right. In my opinion a car with this sort of setup will do very well on a load of different tracks, which is good news for public hoppers.


Babe of the week

Amy Lu

Joke of the week The MSN Game Brainbattle is homophobic. Whenever I answered a question with the word 'Homosexuality' it told me 'Homosexuality is wrong'

Dark Side of the Moon #16  

Sixteenth episode of Dark Side of the Moon.

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