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 FMUK Time Trial  FMUK Clio Cup  PzTYC (Project zero Toyota Yaris Cup)  PzCAM (Project zero Classic American Muscle)  Vinyl Master  Photomode Competition  Babe of the week  Joke of the week


Car Class: C Class Track: Suzuka East Deadline: Saturday, 20th March, 11:59pm As we move into the final week of this Time Trial this is how it stands Nudger - 51.988 FTW Pacemaker - 52:270 TfR Wesman - 52:286 FTW Carlos - 52.342 Texen7 - 52.373 PzR Staarman - 52.398 McFlynn - 52.544 RS Marty TDi - 52.558 PzR Maxster - 52.584 Texen7 - 52.965

HLR Gaj - 53.031 TfR Jexs - 53.088 HLR AlphaDog - 53.175 TfR Guru - 53.476 TfR Toshiro - 53.520 TMG Cerbera5 - 53:860 Smokinmasta - 53.889 Primetime - 54.005 Facehugger - 54.542

Qualification for this gets underway tomorrow night, so you still have time to sign up and get a spot to qualify. Qualifying will be taking place all this week. The car is a 2007 Renault Clio RS 197 (20,000 Cr) with a set tune available from Woodchip SFD’s storefront for 6,000 Cr. Parts for the build cost approx 58,000 Cr. This is a fixed build championship so tampering of the tune is not allowed. We are piloting a new points system for this championship that has spent several days in development. It’s quite simple to understand when you get the idea. You are given points for your win (in either race) on the following basis; 1st 20 5th 4 2nd 15 6th 3 3rd 10 7th 2 4th 6 8th 1

You are then given bonus points based on your lobby. Lobby 1 – 60 Lobby 2 – 50 Lobby 3 – 40 Lobby 4 – 30

Lobby 5 – 20 Lobby 6 – 10 Lobby 7 – 00

Each race night will see a 12 minute sprint race with a random grid followed by a 30 minute feature race with reverse grid. Simulation Damage Collisions on ABS can be ON Driving Line, Autobrake, TCS and STM will be OFF There is one mandatory pit stop in the feature race. Not on lap 1 and not on the last lap. If you stop on lap 1 to repair damage then this will not be counted as your stop. There is NO mandatory pit stop in the sprint race. Race Schedule 15-21/03 - Seeding - Suzuka East 25/03 - Cameno Viejo Short 01/04 - Catalunya National 08/04 - Iberian Full 15/04 - Le Mans Bugatti 22/04 - Silverstone National 29/04 - TBC - See Poll Prize cars and paint jobs are on offer (to be announced at a later date). The current in-game prize fund is 1,000,000 Cr. This will be distributed throughout the championship, and we have bonus prizes for best paint job, most improved, as well as a wooden spoon prize.

The PzTYC (Project Zero Toyota Yaris Cup) is the first race series to be brought to you from the PZCAA (Project Zero Competition Automobile Association) team. Here are the final standings

Well done to everyone who took part on this competition.

Day: Sunday Time: 9pm Car Restrictions In a change to having only one car as in the Yaris Cup, the Classic American Muscle Series will be using 5 different pre1975 Muscle cars. Four of these cars have been carefully balanced to ensure equal competition over the series, and the fifth has been designed as a qualification car. Qualifying restrictions Shelby GT500KR from PzR Tak's storefront. (Search for PzCAM) No Paintjob required Racing Restrictions Your teams allocated car from PzR Tak's storefront 70's style racing paintjob. The cost of this series will be relatively high, due to high costs of cars involved. However, you should make this back via racing during the series, and any practicing that you do. As mentioned in the racing restrictions, you will be allocated a car, depending on which team you are in. These cars will become available once the lobbies and teams have been announced. There is to be no reverse engineering of the build, and no

tuning allowed. If any tuning is found to have been done, expect to be dealt with very severely, ranging from total series disqualification, to total FMUK competition bans. Event schedule The first race will begin immediately after the qualifying session, and last the specified number of laps. The number of laps will include the rolling start. There will be no pitting required, unless you wish to. The second race shall feature a grid of the reversed finishing order of the first race, and will again feaure a rolling start, and not require a pitstop. If you want to pass, it must be done on the track! Race Schedule Road Atlanta Full (14th March) Sebring Full (21st March) Sedona Club (28th March) Laguna Seca (4th April) Sunset Peninsula (11th April) Road America (18th April) Pre-Season Qualifying (Week ending 14th March) Every signed-up drivers will have to qualify for their group. The format of this shall be a maximum 7 drivers per qualifying group, and one steward who shall collate the times, to be passed onto one of the organisers. The stewards shall qualify BEFORE everyone else, so there is no possibility of manipulating what group you are in. Qualifying for the PzCAM will take place at Sunset Peninsula Full. In a major change to the qualifying format for the PzTYC, we will run each and every lobby under a time limit of 30 minutes. This is to alleviate some of the pressure of qualifying,

and enable people's true form to shine through. There were a couple of notable people in the wrong lobby in the PzTYC, and this should rectify that, as long as some laps have been put in before attempting to qualify. Prizes There will be both vCash and in-game credit prizes for this Championship, as well as prize cars from Chop Shop and Concept Tuned. Championship win: 1000 vCash Championship 2nd: 500 vCash Championship 3rd: 300 vCash Race win: 300 vCash 2nd Place: 200 vCash 3rd Place: 100 vCash In-game credit prizes to be announced later

January 20th - February 20th Theme: Rally replicas Restrictions: None Winner - Senna s1979

February 20th - March 20th. Theme: - TV Programmes from the last Decade Restrictions: - None You still have time to get your paint done for this competition.

Photomode Competition #16 Car - Any Track - Any Special Rules - None

The winner of this was Martino with this photo:

In second place was Spiny Anteater with this photo:

And taking equal third spots were PzR Torque and FTW Kyle with these photos:

Photomode Competition #17 Car - Any Track - Any Special Rules - Drifting Voting for this competition is currently ongoing in the Photomode Competition sub-forum within the Competitions section of the site so please head on over and cast your vote.

Photomode Competition #18 Car - Renault Clio Track - Any Special Rules - Colour shots only Deadline - 20th March, 12 midnight I am also in talks with Turn10 about them offering prizes for this competition. Will keep you updated as and when I know any more.

Babe of the week

Lindsey Strutt

Joke of the week My girlfriend and I went to a restaurant for dinner. It was a nice meal and we were ordering dessert. I asked the waiter how much the pie was. "ÂŁ3.14 sir," he replied. "That's funny," I chuckled. "What's that sir?" He asked. "That Down's syndrome boy just tried to hug a heater and burnt himself." We both had a good laugh.

Dark Side of the Moon #14  
Dark Side of the Moon #14  

Fourteenth edition of Dark Side of the Moon.