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FMUK Time Trial FTW Time Attack FMUK Porsche Cup PzTYC ( Project Zero Toyota Yaris Cup ) Vinyl Master Interview with …. Photomode Competition Race Pro Corner Babe of the week Joke of the week

TT#7 Class - D-Class Track - Fujimi Kaido Stage A Deadline - 16th January This Time Trial finished last night and here are the final standings: 1. Nudger1964 - 2:04.975 2. Kysco - 2:05.225 3. PzR Sunfly - 2:05.509 4. Hookandsling - 2:06.427 5. McFlynn - 2.08.545 6. HLR Warrior - 2:08.701 7. Nazdakka - 2:09.488 8. PzR Maxster - 2:09.530 9. Primetime - 2:10.801 10.tescoru - 2:10.867 11.i Red Devil x - 2:11.014

12.HLR Gaj - 2:11.234 13.Texen7 - 2:11.732 14.RS Marty TDi - 2:11.896 15.Forzaphile - 2:13.768 16.Woodchip SFD - 2:14.518 17.h00nta - 2:15.519 18.TfR Jexs - 2:15:534 19.Bad co - 2:16.120 20.Facehugger - 2:17.804 21.Spacejock55 - 2:22:843

Congratulations to Nudger1964 on his win.

TT #8 Class - C-Class Track - Silverstone National Deadline - 30th January

If you want to get in on what I consider to be the hardest fought HLC in forza land, just head on over to and sign up.

Last Wednesday saw the 3rd round of the FMUK Porsche Cup. Here are the rules competition host PzR Maxster is using for this competition: Drive train - RWD only Class - A600 Car List 1973 Porsche Carrera RS 1982 Porsche 911 Turbo 3.3 2004 Porsche 911 GT3 (966) 1995 Porsche 911 GT2

2007 Porsche 911 GT3 (977) 2007 Porsche 911 GT3 RS (977) 2008 Porsche 911 GT2 (997

Pits - Once Damage -Simulation Race day - Wednesday Start Time - 9pm Sign in - Required per race Assists - Open Qualifying - 4 laps pre race to set lobbies You have three flying laps to set a time. All the times are checked to make the lobby each week, this will take approximately 15mins.

Race One Silverstone GP - 13 laps Qualifying PzR Jamesy PzR Torque HLR Warrior Spiny Anteater Interallsorts PzR Slim McFlynn HLR Grimr3p3r Race Results 1. PzR Torque 2. PzR Jamesy 3. HLR Warrior 4. Spiny Anteater 5. PzR Slim 6. Interalsorts 7. HLR Grimr34p3r Championship Table

The Blade Father Evilpengwinz Smokinmasta PzR Maxster Wiggy Diggy Poo PzR Smidyy Bazza22000

The PzTYC (Project Zero Toyota Yaris Cup) is the first race series to be brought to you from the PZCAA (Project Zero Competition Automobile Association) team.

Championship Table after one week

Date: Sunday 17th January Start Time: 9pm Track: Tsukuba (Full Course) Laps: - Race One: 28 - Race Two: 29 (1 lap for rolling start)

Vinylmaster's 1st Forza 3 standalone competition Theme: - Classic arcade games Restrictions: - None The prizes:1. There will be a small entrance prize to all competitors in the way of 100 v-cash. 2. 3rd place prize winner will receive 300 v-cash 3. 2nd place prize winner will receive 600 v-cash 4. 1st place prize winner will receive 1000 v-cash + spot on front page to showcase design (subject to moderation team assisting Vinylmaster team). For full rules visit the Vinylmaster sub-forum within the Bodyshop section of the site.

Interview with PzR Dark Moon

Name: Liam Menown Age: 27 Location: Middlesbrough ( Billingham to be exact ) Occupation: ASDA How long have you been playing racing games for? I have been playing racing games as far back as the C64. My early memories are of games such as Pit Stop, JC’s Garnd Prix and the epic Indy 500. My older brother got me into racing games and up until the end of GT2 we were always competing against each other to be the fastest, but since he moved to Canada and only has a PS3 this rivalry has ended. How did you first get into the Forza Motorsport franchise? As I said earlier I had played the early GT games and when I got an Xbox I read about FM1 being Xbox’s answer to the GT series so thought why not. I didn’t really get into it like I have with 2 and 3 but thought it was ok.

When FM2 came out my mate bought it and I played it round his house and thought I must get this game. How did you get involved with Project zero Racing (PzR)? It all came about when I was a member of FTW. I was racing in the events on this site and found that when ever I was online I was always racing with FMUK and PzR members and very rarely spoke to anyone from FTW so I thought what is the point of being on a team that I never talk to or race against. What brought you to You can blame this on PzR Whitey. When I was a member of SPDN I was wanting to run in actual car to car racing instead of endless hot lapping. Whitey was a site member over at SPDN because of the HLC they ran ( now known as the FTW TAC ) and he told me about the PzTCC. I entered that competition and I havent left the site since. What is your greatest moment? Outside of Forza, it would be doing a cycle ride from ASDA Billingham to Whitby and back in one day. It’s a round trip of close to 80 mile and for the guys on here who have seen me, I am hardly the athletic type. By doing this we raised a few quid for Rhetts syndrome. The other would be raising over £800 for breast cancer research by hosting and taking part in a 12 hour cycle-a-thon which we did a few year ago. As for a Forza greatest moment it would probably be the first time I got into the top 100 on FM2. Do you have any comments or words of advice to give to our readers? No matter what you are doing, be it hot lapping or practicing for a race series, the best thing to do is save and watch replays of the guys who are quicker than you so you can se what they are doing differently.

Photomode Competition # 8 Car - Toyota Yaris Track - Any Special Rules - None

The winner of this was PzR Spanners NB with this photo:

In equal second place was Salmonboyuk with this photo:

And sk15kev with this photo:

Photomode Competition #9 Car - Any Track - Sedona Raceway Special Rules - None Voting for this competition is currently ongoing in the Photomode Competition sub-forum within the Competitions section of the site so please head on over and cast your vote.

Photomode Competition #10 Car - Any BMW Track - Nurburging Special Rules - None Deadline - 23rd January, 12 midnight You can also visit the winners gallery to see all the previous winners of this competition.

Time Attack 1.1 Results 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th

Tank Evilpengwinz Slim Enzo Molio

Date: 18/01/2010 Car: BMW M3 E30 Lobby Open: 10PM

1:26:033 1:26:620 1:26:734 1:28:863 1:29:989

Track: Zandvoort Assists: Semi Pro Lobby Close: 11PM

If you want to take part in this, just put your name down in the sign-in thread.

Babe of the week

Keeley Hazell

Joke of the week Bloke goes into pub and asks for 3 double whiskeys. '' You OK?'' asks the barman. ''NO, I've just found out my youngest son is gay!' The following week he goes in again, and asks for 6 double whiskeys. '' You OK?'' asks the barman again. ''NO, I've just found out my eldest son is gay aswell'. The week after he returns to the pub and asks for 13 doubles. '' FUCK ME' says the barman, '' Does any of your family like fanny?' ' Yep ' he replies, '' The wife '

Dark Side of the Moon #13  
Dark Side of the Moon #13  

Thirteen episode of DSotM.