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Welcome back to Dark Side of The Moon. After a few weeks off, I’m glad to be back to bring you up to date on everything going on at In this issue:

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FMUK Time Trial FTW Time Attack FMUK Porsche Cup PzTYC ( Project Zero Toyota Yaris Cup ) Vinyl Master Interview with …. Photomode Competition Race Pro Corner

The FMUK Time Trial’s are back after our Christmas break. On maybe a sad note, I have to say talks of the FMUK TT Championship have been put on hold until March at the earliest. The reason for this is I think people ( I know I will ) will want to spend their time on practicing for the race series that will be on the go with the banning of the racing line. The normal weekly TT’s will still be taking place so there will always be something to take part in on this site. Just visit the Time Trial’s sub-forum within the Competitions section to take part.

TT#7 Class - D-Class Track - Fujimi Kaido Stage A Deadline - 16th January

The FTW Time Attack moves into its 8th week with Ladera Full Reverse in A-Class and the Point to Point this week is Stage D of Rally de Positano in E-Class.

It would appear that the Porsche 997 RS is FTW’s car of choice so far with their newest team member l Lee l ( has yet to change his GT ) setting the new track record with a 47.484. Competition host, FTW Fat Rat is proving his worth yet again in these Point to Point events with his new track record of 1:54.783 in a Datsun 510. FTW’s other new member FTW Ky1e ( Formally PzR Kysco ) is hot on his tail though with a 1:55.065 in his VW Golf Gti MK2. If you want to get in on what I consider to be the hardes fought HLC in forza land, just head on over to and sign up.

Last Wednesday saw the opening round of the FMUK Porsche Cup. Here are the rules competition host PzR Maxster is using for this competition: Drive train - RWD only Class - A600 Car List 1973 Porsche Carrera RS 1982 Porsche 911 Turbo 3.3 2004 Porsche 911 GT3 (966) 1995 Porsche 911 GT2

Pits - Once Damage -Simulation Race day - Wednesday Start Time - 9pm Sign in - Required per race Assists - Open

2007 Porsche 911 GT3 (977) 2007 Porsche 911 GT3 RS (977) 2008 Porsche 911 GT2 (997

Qualifying - 4 laps pre race to set lobbies You have three flying laps to set a time. All the times are checked to make the lobby each week, this will take approximately 15mins Race One Le Mans Bugatti - 13 laps Qualifying Lobby One PzR TorQue Warrior PzR Slim Interallsorts PzR McQuiston Spiny Anteater Flynn67

Race Results 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14.

PzR TorQue PzR Slim PzR McQuiston Spiny Anteater Warrior Flynn67 PzR Smidyy Jamsey Primtime54 PzR Maxster interallsorts Bazza22000 Smokinmasta Evilpenginz

Lobby Two Primtime54 Bazza22000 Jamsey PzR Maxster Smokinmasta Evilpenginz PzR Smidyy

Championship Table

The PzTYC ( Project Zero Toyota Yaris Cup ) is the first race series to be brought to you from the PZCAA ( Project Zero Competition Automobile Association ) team. Let me fill you in on the details if this has somehow slipped you by: Car Restrictions The first car we are going to be using is the Toyota Yaris, and it will be a set build, which shall be available for free from PzR Tak's storefront. This build will not change, so you will only require one car for the entire season. Also, as it is on my storefront, tuning is not allowed for this first season. Before you all start getting worried about the PZCAA moving away from tuning, this is not the case, just for the first season. Due to not having to build the car, The restriction is as follows: Toyota Yaris from PzR Tak's storefront. (Search for PzTYC) Racing style paintjob Cost of the Yaris is 11,000 Cr, Cost of upgrades approx 37,480 (unsure of discounts)

Assists We now come to the possible point of controversy of this Championship. The only assist we are going to allow is Anti-Lock Brakes, and this is due to a disability to a member of the forum who cannot regulate the pressure he applies to the brakes. Automatic gearboxes,

shall be allowed as well, but we urge people to learn to shift in manual, as it allows much finer control of the car, and does not sacrifice power. ABS: Allowed TCS: Off STM: Off Suggested Line: Off Autobrake: Off Automatic Gears: Allowed The rationale for removing the use of the suggested line (that will follow into all of the PZCAA Competitions) is to enforce the need for skill during these competitions. These competitions are based on realism, and as such having braking markers appear on track for you are far away from what you would ever have in real life.

Event Format: Each week we shall have 2 races at the same track. These shall be two equal length races, lasting approximately 30 minutes each. Event schedule: The first race will begin immediately after the qualifying session, and last the specified number of laps. There will be no pitting required, unless you wish to. The second race shall feature a grid of the reversed finishing order of the first race, and will again not require a pit stop. If you want to pass, it must be done on the track! It will have a rolling start, and one more lap than the first race, to take this rolling lap into account.

Race Schedule: Camino Viejo Full Tsukuba Bugatti Motegi East Road Atlanta Short Sedona Club Reverse

(25 laps x 2) (10th January) (28 laps x 2) (17th January) (15 laps x 2) (24th January) (19 laps x 2) (31st January) (28 laps x 2) (7th February) (23 laps x 2) (14th February) (possibly 1 week later due to Valentine's Day)

Lobbies: The lobbies in our tournament are fixed. This means that you will be racing with the same 7 drivers for the entire season. For this reason we recommend that you only sign up if you can make the majority of races.

Pre-Season Qualifying: (Sunday 3rd January 2010) Every signed-up drivers will have to qualify for their group. The format of this shall be a maximum 7 drivers per qualifying group, and one steward who shall collate the times, to be passed onto one of the organisers. The stewards shall qualify BEFORE everyone else, so there is no possibility of manipulating what group you are in. Qualifying for the PzTYC will take place at Catalunya National Course. This course does not feature in the main Championship races so you will not be able to use this as a testing ground for any of the other rounds. Once all the times have been collated, everyone will be assigned a lobby for the season. This means the people you race in the first race will be your opponents until the last. Also, following on from qualifying, you will then be sorted into a team:

Teams: Everyone has to have a team-mate. This means that they will have to run the same car livery (obviously different number plates/race numbers). Your Team-mate can be a very useful tool, so make the most of them. Painting skills, Racing knowledge are just two examples of things your team mate can help you out with. Remember this is a game so try to use your team-mate to help build each other’s skill levels. When you have qualified, teams will be automatically formed, so there is no choosing in this format: If you qualify first, you will be paired with your mirror counterpart from the other end of your lobby table: 1 is paired with 8. 2 is paired with 7. 3 is paired with 6. 4 is paired with 5.

Well I think that about covers that. If you haven’t signed up for this and think you want to get involved all you have to do is post in the sign-up thread which can be found in the PZCAA sub-forum of the competitions section of the site. And now a few words from the president of the PZCAA, Mr. Guy Baldwin ( aka PzR Tak ) during the recent PzCAA press conference. Well here we are, on the cusp of a new era at The first competition sanctioned by the PZCAA is about to run, and qualifying is well under way. We have plenty of competitors, giving rise to approximately 5 lobbies, and there is still time to sign up. What is the PZCAA? The PZCAA is the body that oversees the restrictions and competition types that Project Zero Racing affiliate themselves with. It is purely a means to keep organised all the different competitions that shall be run, on a Sunday night. There are many ideas and competitions planned at present, and these should keep going well into the future. Why choose the Yaris? We chose the Yaris for one simple reason. It is easy to drive. It is also not very quick, enabling people to think about the corner that is upcoming, and their braking point. We thought this important, as, for the first time, a competition is being run with the braking line forced off. Why is the braking line forced off? It is felt that the braking line gives an advantage of consistency to the competitors that use it, and we feel it is fairer to say no-one can use it, rather than saying, if you want to be as consistent, you have to turn it on. Also, unlike other aids, the braking or full line have no basis in real life. How close do you expect the racing to be? The racing should be very close from what I have seen of practice so far. As it is not the fastest car in the world, the Yaris enables very close racing, and it is possible for one mistake by one person letting the whole field through, but the person who made the mistake will still be right there. With faster cars, mistakes cost more, so everyone should have a very close experience.

Why not use a floating lobby system There is room for more than one lobby system on The way that the PZCAA competitions run allows a champion for every lobby, rather than just one with a floating lobby system. The same people you run with every race, so you get some actual rivalries occurring. It also prevents you being too fast one week, but too slow the next. No system will ever be perfect, and the qualification brings with it its own excitement and tension. I haven't signed up. What can I do? If you want to sign up, you have until the end of Sunday 3rd January to do so, as long as you set a qualification lap on that day. PzR Tak is your contact for qualification. What competition is coming next? Time will tell, but plans are afoot for the next 24 months...

Since we were last with you, voting has finished on the FMUK/PzR Vinylmaster special. In first place was Salmonboy uk with this gem of a paint:

Congratulations Salmonboy.

Now let’s move on to the current Vinymaster.

Vinylmaster's 1st Forza 3 standalone competition. Theme: - Classic arcade games Restrictions: - None The prizes:1. There will be a small entrance prize to all competitors in the way of 100 v-cash. 2. 3rd place prize winner will receive 300 v-cash 3. 2nd place prize winner will receive 600 v-cash 4. 1st place prize winner will receive 1000 v-cash + spot on front page to showcase design (subject to moderation team assisting Vinylmaster team). For full rules visit the Vinylmaster sub-forum within the Bodyshop section of the site. You still have a week and a half to get your paint done for this. Here are a few of the entries so far:

Still a work in progress

You just have to love Pac-Man

A very nice clean Dragons Lair paint job

Some great entries so far, but I’m sure the Vinylmaster team would love to see more of you guys enter this.

Interview with PzR Staarman Name: Steve Age: 42 Location: Horsham, W. Sussex Occupation: Office Manager/Slacker How long have you been playing racing games for? Forza 2 was the first game i spent any real time playing, but if we go back to Virtual Racer, well forever. How did you first get into the Forza Motorsport franchise? Knew nothing about FM1 despite having an Xbox, so when I saw the trailers for FM2 I knew this was going to be my staple diet for some time. The buzz building up to launch was a new experience for this aging racer and once the game finally nestled in my drive i was not disappointed, it stayed there for nigh on 2 years! How did you get involved with Project zero Racing (PzR)? Tak press ganged me! lol. What brought you to Not sure really, FM2 was coming to a close but I hadn't found a game to replace her, so I went searching for like minded people to compare my skills with. Soon found this place and never looked back. Been here over a year now and can't see me leaving either, which is testament to the guys who made this forum what it is.

What is your greatest moment? None in particular, but being thought worthy of PzR status was pretty cool! Do you have any comments or words of advice to give to our readers? For the new guys, I would say switch "the line" on (queue rucks!), this I feel gave me the consistency you need before you can really start to fly. Oh and if you can't tune, befriend one!

Photomode Competition #6 Car - Any Track - Any Special Rules - None The winner of this was PzR Spann3rs NB with this photo:

We had Faithful, PzR Torque and McFlynn all tied in equal 2nd place.

Photomode Competition #7 Car - Any Track - Any Special Rules - Race Livery pics only Voting for this competition is currently ongoing in the Photomode Competition sub-forum within the Competitions section of the site so please head on over and cast your vote.

Photomode Competition #8 Car - Toyota Yaris Track - Any Special Rules - None Deadline - 10th January, 12 noon

The Race Pro Corner is back guys and this was something I never thought would happen. With quite a lot of site members not being totally impressed with Forza 3 and AutoSimSport awarding NFS:Shift sim racing game of the year resulted in conversation about it should have been Race Pro that won that award. From this conversation several members have got back into Race Pro with several others going out to buy the game we are back once again with Race Pro corner. Already the wheels are in motion to run a 6 week Time Attack season thanks to PzR Molio. So far the only rules that have been leaked by PzR Molio are “Its not your usual time trial though. Basically what will happen is. We will all go into practice mode on the night on whatever track it is in whatever car is chosen. We will all

practice for 1 hour. You can come in and practice, pause it and go to the toilet or whatever. Once the hour is up the one with the fastest time wins and second will be second and so on. This is not a time trial where your best leaderboard time will win, your best time within the hour practice will be the winner.� The start date has also been announced, which will be Monday 11th January so you still have time to sign up for this, just visit the Race Pro sub-forum in the PC & Console games section of the site. Babe of the week

Alyssa Milano

Joke of the week If you have sex with a schizophrenic is that classed as a gang bang?

Dark Side of the Moon #11  

Eleventh Edition of Dark Side of the Moon.